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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Love Factory is the dating and matching Joomla! Extension, offering users fully editable member pages and custom fields which can be set by the administrator.

Custom Fields

Unlimited custom fields that can be created and published in any page
Multiple field types (Checkboxes, Multipleselect, Textarea, Radio buttons, etc.)
Fields can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system
Each custom field can be set as searchable, rendering it available in advanced search
Option to set fields as compulsory
Visibility restrictions for each field

Layout & Themes

Fully customizable template system
Configure with a few simple clicks every section, page, field
Zones can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system
Smarty based template allowing even more flexibility
Fully customizable CSS


Paid memberships which limit or grant access to users
Advertising (place ads between search results at every x rows)

Key Features

Friends and Top Friends lists
User status updates
Photo and video gallery (support for embedded videos)
Comment system (page owner can delete any comment on his page)
Messaging system (users can create, send and receive personal messages)
Interaction system (sending hug, wink and kiss emoticons)
Relationship requests
Users can create interest groups
Rating System
Ignore list (to avoid spamming or any unwanted contact)
Users can report profiles, comments, photos, videos, and groups
Activity stream
Approval system for various actions
Admin definable currency
Google Maps localization
Info bar (shows on all Love Factory pages and displays notifications)


Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
SEO/SEF friendly
Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
Easy transition to RTL by editing the product templates
Simple installation, configuration and updating process

User Profile

Configurable account details (name, date of birth, interests, location, etc.)
User status update
Enable/disable email notifications
Select profile status (online, only for friends, private)
Settable Date & Time format
Personalized fields


Report Extension



Reviews: 6
I purchased Love Factory and had some questions, I did not find in the manual nor in the extensive froum. My support ticket was answered fast, professionally and friendly. I will stay with it and can only recommend it for all those not so into programming, it's a verry good choice. Thanks :)
Reviews: 1
Congratulations to the creators of Love Factory!
It is an excellent extension, robust and does what it promises, and more!
The technical support is great and is always available to assist buyers!
Highly recommend to all!
Reviews: 1
I like this module. It works very fast and is easy to use. I have more website that use this module like, i can recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Love factory has been a great contribution to Joomla. With limited technical skills, anyone can create a decent dating website in little time, The product is improving everyday and is on a journey towards becoming a threat to other major dating sites with its ever improving features and ease of use. The support is top class and the answers to all questions came in real quick. Overall - a very good product which is getting better with the team's hard work !
Reviews: 5
I set out to build a site around this extension and decided to invest is three other extensions from the same firm. This requires a significant amount of financial investment compared to other extensions. I don't mind outlaying good money when a return of my investment is possible, but in terms of outlay verse quality of return I have to recommend that developers look elsewhere. I decided to upgrade to a newer version with hopes that maybe it would resolve issues arising from the original install. It requires complete removal of the old package, sql tables and all and still brings up errors. I tried to install chat factory but after 4 attempts it finally installed, with errors still showing. This is by far the most expensive outlay of cash since using Joomla, yet it is probably the worst product I have come across.
Owner's reply

It's really strange that you felt the need for this review stating it's "the worst product you came across", especially since you are constantly using it and also after placing the review, acquired a new license, renewing the existing one :)

Reviews: 7
I waited almost 1 year before writing a review so that I can fully evaluate the product and the support/enhancements.

The product is good but has scope for lots of improvement. The product could have been better, its INFERIOR to many dating sites.

SUPPORT - There are two people who respond for support. The technical guy is very good at support. He responds well and is very polite and helpful.
Then for other support - like questions about upgrade process, custom work, request for features, suggestions or anything that you criticise (negative feedback for improvement) there is another person who responds to questions rudely and impolitely and I should say a bit unprofessionally. Sometimes he would just send a link (nothing else but link)to some of their article in response to a question. Before buying visit their forum to find out. Many of their past replies are now deleted so if I go back and check whet they said they will do will not be there (personal experience).

