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NS Formula Module

Allow your Joomla!® site users to calculate just about any formula you want!

The admin side of the module allows you to insert a formula and define the labels for each field (Up to 6). Up to 3 Result fields can be returned in Integers, Floats, Ratios, Currency and Percentages.

All math processing is done locally on your server and within the users browser.

Fix in 4.5
Fixed exponent bug. ^ now works properly.

Fix in 4.4
Added fix to prevent Joomla from stripping out less-than signs from formulas

Fix in 4.3
Fixed bug with reset clearing all formula modules on the same page.

New in 4.2
Introduced new reset button functionality. Actually clears all of the fields instead of just the entry fields.

Bug fix in 4.1
Fixed bug with not loading css/bootstrap buttons in Joomla 3.1.

New in v4.0
Added Joomla 3.0 version. Consolidated install files so a single file installs on Joomla 2.5 and 3.0.

Bug fix in v3.2
Fixed reset/calculate button dependency.

Bug fix in v3.1
Fixed missing comma separator in floats.
Note 3.1 is a Joomla 2.5 only version.

New features in v3.0
Added calculate button.
Added additional result fields.
Added ability for custom field ID's.
Fixed decimal place bug that dropped ending zero's.
Fixed rare conflict caused by multiple instances on one page.
Improved CSS and buttons.

New features in v2.0
Reset/Clear button with ability to enable/disable.
Ability to set field and label width.
Tool tips when hovering over fields.
No more images. Everything has been converted to full CSS.
More Math Functions!

+ - addition
- - subtraction
* - multiplication
/ - division
^ - exponents
( ) - order of operations
sin(field) - calculate sine of field
cos(field) - calculate cosine of field
tan(field) - calculate tangent of field
asin(field) - calculate arcsine of field
acos(field) - calculate arccosine of field
atan(field) - calculate arctangent of field
abs(field) - calculate absolute value of field
exp(field) - calculate the value of E^field
log(field)- calculate natural logarithm (base E) of field
pow(x,y) - calculate the value of x to the power of y

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Reviews: 1
I got the NS Formula, it is exactly as stated, it do all the common arithmetic operations you may need. The most important thing is the SUPPORT team , they are AMAZING, You can find them support any time,i got a problem related to the template i use, they helped me promptly.
Reviews: 3
This is a great extension! Very easy to configure and it looks great too.
I had a minor issue, and the support was really fast.
Reviews: 1
Love the module! Easiest one I've installed and used. I needed to create a simple tax transfer calculator for our client. Within an hour of contacting the developer about a math function, I had the answer and the function working and a very happy client! Thanks for an easy module, great customer service AND FREE. Kudos!
Reviews: 2
This is an awesome module and the developer answered every question I had and was able to do so in a very timely manner!! Very nice moduel and does exactly what you want it to do. 5 Stars!
Reviews: 1
I have used NS Formula since its inception in April 2011. I cannot fault it and cannot believe the power of the extension at the price I purchased it for.

Every update has been welcome and has included improvements that I didn't even think of, but glad were there.

With core math skills there is not much you cannot do with this extension.

Not only is it functionally A1, it was built by someone who has great design skills; so it looks sharp and calculates smoothly.

I used this extension in a simple "interest" website, but it and its updates have been so good that I am now releasing a full-blown business based on this extension.

End-users love it too; my traffic has grown on average at 30% a month since April 2011, and the whole site is based around NS Formula applications.

Overall Review: 5 Stars