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Core Design Petitions Plugin

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The only and unique solution to create your own flexible petitions and collect the signatures as easy as possible.

» It's time to let the people be heard! «

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Reviews: 2
This is a great plugin but I want compatibility with 3.0
Reviews: 1
The support is excellent - this gentleman is very patient when helping and guiding me step by step through the little things I had not understood.
I plugged it in and it works! Just as promised :)
Reviews: 21
This extension is really fantastic and does exactly what it says, it's just that it lacks a critically important feature...the component is not mobile-friendly or responsive in any way and this is a serious problem in generating activity in countries where mobile is the primary way for people to access the web. If the developers could make this extension mobile friendly and with SMS integration support like Clickatell, then it could very easily be commercial and I foresee a great future for it amongst activists in developing countries. Thanks for an awesome extension though, very useful and functional.
Reviews: 9
I used to use this extension. It's really easy to use, set up, convenient, great support. :) greatjoomla extensions highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Thankyou! We had to get a petition site setup in 3 days ready for a conference. The plug-in was perfect.

I should also add that support too was speedy. Happy to say though that I had sorted it out moments after pressing the send button.

Great stuff!
Reviews: 3
Thank you very much for this extension, works well, looks great! And for support, that was on a high level! I had a small question and got a reply within half an hour.
Reviews: 3
This is a brilliant plugin, really quick and easy to install and setup (once I found the documentation).

Only thing was, I needed a slight alteration (one of the fields wasn't suitable for my needs). I asked about this in the forum, and the next thing I knew, the developer was making a new version of the plugin to suit my needs and emailing it to me.

He even assisted with migrating from one version to the other.

Absolutely outstanding. Thanks!
Reviews: 6
The developer does put lots of effort in support but two things needs to improve:

1- Greatjoomla website represents great range of extensions but they create huge amounts conflicts if you do have a complex website.

2- About petition extension, my only concern is that a logged in user can change his email address (when signing a petition) and re-sign. In fact, a registered user can register thousends of times just by writing fake emails. I have mentioned to develope but no results on adding (at least as an option) so that
first only registered user could sign a petition
second a registered user could sign the petition only once.
Reviews: 10
I was a little hesitant at first about using the cd petitions plugin. Something in my brains said it should be a component ... But after doing some pre-reading, going through the install of the cd petitions plugin, and their scriptgator & captcha plugins (necessary to function), and spending about 30 minutes of css styling time ... and my first petition was online, tested and looking great.
I did have one small issue that I posted to their forum, and had a reply with the perfect solution posted the same day.
Total time invested: about an hour and fifteen minutes.
Sure, it would be nice to have some kind of back-end interface, but the front-end ability to one-click export your list of petition signers and their collected info makes up for it.
Thank You for the awesome extension!
Reviews: 2
Brilliant plugin, got it working straight away ! does exactly what I require it to do so 10/10 full marks ! Thank you
Reviews: 1
I admin a site for a local political party, and this extension is extremely useful.
It took a bit of digging to figure out how to set it up. The info is available, but you have to click through a few pages to find it. Even so, it took me all of an hour. They could make it easier to find. Then it would take 10 minutes.
Once up, PERFECT! :)
Reviews: 1
Plugin was very easy to setup.I would have given the plugin a higher rating but I can't figure out how to get the caputcha on the form or how to down load the signitures.
Owner's reply

Captcha is not a part of Petitions plugin and you can download all signatures on page where Petitions plugin is located (frontend).