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JE Quiz Component Component

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JE Quiz component allows creating exam, adding question in particular exam, can modify both exam as well as questions and at the end it generate result. Unlimited amount of Competitions, Questions and Answers, Multiple select, single select.
Further more detail about JE Quiz component is given below:
1. ADD EXAM:The exam facility allows to create, modify and particular exam.

2. Multiple and Single option ADD Ability:
Admin can decide with kind of question option either multiple or single.
It also gives freedom of changing option then after.

3. Timer:
Timer is also proved to decide the time duration of particular exam. Timer is dynamic field that can be modified by back-end. Timer can be different for different exam.

4. Question Marks:
The question marks can be decided by admin. Admin can give marks to individual question as per requirement, and that reflects the front end. Admin can specify the passing marks for particular exam in back end.

5. Graphical Result:
At the end of exam the JE Quiz component generates the graph for the same user, who is giving the exam.

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Reviews: 2
It's a great module there are not to many out there to create your own test but I do have a suggestion and this is why I will not be using your module. There should be an option to show you exactly what questions you have wrong and give the user an explanation why each answer was wrong. That would help alot for those takings practice tests and trying to learn whatever material is on the tests. If that gets added in I will for sure start using your module.