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Joomdle ComponentModulePlugin

Component, modules and plugins to integrate Joomla and Moodle.

Provides Single Sign On between Joomla and Moodle, showing Moodle contents in Joomla, search Moodle contents from Joomla, showing Moodle inside a wrapper, selling courses through Tienda or Virtuemart, integration with other 3rd party components such as Jomsocial or Community Builder...

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Reviews: 16
Agreed - follow the WIKI instructions especially the prerquistes to ensure your host will support Joomdle bridge. Clearly written, easy to install, worked like charm. I appreicate Open source tatlent of this calibre. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
This is one of those extensions that show the true power of Open Source. Follow the instructions and install, and suddenly you have a one of the most flexible systems for elearning on the market. Very nice!
Reviews: 6
I have been struggling with this plugin for a week now. I like the concept of Moodle. It is a very powerful and flexible tool. I also love the Joomla CMS system and the work that everybody puts into their modules.

Joomdle seemed on the face value to be a great idea to have the two integrate together and gain the best of both worlds, and I'm sure that with some people this is the case.

However, if you do not understand what XML-RPC is or are not completely confident in how to find IP addresses or correct URL settings, or struggle to do your own troubleshooting, then this, unfortunately is not the component for you.

The reason being is you will be tearing out your hair if anything goes amiss. The instructions on the joomdle website are quite clear and understandable. But that is about all the support you will get. If, for what ever reason your application does not work, you are then on your own. After going through the forums, and for that matter emailing the developer personally, if you have any issues that he cannot answer, You will probably not get any response at all.

So in summary, Great concept, but if you are not and advanced user and are unable to troubleshoot on the fly. Then look for an alternative
Reviews: 2
I read some of the reviews and I'm not sure what people are complaining about. All the documentation was in English and well written (maybe it wasent before) and the issue I had when I put in the wrong IP was addressed in the forum and I found the answer in two minutes. I am just starting my own business - when I start making money I will more then happily pay for this extension. Thanks, Garrett in ireland
Reviews: 2
Dear developer,

I understand that sometimes it is difficult to write a help or installation guide. May be there are some difficulties to make translations. But it is so easy to place components in zip format which could be used to test your product directly in Joomla! Do you really thing that it is a good idea for everybody here to start working with your stuff with finding activators?
Owner's reply

Hi. Sorry, but I think I don't understand you.
Do you mean that I should use .zip instead of .tgz? The two work well.
I don't know what you mean at all with the last question.

Reviews: 4
I don't have Joomla setup yet for my moodle install but I am very pleased to see this plugin. Please continue to develop it!!!
Reviews: 1
English is not the only language at the world. I had to learn English for use some software and now you have to learn Spanish to use this.
Reviews: 5
You are right, I also got excited when I saw this component. The configuration would not be hard to follow if the component was in English. I believe it's the first time the developers have done this and hopefully we can have an English version. Unfortunately I will give a thumbs down
Reviews: 5
This seemed like it would have been a great component/module for a site I am building for a school. However all of the notes are in spanish, which I don't speak and the downloadable pdf documentation was also only in spanish. So sadly I couldn't figure it out.
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