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flashChart Content Plugin

FlashChart has been developed to ease the inclusion of charts within your articles. It is based upon the API of "Open Flash Chart". To get more information on Open Flash Chart visit

You can use flashChart to generate several types of chart, i.e. line, bar, and pie charts in 2D or 3D. For each image type you can specify attributes such as size, colors, and labels, and so on. You can feed the data for your chart via manual entry, from database, local file system or from remote (or local) webserver. With this plugin, you can very easily create content articles with dynamic interctive charts.


* very easy to use
* very fast
* embed one or more flashChart objects in one page
* 14 different bar chart types (3d or 2d)
* 5 different line charts
* pie chart
* radar charts
* area charts
* new: scatter charts
* Regression calculations
* create chart data via mathematic functions
* Trendlines for bar and line charts
* 6 different animation types for charts (and no animation)
* display charts or other sources in modal popups
* lots of configuration options (more than 80) supported
* data can be entered manually, or fed via file, via remote webserver or from Joomla!'s mysql database
* German, Englisch and Slovenian language supported

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Reviews: 1
Very easy to use, extremely flexible. Help documentation is clear, concise, with many examples. In a few minutes you can add a chart on your Joomla! website
Reviews: 1
This is just what i was looking for. Easy to make graphs and even graphs looking cool. Many thanks for this great plugin.
Reviews: 1
This software is not only an excellent plugin for fast and easy charts and graphs embedded in your Joomla! articles. But the author also made available the code to custom create graphs and charts in PHP. It is all Object Oriented and well written. I cannot recommend this plugin enough. Extremely easy to use and it's also an extremely powerful front end to Open Flash Chart.
Reviews: 1
A very usefull extension for Joomla! webmasters that have lot of application datas to manage. I display graph to control my breeding production since 1990.
Thank a lot to share your job.
Reviews: 6
This is a perfect plugin to insert charts everywhere. Easy, good documentation and visually better than others.
Only have missed for some types of charts as "scatter". Hope someday can increase the types of charts as for a plugin is perfect!.
Owner's reply


many thanks for your review! You may now with version 1.2.1 create scatter charts. You may also use my implementation of regression calculations for scatter charts.

Reviews: 1
never found like this. great plugin. Just trying 1.2.0 for joomla 1.5 : AMAZING.
Its suggest for you : I wish can to display mysql data tables in frontend joomla at any content (eg. article); table can contain images, URLs, e-mail address, text, integer, date and time.
Can load data from Joomla! database or from external database. Many different database types is supported. Can load data from CSV files. Highly customizable and Works in all modern browsers and off course creates charts based on data from table. You can make a little donation for that.

Keep creating...
Reviews: 10
Brilliant and beautiful. If you need a dynamic chart for anything, I mean anything and can write a little php and mysql this is the answer. Though the plugin does most of the mysql on its own.

If your data is static. The flashCharts plugin is simple to install, configure and well documented. Copy an example, add your data and you will have a beautiful chart or graph in less time than it took me to write this review.

I spent four hours writing a little php application for a graph and ported it into joomla with jumi. I installed and configured the php option of this plugin in 4 minutes. Wish I would have seen it first! Every J developer should check this Plugin's documentation -- clear examples, known conflicts, work-arounds, all in one page! Bravo!
Reviews: 1
Hi All, I've been using this plugin for a long time now and I am very happy with it.

It's easy to combine multiple charts in one article, it's beautiful and one of the best features is the ability to have conditional formatting!

The only thing I would change/ adapt is the ability to ALWAYS display the labels values, and not only as tool tip.

Thank you for this plugin and for your effort!
Reviews: 4
It is one of the best extensions for joomla! But it can be better with adding some feature for comparison between 2 or more things..

anyway, It receive my 5 star..
Reviews: 1
I have been using the flashChart Content Plugin on my site for awhile now, and our viewers really like it. Installation is easy. Setting up the display takes a little time to learn, but it is well worth it. The support is fantastic. The developer returns emails, fixes problems and makes necessary updates very quickly and efficiently. I wish I could use this support for all of my problems with Joomla plugins.
Reviews: 30
Absolutely fantastic, I tried others before, but this is impressive, with many configuration options. Congratulations and every success. Impressive.
Reviews: 1
This is a very good extensions, very easy to use (if you have some basic knowledge of SQL).
I discovered it some weeks ago and I use it now for all my website and did about 50 charts with it.
And on top of it the support from the developper is excellent : I had an issue posted on the forum and had an answer within minutes.
This is my first posted review and I did it because I really think the developper deserved it.
Thank you again for this great plugin.
Reviews: 1
This plugin is the most interesting of all Joomla charts extension because Open Flash Chart is IMHO the most eye-pleasing library and the plugin's use is very simple and functional.
I only have problems with type=pie and c-color parameter.
When i set type=pie my chart can't load. I've tried deleting every parameter that could cause errors and tried leaving only data="10,20,30" but still doesn't work. Every other type works with same parameters.
I also have one question: is it possible to set the different slices' colors in a pie? Or set different colors for bars from a same data series?
Owner's reply

many thanks for your feedback! Different slices' colors in a pie are already supported - just provide parameter "c_colors" with your desired colors. Different colors for bars from a single data series will be available with next release (1.1.5). Your problem with pie-chart may be caused not to have specified "tooltip" (this will be corrected with 1.1.5 as well)

Reviews: 8
I like OFC and now this plugin implementation (v1.1) in Joomla. I have a problem, working in localhost or localhost/sub-domain_name. I try to figure how to solve this but.... In any combination of test parameters (by examples) I cant obtain a chart, only empty chart grid is shown.
Owner's reply

I've done all development and most of the testing for flashchart on windows (localhost) - used XAMPP V1.7 (apache, mysql, php) - maybe your used server software is outdated.

Reviews: 11
FlashCharts is a free, high quality framework for presenting interactive graphs on the web. Designed by an enthusiastic group of developers, the framework could be a bit daunting to non-PhP enthusiasts when they want to use it on Joomla websites. This should not stop them (or you). Joachim Schmidt has developed a great plugin so everyone who can insert a plugin tag in an article can use FlashCharts on his/her Joomla site.

We tested the plugin documentation extensively and it is excellent. There are no typos in example tags, everything works directly out of the box and clear examples are provided that can be copied and pasted for instant gratification.
We are also impressed how fast the graphs load and that you can link them directly to Joomla databases. This is a great feature that enables you to do more with your databases.

We give this plugin and its developer 5 stars for building upon the powerful FlashCharts framework, acknowledging the exceptional work of the FlashChart developers, the first-rate documentation of the plugin and the ease of using the plugin.