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Language Changer Plugin

Alternative, much simpler approach to multilingual websites.

Simple solution dedicated to websites that use multiple languages pararelly (e.g. some articles are in english, some contents are in german, some in italian etc.) In general it is NOT for managing translations!

Plugin, when properly installed and setup, will automatically change the website front-end language according to the language declared in article/menu parameters (more on the plugins website).

It will also keep referal language context for both, Search and User functions. ( component translation will change according to the site, component was fired on )

Note 1: I strongly recommend enabling system plugin "Language Code" to keep up with SEO requirements.

Note 2: DO NOT USE it with native Language Filter.

That would be all.
Waiting for your feedback :]

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Reviews: 2
I had a problem with Joomla that I couldn't seem to figure out. What I needed was to have a couple pages appear in Spanish, with the rest of the site being in English. Because of this, I didn't need the traditional "multilanuage" support that is normally offered in the language management area. The English and Spanish pages were totally different, so there wouldn't have been an association of these pages. To have people login or select "Spanish" in a language switcher module would be counterproductive for a page or two on the site.

Because of this, Joomla's language manager didn't help at all. I posted in the forum and asked what I could do. The language forum mod started trying to give me some workaroundsm but then he ended up giving me a link to this extension. I tried it, and it did EVERYTHING I needed it do. It did what I thought the menu language option should have done all along. Thanks for the great plugin!