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Alexandria Book Library ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

Alexandria Book Library is a Joomla component that make you the ability to manage your personal book library or a public library.
Alexandria Book Library is free and open source.

* Free! ;-)
* MVC structured code
* Book management:
o Title
o Subtitle
o Alias (for SEF optimization or Search Engine Friendly URL)
o Category
o Image
o E-book
o Insert Date
o Year of publication
o Place of publication
o Catalog number
o Editor
o Authors (multiple selection)
o Price
o Number of pages
o Author of review
o Alias of author of review
o Review/Introduction with plugins support
o URL and it's label
o tags
o note
o Metadata (description and keys). Will be inserted into document meta tag for SEO scope (Search Engine Optimization)
* Authors management:
o Name
o Alias
o Image
o Description (Bibliografy, Introduction, etc)
* Editors management:
o Name
o Alias
o Description
* Category management:
o Name
o Alias
o Order
o Permissions
o Description
* Place of publication management
* Library management
* tags manager
* import/export tool

With the frontend publication you can choose from:

* Single author: menu item will shows all book from that author
* Author List: menu item will shows all authors
* Single book: this will show a single book choosen
* Categories: this option will shows the whole library categorized
* Category: this will shows all books from only that category
* Tag group: this will shows all tags
* Tag: this will shows all books with same tag
* Search: the visitor will get the Alexandria Book Library search engine

Alexandria Book Library can be published more times on the same site. This way let you to improve you site with many different views.

Extra features: jcomment plugin (j3.x, j1.5, j2.5), Xmap plugin (j3.x, j1.5, j2.5), sh404SEF plugin (j1.5)

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Reviews: 1
Excellent component, it's built very well. I had used earlier versions for Joomla 1.5. The latest version on joomla 3x works wonderfully. It 'very easy to use, contains all the information needed for an effective and agreeable presentation of the book. Finally, it is also completely free, and the online help is just perfect.
Thank you.
Reviews: 2
For the last 10 months I extensively used this componnent, entering > 2600 Books an >300 eBooks. I'ts well designed, fast, reliable and free, with a awesome community. Thanks for this software
Reviews: 1
A very useful extension, well made. I would like to underline that this project is available for free and that there is a kind support available.
Reviews: 3
After several weeks of inputting my book collection I can say I am satisfied with this extension. While the extension is not geared towards the serious bibliophile, and that is the market it should be directed towards, it does allow for simplistic book cataloging.

A Pro version, with a paid subscription, would be a much needed addition the developers should look into.

All-in-all, this is a an excellent extension needing additions.
Reviews: 1
Good extension, not very intuitive, but it worth it.
Reviews: 1
Works great, after 3 days thinking and searching I find out this Extension is the best choice for a library, Specially for other Languages than En.and by experience that I had they usually answer any error or support questions less than 24hr that's great!
Reviews: 2
great, I'm using it and I solve many problems in my website with that extension
Reviews: 3
After installing this component for the first it looks fantastic but I got this error Error loading component: com_jcomments, 1 can you please help me with this, becoz I love to use this extension.

Thanks for the good work
Owner's reply

Hi sioto,
thanks for your review, but to get technical support you have to post your message to the Abook forum.
If you haven't installed com_jcomment you have to uncheck the jcomment option in the Abook configuration (book and category tabs).

Reviews: 2
As the extension is expected to be used in Public libraries (as mentioned in intro), I was expecting that book lending functionality will be available. I wanted to use for non-profit secondary school in my locality. But the 'Book Lending' functionality is not provided. Hence I can not use it for the said purpose.
Reviews: 4
It's great component with advanced book serching. But I want to ask anyone who can help, (i'm a beginner with Joomla and css ) how to place category and it's title at the top of page, i believe i have to change css but where and what file. Please if u can help me.
Reviews: 1
I use this component. It's very useful, simple to use and fantastic. Excellent work!
Reviews: 7
Running ABL-1.5.0 on J!-1.5.26 and ABL-1.6.0 on J!-2.5.4.

ABL not only work fine, it has strong and smart support via forum.

Hope ABL-1.6.0 will have Xmap module ans french (and others) translations.

Bravo ! Keep on going !
Reviews: 2
- Easy to setup
- Easy to Use
- Clear Back-End Interface
- Works on J-2.5
- Free (as in speech)

Some small bugs but easy to fix, quick an responsive forum ... Waiting for the next release (Authors display).

Keep on ... Good Job !
Reviews: 1
Alexandria Book Library is the simplest component to manage and publish book on joomla. Very useful the plugin.
Reviews: 1
The author has done a wonderful job
I am developing a website for a non-profit school and using it there .
(Only one request since there is no plugin support for SEF like in 1.5 version of the same,so wish author would support that for Sh404sef for Joomla version 2.5 too )
Reviews: 1
I'am a beginner Joomla user.
This extension helps me build corporate document library.

For a costless extension it works well. Just had some php-notice issues, partly resolved via their forum in a day - nice support.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
From what i've seen so far your extension is very good and very helpful for the school site that i'm building. I think i will even try translating it in greek so other schools in greece can use it too...
Reviews: 1
A good library. Many useful features. I encountered some problems, but was able to resolve them very quickly through author's forum.
Reviews: 3
An excellent extension for book library. Solved all of my problems. The support is also up to mark.
Reviews: 1
This component is really what I was looking for. What I like is that I can register the metadata in seperate database fields which makes it easier for the sitesearch.

The major con is that there's no 1.6 native version. I wonder if this in te planning already.
Owner's reply

Alexandria Book Library for !Joomla 1.6 is coming soon.

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