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Your site in multiple languages in the easiest way. The Falang component allows you to manage all your content translations, even the content of all your components/modules, on your web site.

The component is so flexible that you can easily add new components at a later date and then translate the new content.

With extensions you can translate k2, aiContactSafe, Docman , Redshop, jDownload, phocaDownload ....

The free version has a backlink to faboba site. You can remove it if you upgrade to a basic or standard version without loosing your translations and parameters.

The Free version has no limitation.

Falang doesn't use the default language system of Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. You don't have to specify a language for each content article or menu item (which results in a huge amount of duplication).

Did you ever ask yourself how you can create a multi-lingual website without copying every single item and re-creating them in the new language? Then Falang is one of the possible answers to this problem.

In case of problems look for the solution in that page: falang’s problems resolution

Falang is a fork of Joomfish 2.1.7 which has been re-written to be compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and now Joomla! 3.0.

+ add joomla 3.3 compatibility
+ add custom path and file type for flag in Falang language switcher
+ fix integration between native multilanguage and falang mix
+ fix sh404 compatiblity
+ fix mijosef compatiblity
+ fix acesef compatiblity
+ add debug params to display translated item.
+ compatible with php 5.4 (remove strict message)
+ add flag (srp-ME)
+ fix quote in title (text) translation
+ k2 extra field field translation (paid version)
+ add rtl support in language switcher module

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Reviews: 2
I love your work. This is a very powerful yet simple to use.
Reviews: 2
This is hands down the best solution in order to translate a Joomla 2.5 website. It is very easy to use and provides an excellent system to managing all of your translations, whether it's articles, menus, modules, etc. I can't even begin to imagine managing a 3+ language site without this plugin.

The only problem that you might face is trying to translate the alias field for SEO links, but even that can be fixed by altering the menu.xml file in the plugin.
Reviews: 1
I am using Falang in developing the new version of my website and so far I am very positively impressed.I am old school guy in software industry and quite familiar with webdevelopment design and principles but I am new user with joomla.

Before start commenting on the software itself, i have to say that support (Stephane) is exellent. It has been proved so far very fast and effective in fixing any issue arise, and I have to say i feel safe to have this kind of backup when it comes on using any software in my platform.

I have to say that translation work is a breeze (done very easy), it is well organised, even for people like me that have no experience with Joomfish (after all falang is a fork of Joomfish for 2.5, thus very similar) the interface is very easy to learn and use. Above all, when adding a big number of languages the translation work stays well organised, without unecessary repetitions and chaos in module menus (as done with the Joomla 2.5 build in function)

For all you guys that have been around the corner long enough to have worked with joomfish, you need to know the work is done exactly the same way.

One difference with joomfish is the sef translation is not available (I am not sure if this is needed anymore for SEO purposes, at least for Google, but maybe usefull if you upgrade from erlier version of Joomla/Joomfish).

Second difference is you dont have front end ability for translations, however this feature is very specialised need.

Anyway with Joomla 3,0 around the corner you anyway need a plugin that can follow the developments. I am very happy this functionality exists - keep on doing good job guys!
Reviews: 35
I have used Falang for a consulting companies website and I have to say, that modules can't be translated. Only the titles can be. The content of a module (custom HTML and all the others) can't be multilingual. It is of utmost importance that this feature will be added.

Thanks in advance for doing so
Owner's reply

It's wrong , this function was added 3 months ago


Reviews: 2
Falang is a best translation solution for Joomla 2.5. Very simple to use, effective and has everything I need. Support is quick and problems at all.
Reviews: 8
If you're building a multilingiual website then this is an absolute MUST HAVE!

I have used this package since it's conception and I have to say it's made my life a whole lot easier.

It works great 'right out of the box' and lets me use Joomla 2.5 to it's MAX.

