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Joomla Quiz Deluxe is an enhanced Joomla! component for authoring great looking Joomla! quizzes, tests and exams.

The quiz extension is compatible with:
* JomSocial up to 3.x
* EasySocial 3.x
* JoomFish
* AlphaUserPoints
* VirtueMart
* Community Builder


* 14 question types, including 4 puzzle ones and boilerplate
* 2 mobile adaptive templates
* Possibility to add images, audio and video to quiz questions
* Tests questions organized by categories
* Question Pool allows organizing test questions by categories and reusing them for different quizzes
* Extensive feedback options (quiz feedback; feedback for correct/incorrect answers (during the quiz or at the end); feedback for each answer option)
* Quizzes can be grouped by categories for user-friendly view on the front-end.
* Track tests statistics from the admin section as well as show quiz statistics to users on your site
* Dynamically generated custom reports for an administrator and for the users
* Show different information to the users upon the quiz completion (completely hide the results, show the details on every question or only short result summary)
* Redirection after exam to another page or to the different pages depending on user score
* Easy Back-end and Front-end interface translation
* Quiz export and import
* Quiz results sharing via Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
* Multiple Choice and Multiple Response quiz questions import from .CSV files
* Move/copy questions to other quizzes/question pool; move/copy quizzes to another category
* Set number of attempts for each test question as well as for the learning quiz in whole
* Two time limits options: quiz time limit and time limit before a user can take the quiz again
* Score points for answering each question, answer option, or combination of both
* Penalty points for incorrect answers
* Negative and fractional numbers in the answer options and question score
* Skip the questions during the test without answering them
* Several access levels for quizzes (guest access/for authorized users only)
* Manual and automated payments for the quiz products (via VirtueMart 2.0.x)
* Learning paths containing quizzes and articles
* Unique certificates for the users who pass the test
* Email results to the quiz author, administrator, a specified user, or to any email the user writes at the end
* Special menu allows the registered users to browse their quiz results, download certificate or PDF report
* The visual divider between questions that are placed on one page
* Default quiz templates available and ability to edit CSS and customize them
* Display the user's results on his JomSocial and Community Builder profiles.

The quiz component can be easily translated into any language. French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, etc. translations for FE are partially done already. Danish, Dutch, and Thai translations are ready for both BE and FE. English is the default language of the quiz extensio

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Reviews: 5
they know LMS and they made it great for joomla users.
there support is very good.

i hope that in the near future there will be a possibility that from the frontend teachers can add quizzes (not just the owner of the web site) and can check the answers of their students. an LMS hub
Reviews: 1
Quiz Deluxe is probably the best online quiz component available on the Joomla Extensions portal.

It is easy to use and provides everything you need to compile different types of online quiz applications with lots of quiz settings to customize according to your needs.

The support is excellent and very quick to respond. We requested some customization to the component to suit my needs and it was done and tested within 48 hours.

We are using the component to implement a prerequisite music aptitude test before students are allowed to register for a course.

After the quiz is complete, prospect students receive an automated email with a link to the customizable "Certificate" that we use as a "Letter of Acceptance" to study the course"

The certificate automatically populates user data on the 'certificate' (name / date / id number / etc) and you can set a time interval when a user can redo a quiz should he fails his first attempt.

The component provides about everything you need out the box and with a bit of customization the possibilities are endless.

Thank you very much for outstanding with this component.
Reviews: 2
I've been using Joomla Quiz now for a couple of months. As an intermediate Joomla user, I had a bit of a learning curve to discover and employ all of the features in this robust extension. I'm grateful for their online manual and blog, otherwise I probably wouldn't have figured it all out. Once I did, it works great and does far more than I expected it could do.

Perhaps the most challenging part is figuring out where an option is employed and how it works (or doesn't). I did a lot of trial and error to get everything working as I liked. I also had to make some adjustments in my plans, so don't go into it with an all-or-nothing attitude.

One thing that I think could be better is that there are deeper side options where you can input html but the text box to enter them is very small. I found the best way to do this was to write them out first, then cut and paste them in.

