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SaxumAstro Component

Saxum Astro is a free astrological component.

It shows the astrological sign that belongs to the given birth date and the reading for the sign. The readings can be edited by the administrator of the webpage.

Different astrological system can be saved, they can be published in menus on the website. The component can handle systems which have signs that are in the same dateinterval in every year and those that have signs with different dateintervals in different years or the signs cover more years.

- Images can be assigned to the astrological signs
- New menu layout to display images of the signs
- Selector layout has been modified: option to choose date or sign input, option to choose 1 or 2 persons (compatibility reports)
- Save readings to PDF

compatible with Joomla! 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5

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Reviews: 5
The component installed and worked at once, in a Joomla 1.5 site, without any problems.

I included it in a page article and linked that to a menu. Component displays a simple form where the visitor can enter a birth date (year optional, according to settings) and get the readings that correspond to that date.

The readings are edited in the back end, but most important, you can create your own zodiac system where you can define dates for the sings. This is a unique feature, which I haven't found in any astrology component. So, you can actually make a sidereal zodiac and input the dates you want for each sign!

This component has good potential and offers rare customizing options.

What is missing, is a module to display zodiac icons and their dates, for the visitor to click on. Or alternatively, an extra option so that instead of presenting the visitor with the date form, to display immediately the signs (with icon ability, editable) and their dates, so that the visitor can click on any sign.

I hope the developer considers this suggestion, and continues developing this component - it can become a fine astrological component and there aren't any of them around.