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Joomla Quiz Deluxe is an enhanced Joomla! component for authoring great looking Joomla! quizzes, tests and exams.

The quiz extension is compatible with:
* JomSocial up to 3.x
* EasySocial 3.x
* JoomFish
* AlphaUserPoints
* VirtueMart
* Community Builder


* 14 question types, including 4 puzzle ones and boilerplate
* 2 mobile adaptive templates
* Possibility to add images, audio and video to quiz questions
* Tests questions organized by categories
* Question Pool allows organizing test questions by categories and reusing them for different quizzes
* Extensive feedback options (quiz feedback; feedback for correct/incorrect answers (during the quiz or at the end); feedback for each answer option)
* Quizzes can be grouped by categories for user-friendly view on the front-end.
* Track tests statistics from the admin section as well as show quiz statistics to users on your site
* Dynamically generated custom reports for an administrator and for the users
* Show different information to the users upon the quiz completion (completely hide the results, show the details on every question or only short result summary)
* Redirection after exam to another page or to the different pages depending on user score
* Easy Back-end and Front-end interface translation
* Quiz export and import
* Quiz results sharing via Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook
* Multiple Choice and Multiple Response quiz questions import from .CSV files
* Move/copy questions to other quizzes/question pool; move/copy quizzes to another category
* Set number of attempts for each test question as well as for the learning quiz in whole
* Two time limits options: quiz time limit and time limit before a user can take the quiz again
* Score points for answering each question, answer option, or combination of both
* Penalty points for incorrect answers
* Negative and fractional numbers in the answer options and question score
* Skip the questions during the test without answering them
* Several access levels for quizzes (guest access/for authorized users only)
* Manual and automated payments for the quiz products (via VirtueMart 2.0.x)
* Learning paths containing quizzes and articles
* Unique certificates for the users who pass the test
* Email results to the quiz author, administrator, a specified user, or to any email the user writes at the end
* Special menu allows the registered users to browse their quiz results, download certificate or PDF report
* The visual divider between questions that are placed on one page
* Default quiz templates available and ability to edit CSS and customize them
* Display the user's results on his JomSocial and Community Builder profiles.

The quiz component can be easily translated into any language. French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian, etc. translations for FE are partially done already. Danish, Dutch, and Thai translations are ready for both BE and FE. English is the default language of the quiz extensio

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Reviews: 1
I am completely satisfied with the product and its numerous features that are well sort-out, by the way. Especially a wide range of question types and easy navigation though generated quizzes. Cannot mention support quality. The guys over there are professionals who solved any problems I faced with within a short period of time. No need to wait long hours to receive the answer. Advise!
Reviews: 1
Quiz Deluxe is the best product I have ever bought! It saves a lot of my time, mostly because of available templates and CVS reports with colorful results representation. I use it for my consulting business and the clients are really satisfied. Highly recommend!
Reviews: 4
I've used JoomlaQuiz Deluxe for several years now on a non-profit site for training neurosurgeons and ICU nurses about our clinical trials. My needs are fairly simply (mostly just multiple choice questions) so I haven't tried all the features, but what I have used works perfectly. We embed the quizzes at the bottom of articles. The timer function allows us to see how long a user spent reading the content (surgeons are busy people!). The reports fuction helps us identify poorly-written questions. The certificate function and results-email is critical to our being able to compile regulatory documentation for the studies.

But, what I like best about this product is the wonderful support team. I've had 3 opportunities to use them over the last few years. Every time the response was quick (a few hours to overnight) and fixed the problem without any complaint or complication. This is not a commercial site so I don't have much funding but still have a critical need to keep the site operating correctly. I've never had to worry about JoomlaQuiz as I know JoomPlace will fix anything that comes up promptly. That peice of mind is worth far more than what I paid for this excellent extension!
Reviews: 1
I have tried and tested Quiz Deluxe to be the best by far. It is simple to use and has great functionality all round. Especially for the education websites containing multiple choice questions etc. The support is fast and friendly and helped me in every way possible.

I have used this in many joomla based websites and my clients just simply love it.
This component was definitely worth every penny.
Reviews: 1
after install i had one conflict with my T3 framework. I opened a ticket and within few hours the service fixed my problem. Now all works perfect, im very happy with that great extension. the configuration is very easy, u can manage lot of different types of quiz.
Reviews: 1
I have used Quiz Deluxe now for two weeks. I have no programming skills and installing was a breeze. The quiz works perfectly. I ran into a couple of issues related to my limited understanding of the instructions and Victoria immediately responded with guidance. Once launched, I had a peculiar notice showing up on my quizzes. . .again, a quick help ticket to joomplace resulted in quick response from Victoria and team. A significant part of our site sill involve professional continuing education and this is perfect. THANKS Quiz Deluxe!
Reviews: 1
I have tried and tested a number of quiz components and found Quiz Deluxe to be the best by far. It is simple to use and has great functionality all round. The support is fast and friendly.

This component was definitely worth every cent.
Reviews: 2
I recently purchased this component and I have to say I am impressed. Does nearly every type of question possible so variation is excellent.

