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BookLibrary is a powerful book extension. Book component provides a full-featured book library or book collection management environment on a Joomla-based website. Book manager allows you to manage large book libraries. Library manager can also be used to easily set up a book selling shop using Amazon if you want. With an Amazon Associates ID (as an Amazon affiliate) you can earn credits with book sales through Amazon, while Amazon takes care of the handling and shipping.

- Full category and subcategory support
- BookID for internal administration
- Lend/Return management, with frontend lend request possibility
- Possibility of frontend book reviews by users, reviews management in the backend
- Built-in ebook support
- Book information and covers retrieved from Amazon through ISBN or entered manually
- Import and export options (CSV, XML, Full)
- Remote files accessed through CURL for added security
- English included, additonal language files can be downloaded from the website
- Requires PHP5 with GD, CURL, XSL
- MB_STRING (for 1.0.x only)

This is the Basic version of BookLibrary, with limited functionality compared to the commercial Pro and Pro Shop versions. Those are available from the OrdaSoft Shop.

On the website you can find language files, manuals, support forums, additional modules and plugins.
Please see the included README for upgrade instructions from previous versions.

General Fixes in this version:
- Fixed rights: higher privilege assigned now includes lower privileges
- Fixed rights: admin can now select multiple groups
- Checks for SOAP, CURL, XSL, GD extension in the PHP installation
- Fixed error new book entry when [ebook support] is set to NO
- Fixed empty main category not showing up with only filled subcategories
- Category & Subcategory now show in Joomla pathway (breadcrumbs)
- Full language name shows in book description frontend (English instead of ENG)
- Category tree now shows subcategories in main list
- Dropdown boxes backend now default to "All Books" and "All Categories"
- Subcategories are shown clearer in dropdown boxes
- Added checks for empty BookID to [Book Manager]
- Added UTF-8 decoding for ISO character set DB (special characters)
- Improved CSV and XML import/export

New options in this version:
- Button [Add Review] with AJAX show-hide form in frontend
- Sorting improvements in [Book Manager]
- Pull in book details also with ISBN-13 (for ca, com, uk)
- Possibility to customize eBook download URL
- Administrator can add a direct link to an eBook
- Possibility to assign different folder icons to Categories
- MySQL BookLibrary tables import/export (easy backup and restore)
- Added explanations in [Import/Export Books] tabs
- Sample Data for starting users
- Added explanations and links to BookLibrary website

For more details about the extent of BookLibrary features see:

Report Extension



Reviews: 5
Nice idea.

The next I propos is done on it is working on the display layout but first of all remove the requirement for ISBN, as old books miss this, books doesn't even need to have it, the number may be wrong and you might want to list articles, pamphlets etc
Owner's reply


Look like you not check as this Book library software work.
You not checked ordasoft site forum.
Because other you will know: you may fill to book ISBN any number!
Also ISBN - very important in ours component - because with it help many users more simply can add Books details with help Amazon!
Also this software for Book collections !!!
Yes, you can use it for some thing other like articles, pamphlets. But Main aim -this software BOOKs, and for all books NOW ISBN very important !

Reviews: 1
Very important componet for a library. I have tried a lot of solution but this one it's the best.
Compliment for the excellent support by the authors
Reviews: 4
BookLibrary is a great component with a limited, by design, function and that's to catalogue books.

For those reading, I bought the Pro version right away in order to take advantage of its features which are needed for the library I'm working on which has recently received a donation from a former priest and Bishop who has donated some 300 books to our small town church. Some very rare and old.

I had a problem where I needed to change the default BookID and sort from numberic and unique to alphanumberic and allowing for duplicatons as the classification for this purpose is the Dewey Decimal Classification (shelving) which allows for and encourages duplication. The site admin was both helpful and quick to respond once we overcame the problems that arise between native english speakers and those who aren't.

If you collect things other than books then JCollection is the choice but for books this is the best component I've seen for Joomla at any price. Well supported and well coded judging by it's performance.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent component.If you want a digital library for your site,then this is the component for you.Has whole lot of all the required features and works beautifully.I had a few problems with the download options of ebooks after installing ,mostly caused by my own misconfiguration of settings in the backend.I asked for a solution on the ordasoft support forums and within a few hours,the admin solved my problem.I m really very thankful to the developers of this component for their excellent work in developing this component.

This is my first review of any component at joomla and i wish I would have given 50 stars to it.....Made an account on joomla just to write this review for this wonderful component.Thanx a lot..ordasoft.
Reviews: 6
This thing is awesome! (And I'm not known for going easy on reviews) Although the basic version is doing everything I need, I tried to buy the pro version just to say "thanks", but apparently they don't take paypal. Anyway, well thought-out component that works great.
Reviews: 1
This component had everything I need and is easy to use with the exception on importing the XML files. Support is very efficient in responding to request but their information and online iformation re. solving the problem is very vague. Admittedly, I am not a computer geek and need step by step, detailed information to quide me through this process. Support, like most other components, is geared towards those with greater knowledge of these things. If you know, how to do it, it a great component!
Reviews: 1
im using this for a digital library and its great and very easy to modify.

i needed some changes and support was great and fast.

keep the good job
Reviews: 4
Working with a small library (5,300 books), I've found BookLibrary to be a very helpful, functional component. There's some quirky issues and "room for growth," but Andrew is very quick to respond. Definitely a 5-Star recommend.
Reviews: 1
I love this component. It is extremely easy to use once you figure out how to get your Amazon AWS key. That is no fault of their own that Amazon makes it so hard, but I recommend maybe including a link or instructions on where to get it.