When it came to customer support, these guys were great. They answered my questions, helped me understand which extension would work the best for me (I had started out with the very similar Survey Force), and have been very pleased with the operation of it overall.
Reviews: 10
In short this component is great for creating quizzes and register personal scorings. If you would like to create a custom template it's rather difficult compared to other components. In all those years I never had any difficulties with this component, it works like charm.

We've been using this component for a couple of years now and lately we moved the website from J2.5 to J3.x. We experienced some problems with the transfer of about 60.000 quizzes which where not correctly showed after the upgrade on a local server. We hired Joomplace to fix this in our real upgrade.

The Joomplace team was very flexible and we didn't loose any time in the upgrade progress. After they finished the job, we found out that there were some problems creating en editing questions. Finally they spent (many) extra time solving this issue. This shows what kind of service level they give. Thanks for this, I appreciate it very much.
Reviews: 3
The best quiz extension, very complete and very good support, highly recommended
Reviews: 1
Well, this is the best one Quiz System I found so far around the globe. Its working perfect, most importantly there is no need for me to send completion certificates manually anymore. Support is perfect. Eventually all the products of Joomplace are really awesome. If anyone is looking for Quizzes system then Just Go for Joomplace Quiz Deluxe.
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, various tapes of questions easy to translate quiz to any language. One of the best tool I tried for quiz.
Reviews: 1
The team is very profesional and this extention is wonderful really, please get it quickly!!!

many thanks joomPlace for all !!!
Reviews: 1
Full featured extension. Wasn't sure how to troubleshoot a subtle issue I had so went to support - they responded quickly, fixed the problem I had made, and told me what the fix was. Could not have asked for a better experience. Will look to them first when I need other extensions.
Reviews: 1
After installing I had a few beginners' problems, and the company's helpline gave both a very quick and very professional help.
The product in itself is just great to use, so thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
When I am looking for Software I always look for functionaltiy, ease of use, quick learning cycles and quality of service.

With quiz deluxe I have experienced all above in an excellent way. Thanks to Support and Product Development. Great Job!
Reviews: 1
I am satisfied with the product’s functionality and flexibility. The product’s features pay the cost and allow you to create highly functional quizzes without spending a lot of time and efforts. What I really like is that users are guided to different questions depending on their previous answers and are shown different information upon the completion. Easy to use and manage. Like it!
Reviews: 2
Very pragmatic and usefull component !!
Professional support.
All best
Reviews: 16
This extension is great because at a reasonable price provides high-level results. Especially allows you to create certificates of participation with the user's name, the date, the name of the course and all highly customizable. Also great support, very friendly and accommodating. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
The component leaves nothing to wishes, well be the best quiz component that are available for Joomla. I am very excited. The support is great and includes help in the shortest time even a free pre-test the component. Thank joomplace.
Reviews: 2
I have been using your quiz deluxe extension for almost two years year (Feb
2012). I must say this is probably the best extension I've used. The
support is excellent and the product works seamlessly well into my website. I am not a programmer, but I must say the code is "clean". Upgrading to your latest version is always a breeze with no hiccups. Keep it up, guys. My only suggestion is for you to somehow come up with your own payment integration with the quizzes. Overall, top-notch extension.
Reviews: 1
This extension is really good.

Expet maybe the drag & drop who is hard to custom.

I sent some message to the development team and they answer very fast. Thanks !
Reviews: 1
quizdeluxe is very easy to use once it has been setup. I am a first time joomla user, and this is the first joomla extension that I have ever bought. I have never been a web developer, but their documentation is superb, and the user interface of quizdeluxe is very easy to navigate.

2 weeks into operation and we currently have a few thousand questions in the "question" pool and a few hundred "quiz takers" per day. and everything is still smooth.

it took me a long time in deciding which quiz extension I was going to purchase.

I am glad to have made the right choice.
Reviews: 1
Initially we purchased this component because we were looking for a quiz module that didn't run on flash. The component proved excellent and support is terrific. We also did some pretty heavy customization which the team did a terrific job on. You can't go wrong with Joomplace support!
Reviews: 1
We use a short quiz but we can say that our choice was very good. The extension allows a wide variation of questions and answers, perfectly meets all our requirements.
We also highly appreciate the great support, minor problems with our version of joomla are solved with almost immediately.
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