The only small issue I have is that I would like to upload csv for other types of question, like the fill in blank, it would save a lot of time.
Reviews: 5
This product is by far the favorite of the staff, while not free the Quiz Deluxe system and the support staff are great. All the features on $1000 plus stand alone apps are included. Multiple types of questions plus our favorite "photo question" allow you to have a student pick a spot on a photo to get the correct answer. Again, with any app you will need to test drive so stop at their site.
Reviews: 2
We use Quiz Delux on our new e-learning site for short tests after each learning pathway. In the begging the administrator interface was a little bit hard to understand, but after several quizzes we got used to it.
The question upload was very useful for us, as we had to upload nearly 200 multiple choice questions. This feature should be also available for other types of questions if possible (i.e. true/false). We also appreciated the question pool option - extremely flexible!
In this project we did not use the learning path functionality of the extension, but we shall consider it for our future ones.
We had only one problem related to translation of the quiz interface, but the support answered very fast and the issue was solved in the next update.
We already upgraded our site to Joomla 3, the administrator interface of Quiz Deluxe is much more intuitive in this version.
Thank you for the update!
Reviews: 7
I've been using Joomla quiz deluxe since about 2 years now and I must say that I'm very satisfied with the product.

I'm teacher in a technical school and searched for a way to help my students learn skills. Some of these skills are based on repetition, which obviously is not allways motivating...

Before joomla, I used another hostbased solution, but was not satisfied with the flexibility and efficiency of that solution. The more questions in my quizzes, the more painfull was the configuration of the quiz and their usage on a java based application. I was not very happy...

I started my own joomla project, checked the different joomla Quiz components, and opted for joomlaquiz deluxe

I imported all my questions from the preceeding system (was quite a work), but now both joomla backend and frontend are very fast.

Joomla quiz deluxe allows me to integrate different quizzes for mathematics learning. These quizzes are very flexible and easy to setup, with "randomization" of the questions and answer ordering.

The product has beeen very efficient for me as website's administrator, for many students to improve their skills in a fun way and for my colleagues, who can easily, check their own student's results, from the website, directly on their email.

The product's learning curve for the product is not to steep, considering the many options it provides. Ticket based help is efficent and quick, support from joomplace has allways been kindly, in translation, technical explanation and so on.

On line help was so so on the beginning, but now seems quite usable.

There are still a couple of features which I miss from my old system :

* printing a quiz as a written test, so I can use it in a classrom (we still have "dry" classrooms with no computers)
* using math formulas in quiz questions with randomly generated startvalues

I'll definitely stay with joomla quiz deluxe, expanding it's use for other learning fieds or subjects. The component is well worth the money!
Reviews: 1
This is simple amazing! Very easy to use, and the customer service is top notch (nothing wrong with the product more about customization). I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone.
Reviews: 1
We have been using this extension on four of our websites since 2011 and are very satisfied. We are a project management training company and we use this extension to simulate the certification exam that our students are preparing for. The features that came out of the box were not a 100% match of how the "real" exam is designed in regards to look & feel. So we had the extension developer customize it for us. The customization was done to our utmost satisfaction and the tool has been functioning without a hitch. So far our students have taken nearly 10,000 simulated exams using this extension.

Initially, we felt that the cost for customization was a bit on the pricey side. But once we had established a good working relationship with the customization team, it seemed like the could read our minds and delivered features at an incredible pace. Their customization pricing is justified. We have been 100% satisfied with the extension and their service.
Reviews: 1
I've recently purchased this extension. Really good, have a lot of stuff for quizzes, just one thing scared me. This extension rely only on menu item! What I need is a continuos and automatic manage of quizzes (created by the site admin), maybe a module to display results and so on. This extension need you to create a menu item for quiz category, results, statistic and for single quiz too!!! That is just unacceptable and very poor.

I repeat, extension is good but lacks of automatism because rely in the creation of menu item for each quiz to be displayed.
Owner's reply

Thank you for review. We've got your idea. Guess, you are implying some kind of a dashboard that will allow internal navigation between a number of menu items. Actually, Quiz Deluxe is different from any learning management system that incorporates this feature. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us via helpdesk system and we'd be glad to advise you something that will meet your requirements.
Anyway, we highly appreciate your suggestion and we are thinking of implementing this feature in Learning Path within the Quiz Deluxe extension in the near future.

Reviews: 7
I run a website for property professionals and I wanted to add the ability for my users to have an exam/knowledge check. I explored other options as they were cheaper but as they say, "buy cheap buy twice"!

There is nothing that I wanted to see added to this software but the developers keep coming up with the goodies.

The support is second to none - Victoria has what I can only describe as a very patient and kind manner, even when I was getting a little frustrated! :)

I look forward to working with these guys more and more in the future - Well done!
Reviews: 3
This product is great and works perfectly on my Joomla installation. Moreover the support is very good. I needed Joomla 3.1 compatible version and they made it available in no time. Thank you very much !!! Keep up the Good work :)
Reviews: 2
I give this a relatively better rating than all other quiz extensions I have known as it has scope for modification and allows variety of questions. Easy to setup and understand and manage. The developers are quick in response fixed any problems I have encountered.
Reviews: 3
I have three Joomla websites and consider myself an intermediate Joomla person. I used the "Joomla-Quiz-Deluxe" extension to test American Sign Language students for the weekly lessons they learn in class. The best & most important feature of the quiz for me is the ability to add video clips. I mostly use multiple choice and true/false questions. The students must play the short video clip and then identify the ASL sign. The flexible format & report features are really great. The students can also print out a PDF result and email a copy to their teacher. I paid for some small custom formatting of the report and was very happen with the quick response and final solution. There are many great features that can be a bit overwhelming but the support team answers questions promptly either through the forum or a support ticket. Some people have complained of the documentation and it could be expanded a bit detailing the features in more depth, but this is a minor inconvenience at best and, again, their support team more than makes up for it. I would recommend this extension to anyone looking a feature-rich quiz & great support.
Reviews: 1
We have been using the Quiz component and the Survey component for several sites. The support is always timely and efficient.

Well recommended!
Reviews: 1
We used this to implement our school online quiz night. It's easily to install, quick to implement and get going and very intuitive. We are thinking of using it further within our school.

Thanks. Well worth the money!
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