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Don't just say, "Thanks for your form submission." Say a lot more. Here are your test results. Here is your quiz score. Here is your estimate. Here is your personalized analysis with chart. Show them something useful after they submit that form!

Free for Joomla! 1.5, Mad Blanks is a sophisticated form autoresponder with built in features to get more (or rather, to give more) out of your form interactions with your website users.

To start, Mad Blanks has extensive features to support quizzing and testing your users. When setting up a test or quiz, specify the default pre-filled answers and the correct answers. Specify more than one correct answer if you want. Specify how many points you get for each available option, or don't use points and score simply based on a percentage correct. (You got 92% correct on our weekly animal quiz! Here are the questions you missed....)

Sometimes there is no "correct" answer and you're looking for more of an interpretation or evaluation of the submitted data. Mad Blanks can handle that. Even personality tests are possible. (According to your responses, your personality type is....)

Perhaps you don't need scoring at all. You want to analyze input and give some result. Perhaps you want an estimator or calculator. How much is that new kitchen floor going to cost? Have form inputs for the width and length of the floor and the type of flooring desired. Use a Mad Blanks "Score Script" to multiply length times width to get the area and multiply that times the cost per square meter of the selected material. Add in a fixed labor cost based on ranges of floor sizes and finally use HTML to format a nice page to show your website visitor the cost for the project.

Another nice feature is the ability to chart a result with the Google Chart API service. Poll your users to compare their input with other people. (Which continent were you born on? What is your favorite web browser?) Show a colorful pie chart to nicely illustrate the result.

Please take a look at our component demo linked above to get an idea of the possibilities. More than that, please understand that we love to help, and we love a challenge!

Give us a chance to reply to your pre sales (and post sales) questions at our forum! We're happy to help you write a Score Script to make your interactive form do exactly what you need it to do. We may even (with your permission) feature your project as a case study on our site.

We'll try hard not leave you out in the cold. But if we do, take advantage of our "24 by 10" guarantee. If it doesn't work out, we don't want you to pay.

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Reviews: 1
I bought based on the previous reviews, and am sorry I did.
Basic functionality is good, but keep the limit to 25 questions. Go beyond that and you have to "daisy-chain" your quiz. ie multiple short quizzes tied together. And when you do that, you have to write a bunch of code to carry forward the results of the earlier quizzes. Wouldn't be so bad if the documentation covered it, but the docs are very poor - mostly basic functionality, and Chris hasn't been on the forum in 4 months so getting an answer there doesn't work.
And most frustratiing, the s/w is buggy. When you make a change to the quizzes "top level" parameters, like changing which script is used for scoring, half the questions reset, and you have to re-enter them again.
Chris does offer a 10 day money- back guarantee, but since the quizzes are written and working, I'll hang on to it. But I also won't be using it as much as I would like to.
Since it's been some time since an upgrade, and some time since the forum was answered, this seems to be an abandoned extension.
Reviews: 2
If you need a really complex survey, or a simple one - i can only recommend MAD BLANKS. Very powerful and well coded. Thank you guys!
Reviews: 1
I used this awesome extension to develop a 100 question quiz. The quiz was multiple choice and true false. I needed the quiz to automatically show the user his/her score and send an email to the sports commissioner. I had some difficulties setting up the "Score Script" code, however I was assisted by Chris through his website's forum. The testing was setup using Joomla 1.5 and is going strong to date. I have a tutorial on how I did this posted to YouTube and will be updating it soon.
Great support and development! Kudos to Chris!