I had a problem where I couldn't get it to fetch information from Amazon. I knew that the problem was hosting related because it worked on another site with a different host.

Nevertheless, Ordasoft gave me speedy and thorough support and got it working right. They could have been like many other component developers and told me to talk to my host, but I appreciate that they worked with me.

I have not purchased the premium version,but I plan to as soon as its financially feasible. It's not that expensive of a component, though.

If you can't get Ordasoft to work, just email them and/or check your php settings.
Reviews: 8
I've tried both the basic and "pro" versions of this extension. It has some promising features and does successfully pull content from Amazon. However, I encountered critical problems with both display and general functionality that made the extension unusable without substantial code hacking.

As other reviewers have noted, support is also a hurdle. During our evaluation period, forums on Ordasoft's site were inaccessible. Unlike most user support forums, Ordasoft's cannot be read by unregistered readers, and the registration process was broken. We also sent multiple support queries directly to the support email (which is synonymous with the sales email). Ordasoft did not respond.

I look forward to seeing this extension evolve. it has good potential. For now, however, I regret the money we spent on it.
Reviews: 1
That's what I want. Very good extension. But some problems:
1. It can't fetch books' description from Amazon, just because it's basic vision or not?

2. I want to add custom Language of book's information , such as Chinese , but I can't.
Reviews: 2
I use the shop version and as far I can tell, i am happy with it. Works fine.

Great support, I've had some troubles with my template. Support handles this very quick and well.

Good job!
Reviews: 4
I seen where another reviewer mentioned upgrading to pro because of issues from the basic free. Beware, I am using pro and I am having issues. What's worse, is when you request assistance through their support forums, no one answers you.

Pro is lacking any css templating, so if you have a white background site, then you are in luck. Anything else, well..unfortuantely your just out of luck.
Owner's reply

On - all forum topic - have reply. Some exception - if that questions about some other - not site created components.

And all errors always resolve ASAP for every plugins or component from site

From all most interesting so Larae - not buy any pro version and not send any question to support forum.

Reviews: 2
I like this extension (basic) . It is easy to use and with the addtional modules and plugin, it makes a good alternative for managing books.

Perhaps adding an additional consolidated view without the images could help those who have lots of books.

Thanks for GPLing it...
Reviews: 4
This was exactly the module I wanted for a small site of mine. Unfortunatelly 2 things made me abbandon it and go for a virtuemart solution

1) It's not multilanguage. Tried to enter a couple of books in a non english language and the characters were wrong.

2) It has problems with my template (a rocket theme one) and from what I saw from the forum the problem is recurrent.

If the problems do get resolved I will definitelly go for the Pro version which looks awesome (at least on paper) but for now it's a no go
Owner's reply

1) It's not multilanguage.
It there exist multi language and now supported dutch, english, french, german, germani, italian, russian and spanish languages.
Maybe you need to read documentation.

2) It has problems with my template (a rocket theme one)
With Joomla Default template - all work excellent. maybe will need check self template first.

Reviews: 2
1. Doesn't support multilanguage well. Some characters become ?.

2. Not flexible enough, such as can't control whether to show Buy button, etc - requires code hacking.
Owner's reply


>1. Doesn't support multilanguage well. Some characters become

For languages dutch, english, french, german, germani, italian, russian, spanish and for very manu users work well, but for deeptii - Not !?
And not wrote any correct remark - what exactly don't work!?

>2. Not flexible enough, such as can't control whether to show >Buy button, etc - requires code hacking.

May be if deeptii can read documentation - he will can found for that description.

Reviews: 4
I've just established a library at my shop and am so pleased to have this module. Installed easy - a few problems ongoing - more to do wit my installation - but had excellent support from the author - Thanks!


* Fixed lend period - don't leave it up to requester.
* Automated email to lender requester when lend is approved
* Extra fields for custom use (we /lend/ books off people to add to our library - I'd like to keep track.

Great product!
Reviews: 1
First, I'm so thankful that someone is still developing BookLibrary! I thought it was a goner. Overall I love this extension, if only because it's the only thing that gets close to what I need.

However, as I do not use it for books, but for movies, I would like to suggest that someone create a more generic version (a simple lending library) that would allow people to list and lend anything. I would remove the connectivity, which isn't necessary unless you're selling books.

Also, as I have a lot of movies in my library, I would like some more robust list navigation tools. For example an alphabetic listing and an alphabetic quick list (A-Z) and maybe several "sort by" listings like most recently added, highest ratings, etc. (similar to the modules).

Otherwise, everything's great! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 4
finnaly :)
Jlib dint'work very well for me. So this comes in right time

I just have 4 suggestions to make this libary awesame!!!!!

1) possibility to add custom fields
2) users can submit books at frontend!
3) managing comments art backend,not true database
4) possibility to set amount of books - it means that not only one user can lend book!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the suggestions for improvement, have added them to the Wishlist on the forum for the next version.

The BookLibrary Pro Edition has the possibility for frontend book suggestions and a full Review Manager for the comments (where the Free Edtion has review management per single book)

Reviews: 1
I've been looking for 2 years for a great Amazon Associates component for Joomla.

This is the one...... works perfectly and effortlessly. Very easy to set up, the pages it creates and displays are very attractive, and it works without a hiccup. Simply add the ISBN number from the book, and it does the rest. It imports the title, author, price, description, photo and more, and automatically creates a "buy" button keyed to your Amazon Associates account.

This is simply elegant..... great job guys!
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