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Joomlearn LMS Silver Edition ComponentModule

The JoomLearn LMS Silver Edition is your total solution for selling access to your training content. The Silver Edition offers you so many more options than the free basic Edition.

Here are some of the features of the joomlearn LMS Silver Edition:
* eCommerce Enabled - Now you can sell subscription access to your courses.
* You set the amount of days that the course can be accessed after payment is confirmed.
* Virtuemart & PayPal IPN & Custom integration - Link your training payments to be used with your virtuemart installations. If you do not have virtuemart installed you may use the PayPal Instant Payment Notification feature to accept payments and confimations to access your content.
* Prerequisite Courses - Now you can have a course with multiple tests and content within a series. For instance course "B" cannot be accessed until course "A" has been passed or completed by the student. And course "C" cannot be accessed until courses "A" & "B" have been completed, and so on. This allows for Certifications and Diploma's!
* Category Lists - We have now added a better category section. Now the categories are in a similar style to the familiar "Docman" component for easier access to the courses you need. Descriptions of the categories can now be added as well.
* One file to install. Installs as a component.
* 4 Add on modules are available seperately in our online shop.
* No Bots.
* No special, custom configurations, or source code to change.
* Ideal for small to mid size businesses
* Front end administration allows your managers to add or block user access from the entire system.
* Complete front end user management.
* User registration, block access, assign reporting groups, and more.
* Add training content or just deliver Test. Upload and deploy Flash, Power Point, AVI, MPEG Movies, Word documents, PDF, and HTML files as your training content.
* Up to 6 way multiple choice and true and false quiz formating.
* Photo questions
* Photo answers
* Random question pool
* Mandatory questions on quiz
* True/False - Yes/No questions
* Short answer questions
* Limited attempts to pass a quiz-set limits on how many days a user has to wait to retake a quiz.
* Printable certificates that display the users name and date course completion.
* Course category filtering feature.
* Email notification to HR departments and managers when a user passes or fails test.
* Set up company managers so they will have the ability to register their own employees to the system.
* Ability to add employees to your "management group"
* Reports missed questions at the end of test Reporting tools to see the results of students/employees.
* Free sample data and a “Basic Phone Skills” training module to help get you started.
* Optional certificate template pack available in our online shop

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Reviews: 2
Recently migrated from a 1.5 site to 2.5 and purchased and installed the latest from Joomla Showroom, lms silver.

So far it has been working fine. I have access to files for customization and the team has been very responsive to inquiries. Functions have gone off without a hitch.

While the interface is a bit crude, this is a rather complicated function that has been made quite simple to administer.

Clearly the team is an asset to the joomla community.
Reviews: 4
I have never written a review for anyone however after submitting a response to the developer and having him close my ticket without a response back to me I feel that I must express my opinion to others.

There are so many bugs in the LMS many features don't work such as saving pages, viewing categories, editing users etc.

I would expect a way that if you are selling courses online that it would have the ability to add a user to a test from the HR panel if a user pays offline. There is a tab that says add user to system but it doesn't do anything. I would think that having the ability to add users to a test would be a critical piece. I had to find a way around this problem.

The program has so much potential to be a great LMS system but we have spent so much time trying to fix bugs in the app to even get the site to go live, but there are still so many pending problems I have to fix in order to make it successful on the site.

I have paid an additional $900 to this developer to do some custom work for the amount that we paid for the app I feel that app and support that I received was no where near the amount that we paid you for additional development and support. There was not $900 worth of changes done to the app to make it user friendly both my team and I have spent countless hours rewriting and fixing bugs just to make it work for my client. The developer would only communicate via email or tickets even though he is in the next state over and after he made changes and removed functionality I needed he requested me to resubmit so that he could charge me even more money.

I would expect that since the company that developed the app is a sponsor of Joomla conferences that his company would be committed to providing the best possible software and support for the products they list on the website.

I would not recommend this LMS to anyone at this point since the developer is not willing to provide the support that is needed to make the product function properly. I feel that I was ripped off by paying $900 for development that was not delivered as agreed upon.
Reviews: 3
It dosen't work on any other template than Joomla original and only if you are using (US)English

The support is non-existing, when they answer, they only say "it is not our fault"

I was stupid enough to buy 1.5 AND 2.5, because they told me that they had fixed the errors, and I believed them.
Owner's reply

This customer stated that he was having issues and we did support him immediately with no delays. He was replied to in a timely manor every time he asked a question. His issue was that he was using a template from a template club and the site template he was using was causing javascript issues with the component. We explained to him that the issue was with the template coding and not our component. We instructed him to verify this by switching to other templates just to verify it was his template causing the issues. He did verify this and he knows it was the template causing his issues. To say that support was non-existent is not true. He was just not happy that we told him that it was the template's fault and not a bug in our extension. We instructed him to get support from the commercial template developer to correct their own issue and he just refused to do so and insisted that we fix a problem in another extension developer's code and we explained that that is not our responsibility and out of the scope of support of our own products. I have a feeling that his template club subscription was just expired and he couldn't get support so he was trying to get us to fix the template for free.

