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If you can write the SQL to extract the data you want to plot, Plotalot will use the Google Visualization API to dynamically draw various different charts or tables, with numerous formatting options.

You can include as many charts as you like, anywhere in any article, using the Plotalot plugin.

Plotalot charts can be configured to be responsive.

Usage is fully documented in a rather large, but free, PDF user guide.

* Line graphs, scatter graphs, and area graphs with multiple plots
* Horizontal or vertical stacked or grouped bar charts
* 2D or 3D pie charts
* Gauges, timelines, bubble charts
* Combo charts
* Legend at top, bottom, left, right, or none
* Optional grid
* Titles and axis labels can be simple text or SQL queries
* Axis limits can be automatic, fixed, or SQL generated
* Unlimited chart size
* SQL can include various types of variables
* Query the local site database or any other MySql database
* Can also produce tables or single items (the first column of the first row returned by your SQL)
* No libraries to install, just a component and a plugin
* Charts can be cached on your web-server to reduce database load
* Plotalot can be built in to your own code to add charting to your own components

Report Extension



Reviews: 3
I first took a fast look to their site. Attractive yes, overwelming no. Then I took a test-drive off the product ...
Off course did'nt read the manual first and started trying just like that. Thought that I had a good suggestion, quick reply that it was already possible. Fast and good support, even for a free product.
Very good backend to develop what you want !
Reviews: 10
This extension is very usefull and is very well explained the instructions for use. Well done, good job!
Reviews: 2
PLOTALOT is a great solution for all websites that like graphs.
The component and its modules are very easy to install and to set up and it works very fine.

Very good, no hard to work with
Reviews: 2
I looked around for graph and table creation compponent and this is just what I need. It works great and it is easy to publish data on your web page witht the plugin.
I wish I could have hyperlink in the tables so It could fire another link to another report, drill down basically. I looked at Google APi and couldn'T find it how to make this happen. It would then be erfect for me but it is still a good application worth the price for sure.
Owner's reply

Thanks for that. Other users have made hyperlinks in tables, and we'll be adding some examples to the user guide soon, so keep an eye out for a new version.

Reviews: 1
Easy to install & use. Even works without using a database ... you can manually enter your chart data.
Reviews: 51
I needed a graphing tool, and with the possibilities offered here, I can make the graphs and tables I need in every respect.
The only minor issue, is that the graphs miss the mark a bit.
Eg. if I have a value of 3, the the barchart is going to show below the line 3, and not right up to the line.
Owner's reply

This problem certainly isn't normal. Please contact me so that I can investigate further.

Reviews: 1
awesome component
Reviews: 1
Plotalot is one of my favourite extensions. It is easy to use yet very flexible and highly customisable.
It offers three ways of displaying data on your site: charts, tables and single items.
These three combined offer great ways of enhancing your site and displaying data in a consistent way throughout your website.

* Easy to use
* Flexible
* Highly customisable
* Fast

* Can't think of any
Reviews: 1
This component is the best solution for charts on joomla. Very flexible and easy to install. Thank you.
Reviews: 2
The best solution for my needs.
Very easy and functional!
Reviews: 1
I've used this component on a company website with great success. A few times I needed advice from the developer, which I did immediately. Even when I needed features the component did not support, I quickly got a reply that it was a good suggestion and that it would be developed in a few days.

The manual is covering almost all features and questions.

I highly recommend this component.
Reviews: 2
I am happy to report that plotalot works like a charm. Very easy to install and start to use. I had my first professional looking charts on my site in just minutes. The manual explains most of the tricks needed to get the charts you want. Since the data displayed is taken from SQL queries one have to learn/google SQL.

Support from the author was very good when I found out my download time had expired while I was waiting for the 1.6 version.
Reviews: 1
Not very often I come across a component that does exactly what it says and where the support is as fast as the speed train Brussels-Paris.
Amazing component and ditto help!
Keep up the great work guys.
Reviews: 1
First I tried other report components, but after I checked "plot a lot" I love to use it. It is exactly what I need.
The documentation is very good and the support also. Please go ahead serving such great tools! Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for a relatively simple tool that would let me create a dashboard of key charts for clients off of a MySQL database. Plotalot is just super -- the mix of options and chart types is perfect.
Reviews: 3
I have started to use this extension to produce simple graphs of our external database of the members of our club and I found it very easy to create new articles including graphs
Reviews: 1
Like others I tried a few before Plotalot. Being able to graph from an external db was really important so went for the paid version after reading others recommendation about the guide containing good information (and it was only 6 euro!).

I am really impressed - well done guys. Easy to install, the guide is one of the best I've seen included with an extension. Its opened up so many possibilities for displaying information to customers...
Reviews: 2
Free and VERY easy to use straight out of the box!
I highly recommend buying the manual too as it's very comprehensive well written.
Reviews: 2
this extensions is very nice, specially the 1.7 version!
Much easier to make available a table or graphic in the backend and frontend! And quickly!
Just build the query language SQL! It's wonderful!
Thank's the developers!!!
Reviews: 1
Love this extension, got me up and running in minutes, the graphs look great!
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