No feature of Automatic email alerts and match notifications - Almost ALL dating sites have email alerts that drive users back to the site - Love factory DOES NOT have this feature. The product has many good features but it has been almost the same since I bought an year ago. There has not been many improvements so if you use it then you will be lagging in competition with dating sites of 2012. The feature of a search module was a good addition after all of us asked for it for months it was added- Imagine a dating site without a search module !

There were many bugs and I myself reported atleast 7 bugs that they had to fix. The response to any bugs is quick by the support but anything other than that - you will get a rude response or a link to some article. They seem to NOT test their code and many many bugs gets identified by USERS who pay to get the product. You can visit their forum and see the number of issues that needs to be fixed each month.

The upgrade process for versions is PATHETIC. They change the database structure in many versions and you loose or get incorrect data after upgrading. You have to uninstall the component and reinstall completely. When you restore the backup, for some versions you loose database values and the table structure would have changed. For each version upgrade, I had 70% rework plus all changes to the CSS.

OVERALL - Nice product but lags behind the latest dating sites, a part of support is rude and unprofessional, Not 100% worth the price of USD 160,
Owner's reply

As you noticed we followed all your suggestions and we are glad to see you sent us a new 5-star review under the name "kalesht".

Reviews: 2
a very complete solution. The installation process was as easy as it gets. Setting the extension up was also no problem, most options were self explanatory - there are a lot of options, but you can safely start with the defaults and go from there. Support was very helpful and quick. Top notch!
Reviews: 2
We purchased this software for a new client site under development. We were working on design and requesting updates to launch with the most recent version of the Love Factory. We do not have a final url selected since the client owns several that would work well and the market research is not complete. In past requests this has never been a problem. When we requested the most recent update we were denied the upgrade because we did not have a specific url to provide for the site. The version upgrade process used by The Factory is cumbersome at best, you have to fill out a request form with order numbers, dates, a specific url, and wait for a manually provided link to get updates for each piece of commercial software, instead of being able to log into to your account, download the latest update, and install it quickly for every product you purchased. It makes a big difference when you have a large number of sites in development. Commercial software without consistent responsive customer service does not have much value.
Owner's reply

After the incident from 21.09.2012, of course we had to stop providing updates. Since it's almost a year after your initial purchase, you have received for around 11 months regular updates without having any issues with our "Inconsistent Support Policies". Sure, after breaching of our terms&conditions and thus upgrade downloads stopped, I can see that you are angry and want to write revenge-reviews, but that does not make it right.

The process of getting update is very simple on our site, you just have to login and click a few links, and it worked for you as you sure know.

I feel it's unfair that you felt you had to provide a misleading negative review just to get your "revenge". You know very well that you had practically zero issues with product support and updates for the last 11 months, and suddenly after you have breached our terms you feel the need to rate us negatively.

You can see that all our customers had absolutely no issues with our component, upgrades or support. We provide A+ support and we will keep doing so!