Reviews: 2
I too should have listened to other reviews. Paid for product, which I wanted for an extensive Learning System for my site.. After download saw many issues with the product - upload size limits was also a huge concern. And uploads using FTP was not compatible.

Contacted the owner, who didn't want to refund - to ""fix" the product to be able to allow for easier uploads for my clients would cost additional for the owner to modify.

Sadly to get my money back, I had to cancel my credit card payment and "fight"

Not the best solution for an extended LMS with many teachers, and with the hope to allow them front office uploads and modification.

Test run if you can.. or avoid like the plague.
Reviews: 10
This application is easy to understand and easy to use and have very nice docs.
Thank you joomlashowroom
Reviews: 16
I downloaded the "Basic" edition which seemed to be ok, however the project I was working on required the "Silver" edition, which I downloaded and paid for. Installed the silver edition and immediately saw problems. I logged support tickets with the developer asking how to stop the training video opening in a new window, only to be told this could be amended but I'd have to pay for it... avoid like the plague!
Owner's reply

This customer asked for a custom feature to be added that was not a part of the core functionality. We told the client that his request would require custom coding to be done and that we could offer a quote to add this functionality and he thought that customizations are free but we explained that customizations were an additional service.

Reviews: 1
We purchased this extension after reviewing a series of lms solutions on the market.

What we needed was a simple tool we could use for selling training content integrated into Virtuemart (to have all the shopping basket, billing, credt card payments etc. solved). SCORM compatability was not a must.

The LMS-Silver edition was not the absolute right solution, but a good base for further enhancements. We contacted the team around Mike.

As they reacted immidiatelly and very professional on some installation troubles we had (every ststem is a little different from others...) we decided to outsource the enhancement development to them.

They made a great job and after a couple of days we had an outstanding solution which 100% fittet to our needs.

We can highly recommend this team!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension a couple of months ago. Easy install and configuration. It provides what it says and what we need for our small continuing education service in the healthcare field.
I made of couple of simple mods to make it more specific to our field in terms of terminology. It was easy to do.
What is most outstanding is the support and the response the best I've experienced with any Joomla extension provider!
This application gives our site a professional look and feel. It is not SCORM compatible, but not all education providers need SCORM.
The only suggestion I have for your next upgrade is to include a script which will generate the course title, date, user name, credit hours, and template similar to the Moodle certificate application.
Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 1
I purchased this system, hoping I would be able to use it on a site for offering courses on a pay by course or registration basis. I have complicated courses and this product was an incredible disappointment.
Owner's reply

If the system was not designed to handle your complicated course then that is not the fault of the software. You need to get the right tool for the right job. This LMS is a simple LMS. Not made for your complicated SCORM package type of courses.

Reviews: 4
I agree with the last few reviewers about the poor quality of this component & the lack of support. Little bugs like images that disappear due to incorrect pathing get an indifferent response from the developer & I won't even go into the numerous other flaws; many of which have already been outlined by previous reviews. Thanks to the last poster for the tip on Moodle! That system blows JoomLearn away...
Reviews: 1
I should have taken the previous reviews to heart before ordering. But this seemed like the only solution at the time and I needed something that same day to satisfy a clients requirements.

I ordered this component on a Friday a.m. expecting the download to be immediately available. I submitted a support ticket requesting the download asap.

Over 24 hours later (Saturday) I received the download. At this point I figured out another alternative.

Out of curiosity, I installed the component to see if it was easy to configure and met my needs. - The help is lacking in any real details and you have to edit .php files to change the titles.

I don't appreciate that they don't have trial versions for Joomla 1.5 and that your only option is to purchase. They state that they will only issue refunds if the your server software is not compatible. I have never come across a company that is not willing to issue a refund -- who cares what the reason is. If the customer is not happy, then give them their money back. I have no interest in their source code which is another reason they won't issue a refund.

Do yourself a favor and go to (Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It is a Free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites.) and download a stand-alone version and then create an external link from your Joomla site. This may have a learning curve but the software has a lot of flexibility and well worth your efforts. You can also brand it to your site.
Reviews: 2
I bought this software after reading the first couple reviews and of course, the product description. When i finally got around to using it, I opened a support ticket (below) to list several complaints. I am posting this review, so that others like me would have a better picture of what this software does and doesn't quite do.

My support ticket details:

I'm sure this software is great, but there are so many hurdles before you even get to appreciate what it can do. I think the usability is quite poor, but sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see that.

1. First, I was under the impression that that I can completely "turn off" the testing feature for each course. But it seems it is actually the training that is optional. It seems to me that this software was written with testing in mind, not training. My goal was to have several courses without training, and the last of the set will have the training. but it seems each course will still take them to this page that tells them there are no questions. That is kind of redundant.

