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OSG Seminar Manager is a course management (event management) component that allows you to have a complete event listing and booking system on your Joomla! site. The OSG Seminar Manager is based on the Course Manager 1.7. It has a great number of new functions, error corrections and enhancements.

* publish courses (events) in multiples categories or tags, as list and as course details,
* publish course (event) templates without dates (preview of courses (events) - interested parties list)
* offer online payments via PayPal,
* display of free seats
* support of 2nd currency using a static exchange rate
* display up to 5 price groups depending on Joomla! Usergroups (e.g. prices for members)
* display if a course (event) is already fully booked
* offer documents to download
* list trainer profiles (trainer lists) and the courses of the trainer
* display of more course (event) details (day, time, room, etc)
* and much more..

Users can:
* book multiple seats on events or
* register as interested party to events without date
* pay via Paypal
* registered users can view their invoices in front-end
* registered users can view favorites

(Settings in the) Backend:
* automatic users registration,
* attachment of invoices on booking confirmation emails,
* customize email and invoice templates,
* administrate all users on this list in back-end and notify them on new course (event) dates,
* prices can be displayed with or without VAT,
* VAT rate can be set per course (event),
* sending particpants or groups of participants emails directly from the backend,
* automatic PDF invoice generation (optional)
* generate PDF attendee lists,
* create custom fields for the application form,
* clone courses (events) from templates,
* add meta description and keywords to courses (events) and categories,
* organize course (event) with tags or categories,
* customize front-end course (event)listings by setting course (event) attributes,
* administrate tutors, tutor profiles,
* associate tutors with course (event) templates and certain skills. If you then,
create a course (event) from a template the system recommends matching tutors,
* allow acces to the backend with limited rights (manager and trainer roles)
* and much more

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Reviews: 2
A superb choice for medium sized Seminar Institutions We chose this extension because we wanted to facilitate seminar administration for a small writing academy in Switzerland.

The extension has all the must have functionality out of the box. (Set up courses, display a course list in the front-end, accept bookings, send invoices and attendee-lists, produce course certificates.) Whats more: I am confident that the team behind OSG Seminar Manager is committed to continually developing this extension further. An important consideration for us because we are in the seminar business for the long term and would not want to use an extension that may go away in a year or two.
I have yet to find another free extension with so many useful features packed under its hood. I would have gladly paid a couple of hundred bucks for this package and that is what I donated after everything was up and running.
Thanks OSG Team.
Reviews: 1
Very consistent und professional tool. The Team behind the solution is marvelous, very kind and anytime helpful also if you Need additional Support.
Simply, it just a very good choice!
Reviews: 1
A great component and very usefull.
OSG-Team, many thanks, also for goog support.
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla so I needed help to just figure out how to install the extension. Viktor was patient with me and very helpful. It turned out to be very easy to install, once I knew what to do.

The extension itself is the best seminar listing and booking software I have found for our purpose - better than any of the paid extensions.

It is easy to customize the extension to meet our specific needs.

Many of the other extensions don't make provisions to list the Instructor for the course. That seems strange, because in our experience most people want to know who is teaching the course.

I have searched everywhere - not just Joomla, but everywhere I could think of - and in my humble opinion, this is the best Seminar Listing and Booking software I have seen.

They have great demos of the front end and the back end, and you can review all of the documentation.

I was even able to test the demo to make sure that we could embed a page with an instructor's seminars into a web page on the instructor's web site. It "responsive" feature even works on the small pages we created for mobile devices.

To be fair, there are some extensions I haven't tried because their demos are so limited that I cannot tell if they will meet our needs or not, and they emphasize that they will not provide a trial period or give a refund if their extension doesn't meet our needs.

That is not a problem with the OSG Seminar Manager. It hasn't cost us anything, but we will definitely be sending them a nice donation to thank them for the great work that they do.

We learned long ago that when you have enough confidence in your product to offer a money back guarantee, you sell more products.

OSG goes even further: They have so much confidence this this great product that let you use it and then pay on the honor system once you see how much it is worth.
Reviews: 1
Love this extension, which makes the Seminar Manager really usefull. Only litte failure: The date is displayed in English instead of German, but this might be changed within the next update. Very good. Can recommend this piece of software.
Reviews: 1
This osg-seminar-component is brilliant and it shines even more the longer you work with it.
Reviews: 1
Excellent component!
Unbeliveble it's free! thanks!
Reviews: 2
Even though it is free it is the most comprehensive package for seminar/course management. It contains payment gateway (paypal) and every essential elements in booking system. If you found CiviCRM is bit complicated. it is the second best.
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension, perfect upgrade for the "Joomla 1.5 Seminar Manager" by Dirk Vollmar (I've been searching for a long time).
All views, CSS classes and tables are clear structured so you can customize the extension and use the tables for your own modules with just a little experience.
Reviews: 2
This extension is appropriate for professional use. There are many options for individual configuration. The support is great. Unbelievable that it is for free.
Reviews: 1
After spending a lot of time to search an alternative to course manager, wie found this extension. And: It's great!
Reviews: 16
Thank you very much! That's what I was looking for! Easy, simple, complete and free. For a small company like mine is perfect! Well done!
Reviews: 4
This is a great alternative to Course Manager, and best of all it is free.

Coming from a background of using Course Manager, it was very straightforward to pick up, and I have noticed no bugs thus far.

Great work
Reviews: 10
Thank you for your great extension , i take 5 stars , LTR and RTL support , i am translating to Persian ... good job
Reviews: 6
A lot of functions, seems to have been a lot of work, but in my opinion not so userfriendly. And I got an error 404 when klicking on the link in the menu for the courses after setting it up including the course for more than half an hour ... probably not SEM-friendly? Little bit frustrating. Might really get a good extension. But for me to unhandy. Sorry!
Reviews: 6
I'm sure this would be a useful extension but there is no support or documentation for installing or configuring it. It would be helpful if there was even just a list steps for the correct sequence.

Sorry - I think it could be very useful.
Owner's reply

On our website you can find an extensive documentation. Also you can use the forum and we offer support on our website.

Reviews: 3
This is a very good alternative to the "Seminar" component.

i tried it and want to use it for my customer productive.

Thank you!