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jDiction is a translation component for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x, its designed for managing multilingual content. The main focus is the simple management of 1to1 translations. jDiction integrates perfect into existing Joomla installations and extends them with its own language selection modul and direct integration in to the existing administration-interface. Further more it offers an import and export function for translating a complete website with Excel or LibreOffice Calc with CSV Files or XLIFF for professional Translation Software. The integration into 3rd party components is simple, it only needs a XML File with some metadata, this file could be created easily. jDiction does not supply a automatic translation. jDiction is GPLv3 licensed and could be downloaded free of charge at

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Reviews: 1
jDiction is a smooth and very user-friendly extension for adding multiple languages to your site. The level of expertise in joomla can be at the very lowest when using this extension. It is very straight forward with easy to follow guidelines/instructions provided by the jDiction team. Just go to their main site and you will be translating you're content in under 2 minutes.

The level of support I received was over the top and exclusive. The forums are extremely helpful and Harald will make it so. I received feedback from the form in less than 1 day and was able to resolve me problem I had, which was joomla version support(v3.0.x).

Pros - Ease of use, support, simplicity, guidelines/instructions, cost(free)

Cons - N/A (no cons)

HIGHLY recommended, no reason to go find another extension of the same purpose.

Reviews: 1
I am using it on two sites now and i have to say it is wonderful.
It works perfect and i had trouble once and the support made me speechless. Despite the fact that it is non-commercial, the developer took a look at the site the same day and could fix it withing 20 Minutes.
I am very glad I found this and would recomment it everyboy!
Reviews: 6
Simply put, this component and plugin are simply the easiest way to get multilanguage site up and going.

I've tried other components, and found them rather complicated. JDiction is much easier to use and, more important, explain to end users.

I've already made a couple websites so I've got a little experience, jDiction really makes translations alot easier.

As for the support, I've never seen developpers reply so rapidly and willing to help. I had a problem (of my own making) and jDiction team (Harald) helped me out, replying within the half hour and even going to my website when I gave him the keys.

I VERY strongly advise those who want a multi-lingual site to use this marvelous tool.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an extension for multilanguage support on my website. The website I'm doing will have a lot of photo gallery. I struggled a bit with the installation but got immediate support when I asked a question in the jdiction forum.

Jdiction was not working with phocagallery (an other extension to display photo gallery), I asked the question in the forum and I was provided with a solution in less than 30min.

The extension is quite simple to use once installed, I strongly recommend it!!
Reviews: 13
I installed this for my bilingual site after failing with Joomfish. This is much simpler and the installation instructions are provided with a step by step image slideshow with very few words - a bonus in my opinion, as often instructions are too wordy and complicated. However, I didn't realize that I should also click on the images for more info, which led to me missing out a step.
The mod didn't work for me on installation, so I sought help in the forum and received a very quick response. The dev team logged into my site and fixed the problem very quickly and effectively, and now I have a great translation system. Works on all aspects of the site - articles, menus, SEO, and so on. Fantastic mod, thanks guys.
Reviews: 2
Solved all my problems translating my site, so easy to use. Installation its a little bit tricky but worth every minute spent on the installation. Thumbs up!
Reviews: 3
I use it to translate JoomGallery categorys and picturs descriptions and it works very easy.
Thanks for the great extension!
Reviews: 3
Great support! Free and simple, maybe it lacks some features but the developer is very helpful.
Reviews: 1
This is a good and simple extension, a tried a few others and this was the only one where I could make translations on an easy way. All is explained on the website. And last but not least, the support is fast and great. There were a few minor errors, and the support answered the really fast and helped me solve them.
Reviews: 1
Seems like a great component for Joomla 2.5 for multilingual site. But unable to get to work under nginx server. It's not just work and giving blank editor. Maybe will give it another try on apache server.
Reviews: 9
This component really delivers !
All the info is in the documentation and the forum.
Do not forget to switch the databaseprofile and if you are looking for the "english" flag : use 'gb' in stead of 'en'.

Completely free of links ! Great Stuff !
Reviews: 5
Very comfortable way of translating a website into multiple languages. Obviously the main text, but also the title and alias, the main/sub menu items, category names, module names and so on can be translated. A speech bubble icon indicates the translatable input fields and text areas. For articles, an extra icon opens an overlay box to translate everything at once.
Reviews: 1
Compared to other multi-lingual extensions that I tried before, this is the most user friendly for you to input the translated contents. And it is FREE and do not have any copyright links appear on your homepage. Also, the support is fast & excellent. I highly recommend this great extension to everyone!!
Reviews: 1
Very Thanks for this package, works very good if instalation and setup process is correct exucuted.
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