Thanks Stéphane for your great work and support!
Reviews: 2
As a Canada-wide company that must provide all communications in English and French and the developer of their new (huge) HR webite, I was worried about being able to find a solution to our multi-language challenge. I’m thrilled to say I found exactly what I was looking for in FaLang. It’s very easy to set up and use, and if you have a few bumps along the way, the email support is awesome.

Stéphane, I don’t think you charge enough for your product! Thank you so much – your creation will save me countless hours and I truly appreciate it.
Reviews: 1
It saves time ! really. easy to use. GREAT ;)
Reviews: 1
This extension saves you a lot of time and makes it much easier to handle translations. Information and support from developer is also excellent. Thank you so much!
Reviews: 2
After have a problem, there was a very quick service response with the solution: "upgrade to the latest version."
Works now great with Joomla 2.5.6.
Reviews: 5
Falang is a JoomFish fork at its best. This is the shortest and most flexible road to a well written component to manage a sustainable multi-language website in Joomla 2.5.x to date.
Reviews: 20
I was getting very frustrated at the slow responsiveness of the Joomfish team as regards to Joomla! 2.5 and gave this extension a try for a project that could not wait. I am happy to report that I am no longer waiting for the Joomfish update. FALANG works perfectly and does everything I need it to.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. Work well, nothing to say.
Very good tracking of the developer. That's why I made ​​my first "review".
Thanks to Falang!
Reviews: 1
I downloaded the free version first to see if it worked in my site, and it was great! much easier to use than joomfish, I had my site translated in record time. It does exactly what it promises. I bought the standard version to take away the credits at the bottom of the page afterwards. A couple of days ago I upgraded Joomla and it stopped working, but Stephane answered my mail immediately and released a new version the next day. Great support! I warmly recommend this extension and the developer!
Reviews: 1
FaLang is the best solution for translation. Great support very fast.
Thanks a lot Stephane!
Reviews: 7
This works really well. I had a problem using it but it seemed that I installed the wrong version.
Support answered whitin a few hours. Problem solved.
I must say that it works more intuitive than joomfish or the joomla core extension.
Great piece of work !!!
Reviews: 1
I've to thank to Stéphane for his great FaLang. Its the best solution for translation with quick and pleasant support. I had questions for translating VirtueMart and quickly Stéphane had a solution for it.
Great thanks
Reviews: 4
On a first look falang looks like Joomfish. And indeed functionality is very similar.
Also moving form joomfish isn't a big effort (ther's a tutorial on the developer page).

First difference is: Falang does not support frontend edition!

Second difference - and that's the reason I'm not using it so far: sef url functionality is not supported. While joomfish used the translated menu alias to build the url in falang the url always is in the default language. Like that
-If I move from Joomla 1.5 my content isn't available under the same url -> very bad!!!
-my url is always in the same language -> not good for search engines

A hack in the core files lets you fix that (translating the url) but then the language switcher module doesn't work anymore (and that's definitely not what I'm looking for). Also I have to translate the whole url instead of only the menu alias.

If you don't care about seo or if you do seo with an additional tool falang may be great. No - it is great. And I'm quite sure the developer will add the functionality with the menu alias and then this extension is even better.
Reviews: 1
Falang is doubtlessly one of the best translation systems out there. After a short play with a free version, I've experienced some problems and Stephane helped me to solve everything in one day! This extension is much more simpler to use than the default Joomla system and actually, any other I've used before (this also includes JoomFish)... There should certainly be more developers and extensions like this one! I strongly recommend using this extension where support is 100% guaranteed and on time! After everything, I've also decided to buy a standard version - BIG LIKE for the extension/developer...
If there'll be other extensions similar to this one, I would definitely use/buy them - thanks!
Reviews: 2
I used to use JoomFish and was very disappointed when it appeared to stop being developed. The choice seemed to be stay at Joomla 1.5 or upgrade and drop multi-lingual support. Then I found Falang and it was great. Generating a multi-lingual site is so easy and Falang just works.

Thank you Stephane for a great product.
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