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SermonSpeaker ComponentModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

★ You can now customise the order in which SermonSpeaker tries to find a picture and the feed now can show sermons from subcategories.

SermonSpeaker is a free Joomla component for churchs to publish their sermons. It focuses on easy administration and operation by trying to copy the look and feel of regular content items so it feels familiar.

Some features include:

★ Support for up to 3 files per sermon, one for audio, video and (downloadable) notes.
★ Supports all fileformats Flash can play (see supported Fileformats for JW Player), also supports wma/wmv files and Youtube and Vimeo videos.
★ Supports Joomla 3.x features like JTags and language associations.
★ Multiple players integrated (JW Player, Flowplayer, Wordpress Audio Player). SermonSpeaker automatically chooses a fitting player depending on filetype and your favors.
★ Automatically creates a full featured podcast (RSS feed with iTunes tags).
★ Frontend Editing for an easy uploading and publishing of new sermons or editing existing ones.
★ Multiple layouts already included for the sermon detailpage. More layouts can be made easily or downloaded for free. For each view the layout can be selected independently.
★ Supports external storage servers and Amazon S3.
★ Support for content plugins like Scripture Links and Biblelink XT
★ Support for JComments and Xmap
★ Various modules and plugins available

Use the demopage on to see what it is capable of doing.


Recommended versions for each Joomla version:
★ Joomla! 1.5: SermonSpeaker 3.4.4
★ Joomla! 1.6 - 1.7.3: SermonSpeaker 4.2.1
★ Joomla! 1.7.3 - 2.5.4: SermonSpeaker 4.4.0
★ Joomla! 2.5.5 - 3.x: SermonSpeaker 4.5.8
★ Joomla! 3.1: SermonSpeaker 5.0.3
★ Joomla! 3.2: SermonSpeaker 5.1.2
★ Joomla! 3.3: SermonSpeaker 5.2.3

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Reviews: 1
This was a big help for me.
I missed a frontend uploader that makes it easy for other users to submitt from meetings. But without that it was perfect. Thank you so much for a great job :-)
Reviews: 4
Fairly new to Joomla, I found SermonSpeaker to be very workable. Although I've had a few challenges, the forum has been extremely helpful, especially the upgrades. Definitely a recommend. Thank you!
Reviews: 10
We've been using this for about 6+ months now and it works great. Upgrade went flawlessly as well. Highly recommend this component.
Reviews: 1
Great plugin, but I do agree from the previous person that a frontend mp3 uploader would be very useful.
Although the user would need some special access rights for uploading, otherwise they can still get in to the backend.

Reviews: 2
Excellent addon for Joomla but one thing it could do with is a progress bar for when the sermon files are being uploaded. Good work guys :)
Reviews: 2
Nice and clean opportunity to manage sermons for our church. I like the fast way of adding and displaying sermons.
Compared with the complex Bible Study, it lacks some features:
- ALC (make particular sermons online avaible for members)
- layout options
- real scripture reference (with dropdown-lists of all books and chapters of the bible)
- Frontend upload for others to upload our sermons (sometimes I´m not there and someone else deals with the mp3s...)
- German translation

In return, it is much more easy to use than BibleStudy.
Reviews: 1
I am using both versions on a number of church websites and they love it. The component is easy to use, organizes sermons very well, and playback works flawlessly.

Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 7
We are using the 3.1 version of the component, latest sermons module, sermon archive module and sermoncast module. They all work great.

We put the component into an article page using jwrapperbot - so the sermons are shown seamlessly along with other page content, without needing to click on a different menu to see the nice audio sermon content displayed by the component.

Thanks for this terrific extension!
Reviews: 2
This is a great component and easy to use too. Good flexibility and provides for nearly all of our needs.
Having the ability to determine which columns show on the frontend needs to be more in the control of the admin instead of a template.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for developing an add-on for Joomla that:
* Easy to install
* Easy to configure
* Works as promised!
Reviews: 9
We have deployed this component in several Churches sites, creating an interactive feeling for the web site user. Pastors are raving for the effectiveness. Every Church related development should include this as an standard offering.
Reviews: 2
SermonSpeaker is exactly what we have been searching for. Best of all, it installs flawlessly, works perfectly and is pretty intuitive and easy to use.
Thanks for this extension!
Reviews: 2
The one thing my church wanted was their Sunday Service on the new website. I had no idea how to do it. Thankfully sermonSpeaker did. Simple and well thought out. It gives many options and great results.
Reviews: 1
I've developed a new website for my church, and I've found sermonspeaker to be an invaluable resource for streaming our sermons, and also allowing for downloadable content, sermon notes, and podcasting. This has turned out to be a great tool, and I hope the developer continues to work on this extension.
Reviews: 8
I installed sermonSpeaker and was able to figure it out. I couldn't believe I actually did it and it works great! It's another wonderful addition to my faith-based site. I use it for music as well. I'm happy and it's sure to make my members happy, too! Thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded and installed the latest release (, which was released in March 2008. I gotta say that it has worked perfectly with my Joomla 1.5 installation so far. If you are looking for an extension as a solution to hosting your church sermons, look no further!! I haven't tried the module yet, but the component is great!

Thanks for this great extension!
Reviews: 5
I just installed both the com and mod. Both installed with no error messages, however when I tried to delete the filler info, it would not delete. When I published the mod it crashed my website.

You still have work to do and I will use it when it's not buggy anymore and crashing my website.

Thank you,

Tim Gelvin
Owner's reply


Please contact me in the forum or by email so I can have a look whats going wrong.


Reviews: 2
This component works just fine as can be viewed on my website

Project has been taken over by Martin Hess and he is doing a great Job, new version will have Podcasting and RSS.

Simple Component install gives you configurations for Speakers, Sermons, and Sermon Series. An added plugin for flash to play your mp3's with a flash player right inside the same window. Statistics shows how many times each has been clicked on.

I see this component very useful, and already there are some feature request to expand this great component.

Don't despise small beginnings.

Min. Douglas
Reviews: 2
I was pretty excited about the possiblity of putting our pastor's audio sermons on the web site and so I downloaded this and installed it, basically jumping in with both feet. I'm very new at Joomla and the church web site is my first real attempt using it. This component was really a bit of a pain! If the authors would simply spend a little bit of time with the documentation and taking care of a few quality issues it could have been MUCH easier. If you are using Joomla 1.0.12 or 1.0.13 get a copy of 2.3.1 and then download the flash player .02 as well. You'll really need both of these files to make it work. It was worth the effort but it took me more than a few hours to figure out how to cobble it all together to get it working. I do hope the developers continue the development because with just a little bit more of their time this will be a legendary extension.
Reviews: 1
If anyone is having trouble using this... it's because the developer failed to mention that it's ONLY for 1.5 Joomla at this point. I thought about looking into converting it for 1.0.12 but I don't have time... anyone else interested in doing it? Let us know! We want to use it for our church website, right now we're just posting content items w/ links to sermons so that it shows up in RSS feeds, but we're thinking about utilizing one of the mp3 players available for joomla.

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