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Collector ComponentPlugin

This release 0.5.1 is a Security Release. Users should update the component.

This component will help you to show your collection of miscellaneous objects such as stamps, model cars, books,...
But it would be usable to display different listing.

The search plugin is also available.

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Reviews: 2
Very easy to configure and use - Flexible and nice. I wonder if there is a upgrade to Joomla 1.7 on hold?
Owner's reply

Thank you,
I'm working on release 0.5 that will be compatible Joomla 1.7

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple way to build custom data tables and this is it! The level of functionality is a very pleasant surprise, although there are some tiny minor cosmetic things I'd like to add such as a print icon for the detail page, and a yes/no control would be great. But hey, this gets me 99% of what I wanted, and 200% of what I expected. I'm thrilled. Merci beaucoup!!
Reviews: 1
Installed easily and works well. Terrific flexibility. Only thing I need added is ability to draw information from Amazon for my book collection.
Reviews: 1
Fine and flexible extension. Only front end upload and resize image is missing and you can use it in any collection. Great work!
Reviews: 1
I agree with jester_le. It's a great component that would be even better with joomfish integration. I can't wait for it :)
Reviews: 1
Fits perfect not only to present collections. I used also to present several lists of projects. Highly customizable and easy to navigate for (front end) users. So: Many thanks to Steevo for the Multi Purpose Listing Tool.

Imho there´s only one thing missing to get the "excellent" rating: JoomFish Integration.
Reviews: 2
This extension allow to create listings and show in a friendly and smart presentation, ordering by whatever field the user want, and including search option, or search by collection or by defined list. Very customizable, you can select witch fields will be showed in the listing mode, or in item details. Moreover, this extension allow to submit listings by frontend in the newest version! I only hope in the future they may include the possibility to edit and delete items by frontend, then I will say this extension its simply perfect.

(sorry my bad english)
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension, but it's not for the timid. Unfortunately, there is no user's manual, but the user's forum is outstanding.

Steevo is very responsive and replies quickly to problems.

He's been a great help to me as I prepare a site for relaunch using this extension to sort educational courses by specialty, credits, etc.
Reviews: 1
Before I tried this component, I tested several others and none fulfilled my needs. I need something that can collect my clients hardware and software serials and licenses that I'm responsible for. So, with some hacking, I can not only collect them, but also allow my clients to view only their own items.
Because this is a simple component I can easily do the needed hacking to achieve the perfect solution.
There are a few bugs in the Admin side, but works fine. Needs some more development on the fields creation.
And... What's the need for "Modification" field??

Wish you the best to jump to the next level.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the encouragement.
You can report bugs by mail or on the forum.
The "modification" field is to follow modifications about an item, something like wikipedia. But for the moment, you can't compare versions, or delete a modification.
I invite you to propose evolutions on fields creation by mail or on the forum.

Reviews: 1
Easy to install, little tricky to bring second collection to life (you need to set a template as well).
It would be great if the plug-ins primary language, and mainly of the website and forum, would be English.
To author: go on in development, this is very usefull extension.
Reviews: 1
I've tried this component. I basically love it and thanks to who created him. One more thing that is not satisfactory: I can not choose a template that is available from list (the listing templates or detail template). I just can if I coppy default template from collector componen (campeugeot). Please further information. Thank you.

Owner's reply

Hi and thanks for your report.
For the moment, templates are not easy to manage. There is two types of templates. a "listing template" when you display your collection, and a "detail template" when you click on on item to display more information. So you can modify both types. You can see an exemple of a detail template on the forum but in french for the moment (topic: "Personnalisation de template").
If you need more informations or some help to create your template, you can send me a message on the website.