Reviews: 1
Amazingly easy to install and set up, it’s really out of the box and also uses smarty templating! The number of settings you have make this a very versatile extension that adapts to any need, and nothing complicated about them, just simple “on/off buttons”. Even the Cron can be modified from the admin menu.
Besides this, the support is extremely helpful! They say customizations are not part of the support, but i had plenty of help!
Reviews: 1
what can i say apart from excellent (A++ with bells) - by far the easiest set up of modules / componanets ive ever performed. I only had 1 problem (which was not due to love factory it was in my css template) support gave a solid responce and fixed in under 1 hour dispite not an issue with the love factory modules. I had my whole site setup in under 4 hours including the joomla install and GFX placement!.... the chat and hot or not modules are a sure and worthy add on purchase for me now..... Again Thanks as ive been let down so many times, anyone who has had unresolved issues with the factory team im thinking they did not actually engage them via the support process....It Just Works !
Reviews: 1
Brilliant extension for Joomla 1.7, works like a charm and support is instant. It scales really well when users start joining the website and i have nothing to complain about it. Love Factory has everything a webmaster needs to run perfectly a modern website: notifications, backup, cron, user management, reports, word filters and also advertising between searches...where you can simply add AdSense code or write anything you want.
Reviews: 2
BEST way to implement membership plans ever! i can totally control access to my website by just setting up the membership plan how i want. I control page access, shoutbox access, IM access, nr. of friends, nr. of pictures, nr. of videos and others. And after that you set the price for a membership plan, prices can be set differently by gender and also according to the number of months.
Great system which has never failed me and my users.
Reviews: 2
Wow! I have to say you guys rock! The Love Factory is so easy to work with for a newby at this. Many components are difficult to configure but this is a breaze. Thanks you so much it's worth every $ spent. There is one thing I need help with, I set the registration to use love factory registration and overide joomla, but when a new user submit details to login via the joomla login module they are taken to a blank page with the word "hujan." on the blank page. So noone is able to login. Sorry to ask you for help this way but I have been struggling to login to your forums with my user details even after you send me a password via email.

Reviews: 2
I agree 100% with the last reviewer. My experience of this component and the support from Alex and the Love Factory team is brilliant. I totally recommend this component.
Reviews: 2
I need to disagree with mustata_radu on the bad support... I have had nothing but GREAT support from the Love Factory team. Specifically Alex. You can go tho their forum and post a message and they respond in short time. But don't take my word for it... Go and check their forum and look at the response times from other users...

I am using Love Factory and Chat Factory and they are both excellent. There were a few issues with the template I was using (Affinity by RocketTheme) that Alex helped me get through. (on the side of defense for "The Factory" products - anyone who has used Rocket Theme products know that they do a lot of customization to the core Joomla code, even including their own version of Joomla that need to be installed) So consider that whenever having an issue getting a component, module, plugin to work with Rocket Theme. Not saying it is bad, just different.

Anyway, I (and my team) are completely happy with Love Factory and Chat Factory and would recommend them without hesitation.

6 stars!
Reviews: 3
One of the best dating scripts I’ve seen. And I do not speak only about joomla extensions. I have also used several stand-alone scripts for my dating network, but this extension is by far the most professional and I was so impressed by it, that I decided to change most of my dating network to joomla+lovefactory.

Support and documentation is outstanding – a great help on the forum and even on the phone! Nicely done Erik&Team
Reviews: 1
Gracias por el programa y por la calidad del mismo, estamos muy agradecidos del funcionamiento, ademas contentos con los resultados obtenidos. Si fueran todos las programas asi como este estaria el Joomla mejor que nunca. Aveces nos confiamos en descripciones e imagenes sobre unos productos que no vale ningun duro y nos perdemos de vista a los mejores. Gracias The Factory ... felicidades ... este si que es una programa de verdad.
Reviews: 2
Excelente trabajo
Reviews: 2
Have tried out some other extensions (and stand alone scripts) but this is by far the best suited product for my needs. It has it all: memberships, galleries, Proximity search, etc and is BY FAR much stable then any other dating extension I tried out.
And a great ++ is the fine support of the team – thanks guys! I will for sure look forward to next releases in this area (social networks)
Reviews: 3
I created a test database to try out every component, plugin and module before incorporating them onto my site, and found this dating extension to be the best one.
Unlike JDating and Jodda, it's ready to use! And although it's slighty more expensive than the others, there are no complicated pages to plough through in the back-end and setting up the search criteria and user preferences was incredibly easy.
I was able to easily customise the front-end and incporate it into my site. As well as that, the search results are quick and the 'my profile' looks great.
You also do NOT need to log-in again when accessing the dating component from the front end. This I found to be a very tedious 'unremovable' issue with other components of this nature.
They say that "you get's what you pay's for" and in this case, it's absolutely true. If you're serious about creating a dating site, then this component is definately the one to purchase.