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PrayerCenter ComponentModulePlugin

NEW!! PrayerCenter 3.0.1 is now available for Joomla 3.x. Version 2.5.2 is still available for Joomla 1.5 - 2.5 native implementations. Updated optional modules are also now available as well.

The PrayerCenter Component provides users of a website with the capability to share their prayer concerns with others. Prayer concerns can be posted to the website, sent to members of the the prayer chain, and sent to the Spiritual director or pastor. Users can subscribe to be members of the prayer chain via online form.

Translations available in the following languages (others being developed):
-Brazillian Portuguese

CAPTCHA security image verification and email confirmation approval capabilities including new ReCaptcha support.

Community Builder integration.

JComments integration for prayer responses.

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
This is a great mod, however one suggestion I have is to give the ability to update a particular prayer request, so people can see a visual trail of the prayer.
Owner's reply

Sounds like a great feature request!

Reviews: 2
I would love to give this component an Excellent rating but I can't. The component is wonderful component but if you have a problem with it you will have problems getting support. Yes, I know this is a freebie. I have sent an email and posted on the website forum and have not heard from anyone. The problem that I have with this component is when I publish the prayer request and the emails are suppose to go out to my users, I get an error message. This issue really limits the usefulness of this component.
Reviews: 1
i like this product . the only thing is that the languages .php file is not accessible. i need to translate the module into spanish.. anyone help!!
Owner's reply

There is now a translation available in Spanish! Others are in development. God bless!

Reviews: 1
Its a great component. I really like it a lot.
But there have been a few basic features that are missing.
One is there is no feature to submit standard prayers.
Secondly there is no way to restrict the length (Number of characters) of Prayer request submitted.
Reviews: 30
Very well thought out module, with nice add-ons. Very easy to set up. I have a collector site, so I set up the prayer center with a different template, away from the "busyness" of the rest of the site. It's like a little chapel. We have always shared prayer requests in our group, even though the site is mostly about our hobby. The point is: the prayer center can be implemented on a lot of sites and not just church-related.
Reviews: 1
I d/led and installed this and got it working very easily. The only problem I had is one I think I have to blame myself for and that would be permissions on the config file. I had to chmod them to 777 to change the presets.

Other than that, an awesomely well thought out and implemented component.
Reviews: 1
As a Joomla newbie (and not very techie regardless) I was able to install and have this running in my new site in about 15 minutes. My testing so far looks like everything works as advertised.

Thanks very much for a job well done!

Request for functionality (which I am sure you have seen before) but it would be great if others could do 2 things:
1) have a "prayed for button" where users on the net could indicate that they have prayed for this item, a counter on the number of times its been prayed for would be a great this way a random person in Ohio could pray for a sick child in Florida or another country and feel "participatory"...the most popular prayed for items could then be shown (peace on earth, mercy for the nations, whatever)
2) have a place for comments , encouragement, or the prayer that was given in response to the prayer request

Fantastic job and I am looking forward to what you add next!
Reviews: 2
I am having the same problem as the previous reviewer. Will try again when new version is out.
Reviews: 3
I am desperate to try this component but I can't get it to work on any installation. The menu item always opens a blank page and the forum refers to a php.ini file that seems to be non existant.

I have not been able to register to ask for help either, when I followed the emailed registration code it didn't complete my registration and I can't send a message to the creator without being logged in!
Owner's reply

My appologies for the problems your having contacting me. I have enabled your account on You should be able to logon now.

FYI, I will be releasing v.1.5.4 RC1 in a few days which addresses the issues you have described.

God bless!
Mike - Web Admin MLWebTechnologies

Reviews: 4
I use this component on a couple of church sites. It's always one of the most visited pages. There are a few bugs that I've managed to work around, and my several entries in the support forum have went unanswered as have most others I've noticed.

Feature request: ability for prayer chain subscribers to reply to requester with words of encouragement, either through contact form or reply-to address. I've tried to use the setting to have the reply-to address be that of the requester when the request is sent to the prayer chain but it didn't work.
Reviews: 1
Very helpfull, very simple to install and configure to use. Thank's for the wonderful job.
Reviews: 1
I really like this component. I am having two small issues that are probably due to my being a noobie. I have problems when I turn on SEF for my site. This component crashes. Probably my fault though! The other issue I have is when you select "private" request I do not see in the Admin area where it lets me know that it was "private". Maybe I missed it. Otherwise, wow, works perfect for what my church wanted.
Reviews: 1
Everything works well so far except the "Submit Prayer Request" module. When I enable it it throws the columns next to it to the bottom of the page, acting like the column is too wide. I have changed the column width and it doesn't help. I also couldn't find anywhere to click on to submit.
Reviews: 2
They haven't updated this page, but I will update my review.

They fixed the "Read More" problem with a 1.5.3 release.
Now it works flawlessly.

Reviews: 1
Very well designed and a great asset to the Kingdom of God!
Because it does so much it is neccesary to study the installation and configuration to get it to do what you want.

Thank you for your effort!
Reviews: 8
This component seems great, but it doesn't work on joomla 1.5 very well. When I click "add the prayer request" it comes up with the normal add an article page instead. When I tried to save the configuration it gave me a blank page and after that it was blank even on the website. It might have some issue with the joomla url rewrite (the one that comes with joomla). It's a shame, looks like a good component otherwise. But I can't use it unfortunately.
Reviews: 3
It's indeed a great Component! Easy to install & prompt response from Mr. Mike Leeper for support. Just what we needed for our Church website. A MUST have Component for any Church website. GBU.
Reviews: 2
Easiest install you could ask for. Up and running in minutes. Adds a great feature to my church's site and the praying hands image even matches the template colors!

Nice job!
Reviews: 2
This Component turns a website into a professional Prayer center in a minute!, just install the package, set up the parameters, and you're all set to go
Reviews: 1
I've been using the Prayer Requests component on our website for some time now and it has worked well. But it's nothing like this component, which has some features I wished the old one had and then some.

The option to mark a request as a praise report is fabulous, and the devotionals is a wonderful bit of icing.

Thank you for your hard work on this and for sharing it with the world.
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