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If you can write the SQL to extract the data you want to plot, Plotalot will use the Google Visualization API to dynamically draw various different charts or tables, with numerous formatting options.

You can include as many charts as you like, anywhere in any article, using the Plotalot plugin.

Plotalot charts can be configured to be responsive.

Usage is fully documented in a rather large, but free, PDF user guide.

* Line graphs, scatter graphs, and area graphs with multiple plots
* Horizontal or vertical stacked or grouped bar charts
* 2D or 3D pie charts
* Gauges, timelines, bubble charts
* Combo charts
* Legend at top, bottom, left, right, or none
* Optional grid
* Titles and axis labels can be simple text or SQL queries
* Axis limits can be automatic, fixed, or SQL generated
* Unlimited chart size
* SQL can include various types of variables
* Query the local site database or any other MySql database
* Can also produce tables or single items (the first column of the first row returned by your SQL)
* No libraries to install, just a component and a plugin
* Charts can be cached on your web-server to reduce database load
* Plotalot can be built in to your own code to add charting to your own components

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Reviews: 2
Bought the minimum version for the plugin. If you know SQL and can make tables in your database, this component is super amazing. It was exactly what I was searching for, allowing me to move some HTML tables into a database table, change .jpg graphs to beautiful, dynamic graphs and improve the overall appearance of several articles. Beautifully designed and implemented component. Thank you!
Owner's reply

Many thanks for all the reviews everyone. They encourage me to keep on developing Plotalot!

Reviews: 5
I bought this extension to include charts in a custom component I was developing for a customer.
It saved me a lot of time. I did not even need to contact the developer as it comes with a developer guide and an sample component to use as example.
Reviews: 4
I don't write many reviews but everyone needs to know how amazing this extension is!!!

My requirements were quite bespoke so I spent some time exploring the best charting APIs to integrate into my development. I shouldn't have bothered! I did not think I would find something flexible enough for my needs on the JED but Plotalot is just awesome!

I messaged the developer who responded quickly and was very helpful. I've looked though the code and it is well very well written. Don't waste any more time, try it now and you'll see how great it is!!!
Reviews: 9
I'd give it 5+ stars (if possible) if it had ability to set a trend line. Works with iOS since it isn't flash. Very powerful.
Reviews: 1
simple, power full, excellent work, it worth every penny.
simply amazing.
keep it up.
Reviews: 1
What a good product! Can be simple or complex as you need it. Kudos!
Reviews: 1
If you want a great charting tool for Joomla, you can stop looking because this is it.

Many of the charting tools available for Joomla (that I have tested) can do a good job of charting simple tables of numbers and Plotalot is no exception. So, even if your requirements are simple, Plotalot's easy to understand interface will allow you to get started quickly.

However, if you have more sophisticated requirements Plotalot is really the only option there is for Joomla. My charts are all based on MySQL tables. If you can write SQL queries you can access your data and create charts with Plotalot.

By combining sophisticated SQL queries with Plotalot's ability to pass variables there is really no limit to what you can do. You can write a powerful frontend for your charts using HTML, php, Javascript, etc and present your users with any number of options (in dropdown lists, radio buttons, etc) for creating their charts. (I accomplish this by using DirectPHP and turning off the Joomla editor so you can write code directly into any article.) Any options selected by the user can be passed to your SQL query via Plotalot.

Finally, their support is great although I have rarely needed it. I had a simple technical question and received a quick response from the Plotalot team. They pointed me in the right direction and I was able to solve the problem quickly.

I strongly recommend Plotalot for your charting needs. (And the price is right too!)
Reviews: 2
Great extension.
It is easy to use.
I like the fact to be able to call it with some parameters from my php code.
Reviews: 2
Plotalot makes real good looking charts, graphs and gauges for your website.

It is said that you need some SQL knowledge before using the component - but in lack of other alternatives - and because the component was free, I gave it a chance anyway. I had practically never heard of SQL and mySQL before using this component.

I found that it is perfectly possible to insert data manually in this component. Just look at the examples. With a nice little excel document, I insert my sales data report in sheet 1 and the following sheets "spit out" the proper SQL terms for me to copy and paste into joomla.

Thanks for a great tool!
Reviews: 7
Unquestionably an excellently-constructed addition to Joomla! Surprizingly simple first use, yet has the functional richness and flexibility to do pretty much anything else you might want to do with the available charts. It comes with the most thorough documentation I have ever seen for a Joomla component.