2. Also, I would have preferred for clients to click on the notebook and get the screen with the course instead of clicking "training" and then a new window pops up. I wonder if this can be changed?

3. Also, every time a training window pops up, the main window gets redirected to the home page. I'm not sure why that is happening.

4. When I click your help link, i get a 404 error because it is looking for an en-GB folder that does not exist.

5. The version on my installation says version 1.5.1. I downloaded it in march. Your user manual, which i eventually opened by browsing there in my server, keeps refering to a version 3.0. My guess is that it was not even updated for the 1.5 version which is the paid one. Even your video tutorials were not updated for your paid version.

6. It would have been nicer if I didn't have to edit files on the server to change default text you have in those screens. They could be in the config section.

7. In the backend, in some of your edit screens, you dont have "close" button, only "main". "Close" in Joomla will take you back to the previous screen. That way i dont have to start over every time. Some screens dont even have "main"! So i have to go the admin menu all over.

8. Finally, very simple things like making the icons on the frontend as links, and not just the text below them because people will keep clicking on the icon.

We had a lot of back and forth which I would not bore you with, but the bottom line is:

1. None of the issues I raised can be fixed because the system is designed that way. So, no, you cannot use "training only" because your clients will still be taken to a page WITH NO QUESTIONS!
2. it is probably possible to fix my redirect issue, but the software is too poorly coded - at least for customers like me who are really interested in training, and not testing.
3. prepare for your clients to be frustrated clicking things that should be clickable but are not.
4. I would have thought you could edit your courses online using the usual joomla wysiwyg screen. Nope, you have to upload them - even if it's text only.
5. every time the training pops up, it is a small window, so you clients will have to resize each time!

If you're used to well thought out coding, you might want to put up the extra money for Joomla LMS.
Reviews: 1
Joomla is an open source project and, therefore, we use to look for open source extensions. From time to time, it seems that there's a commercial extension worth the price. The positive reviews encouraged me to buy Joomlearn LMS Silver Ed. Great error!

First. Joomlearn is NOT an LMS, it’s a test manager, with a link to an external piece of HTML to (optional) comments on the issue. There's no way of controlling the course pace or quantum advances.

Second. The help manual is not clearly visible and surprise!, the link is dead. So, no real support neither online nor inside.

Third. Joomlearn doesn't allow a preview of content. Once you get a real peek inside it, it's clear why not. The extension just manages the tests, not the course (if any), so it's impossible to show something not managed by the extension.

I could go on, and probably will do shortly, but right now I'm too frustrated for burning almost $100 in a useless extension.

Sorry, no real option for LMS on Joomla by now.
Reviews: 4
After waiting a long time for this component to be re-released I was not dissapointed. It is very well thought out and the abitlity to assign students to HR departments makes it perfect for providing training to companies as well as individuals.

Joomla Showroom is making a big effort to provide some pretty special components to the Joomla community such as this one and Registration Pro, so they really deserve our support. Their support was very responsive also. So all in all I think this component is well worth it for anyone who wants to add an attractive looking and fully featured academy to their web site.

I hope Joomla Showroom continues to develop new versions of this and their other components, as they provide Joomla users with such great functionality for their sites.

Judging from quaility of JoomLearn LMS Silver Edition and Registration Pro 2 I would say that Joomla Showroom has the potential to be up their amongst the best Joomla component providers. Definately one to watch.
Reviews: 6
Joomlearn works well with Virtuemart, a serious plus!!! This component allows users to register or purchase learning material, download it (or view streaming media), take a quiz, have the quiz automatically graded, and receive a certificate of completion automatically. The component nicely notifies specified email addresses as to those who have passed the quizzes. I've had success using this with an SSL ecommerce site using version 1.9 and plan to switch to version 3.0 soon (which I am using on my developer site).

Good support from the developer. They answer questions very quickly and have committed to working out a minor issue of needing to refresh the page to have the "buy now" button change to "take course" after a purchase. Other than that, it works seamlessly for ecommerce applications. For non-ecommerce applications, the component does not have this issue and seems to work perfectly.

It is very simple to control from the backend. Loading course materials, quizzes and questions, and other control parameters is a snap. One great value to this LMS is its integration with Virtuemart. I am running Paypal Pro with no problems.

I am happy to see that this LMS is back!!! Joomla is a great CMS and this is one of the only LMS's designed for Joomla. Some very minor knowledge of HTML helps to customize the user interface for the front end. Essentially, there are a few template files that can be easily modified to give the LMS the desired look and feel. On the wish-list, perhaps a more streamlined user interface that has less pages to click through to access course materials, certificates, and such. The other wish-list item would be a log of the questions that were answer right and wrong on each quiz taken per each user. I recommend this LMS look forward to seeing it develop with Joomla.