I have stumped up the small fee for the commercial verion so that I can embed charts directly in my articles. The results look magic!
Reviews: 16
Requiring a Joomla! component that could assist me in implementing exceptional Graphs and Charts was an easy decision made easier by Les Arbres Design - and PlotALot. Now I can achieve business essential reporting with ease. Amazing work guys. And for only a few Euro I gained the PlugIn and API reference. Awesome.
Reviews: 6
after reviewing jasperreports ($50,000/yr but there is a free community version) and sap crystal reports ($3-$5K), i have dumped both in favor of 'plotalot' for less than $10!

for my needs, the simplicity of working with tools i know (mysql queries and joomla and php) far outweighed all of the features i found cumbersome in the commercial products. plotalot is 128K download and the others are bloatware over 500M (3000x bigger) requiring servers and workstation code and jvm's and .net and odbc drivers that were fragile. crystal dashboards even requires microsoft excel. who do they sell that stuff too?

plotalot just works, fits like a glove into a joomla app and is totally customizable with php and SQL. THANKS for offering it at this price (and thanks to google for the free charting apis that make it possible).
Reviews: 43
I was quite surprised how easy it is to configure Plotalot and am very happy with the results.

Providing the component for free is excellent as you can try out all the features and check it does what you need before spending any money which I am about to do as I need the plug-in and the price is excellent value for money!

The documentation and support are also first rate.
Reviews: 3
I needed to produce some charts for a company website I developed. After looking at other components I came across PLOTALOT. Downloaded the free component to test drive and was really impressed by the feature set and ease of creating the charts. I decided to purchase the commercial version and couldn't believe how cheap it was!
I contacted Chris with a question regarding plots with no data. Within 12 hours I had a reply and an updated component that totally solved the problem. You don't get that level of response from many of the "big players"!
Keep up the good work Chris, and, for anybody who requires charts / graphs on their site - look no further!
Reviews: 7
I have been using this component since 2012. Though it has lots of features but i explored only a few of them and they very inspirational. For e.g filter records from a huge table based either currently logged in user, user type, user email, root path.

There are plenty of functional attributes could bring more value to this component.

Unlike other component they deliver flash based charts which wouldn't function in iOS based gadgets. This components deliver charts that would across the platform which is a plus.

In addition to the great functionalities inbuilt,if they could render the charts with little animation would bring more value to this component.

Good Job!
Reviews: 1
I've been using Plotalot for about a year now and have been very pleased with it. The recent upgrade uses Google's new Visualization API which has a cleaner look. I needed support for dynamic legends and Chris had it implemented in less than 24 hours. That's excellent support. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
I purchased the commercial version of this extension. I was looking for something to help me create some charts and graphs on my site. Found Plotalot and I was really impressed! I have been able to make some super looking charts and graphs for my website.

As the author an others have mentioned, you do need to know how to write SQL queries. However if know how to do it or you are willing to learn the results are easy. Simply create your query in your favorite SQL query tool, copy and paste the query into a new chart or graph, select the type of graph you want to use and save. You can instantly see the results in the component. When you are done it is super easy to insert the chart / graph into an article or HTML module.

I love the fact that this is a component. Other options I looked at were plugins. To me, I would much rather have a component to create and organize with.

Did I mention that it is really a great value for the price?

If you know how to do SQL, then you won't do much better creating charts and graphs than using Plotalot. Highly recommended!

Reviews: 2
I needed to do some graphs for one of my clients based upon a very complex mysql database I had build using Fabrik.

Plotalot was recommended to me as the ideal companion for Fabrik and I have to say I have not been disappointed at all.

Plotalot is easy to use and the results are just plain "beautiful" to look at. Plotalot 3 uses Google's visualisation API.

I would say that you need to be able to write mysql queries, and to be fair the author points that out clearly and gives good advice in the excellent documentation.

Overall I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy to use and robust graphing extension.

Top marks!

Regards, Mark.
Reviews: 2
Although this is an almost free extension, I bought the plugin extension because the price is awesome.
The extension works great from minute one, and a little problem I had, due to not reading slowly the usesrs manual, was solved within hours by support. Really excellent extension.
Reviews: 1
This is definitely one of the best components for creating in an easy way nice charts and tables in Joomla. It is very easy to connect to a database to get the data, in addition the component does not need flash which is an advantage (ie works nicely on ipads, iphones, etc). Good support too!
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