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PrayerCenter ComponentModulePlugin

NEW!! PrayerCenter 3.0.1 is now available for Joomla 3.x. Version 2.5.2 is still available for Joomla 1.5 - 2.5 native implementations. Updated optional modules are also now available as well.

The PrayerCenter Component provides users of a website with the capability to share their prayer concerns with others. Prayer concerns can be posted to the website, sent to members of the the prayer chain, and sent to the Spiritual director or pastor. Users can subscribe to be members of the prayer chain via online form.

Translations available in the following languages (others being developed):
-Brazillian Portuguese

CAPTCHA security image verification and email confirmation approval capabilities including new ReCaptcha support.

Community Builder integration.

JComments integration for prayer responses.

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Reviews: 1
A pretty awesome Component here and the best part about it is that everything is all set up for you. All you need to do is install and mess around with it.
Reviews: 52
Thank you for sharing this most needed component...
Reviews: 1
Really easy to setup!!!

It fits just right... Very helpful and Forum is helpful too!

Great Job, Thanks
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension for your church web site. I have just started using Joomla and it was so easy to configure this and provide some awesome functionality in just about an hour. A great piece of work and a very unique way for a programmer to use his talents for the glory of the Lord.
Reviews: 2
I use this component as the home page of my website.
It works right away. It provides a wonderful way to ask for prayer and receive prayer. Moderator can approve prayers from the front end. Also has some nice plug-ins available to spruce things up.

Future Suggestions : Ability to provide rss feeds of the prayers requested, a bit easier way to edit the various pages other than digging into hard files.

Overall however this is a must for every ministry and website of a spiritual nature. Well done, thanks, and blessings to Mike for providing this to the community.
Reviews: 2
This has been a great blessing to us. We use it on our Church website.

I tried to upgrade to the latest version and all wnet well until I tried to make changes in the Back End Configuration. It would break the Component evry time I tried to save. The page would just go blank. I finally ended up going back to the earlier version and it works fine. I lost all of my requests and subscribers in the process.

I tried to get help with no avail. I posted in the forums and emailed the author woth no reply.

But, with all of that, it's a great tool and want to give Kudos to the developers. After all it is a free component.
Reviews: 1
This was a great addition to our website. Found one error in the subscription call, to the word filter. But otherwise great code. Only recommendation would be to allow users to change stock wording on dynamic pages.
Reviews: 1
I have used the prayer center for a while, and it is very good and stable. Good work.
Reviews: 1
I was very excited about this comp - it fit well with my content!

But...after installation I added a few email addresses to receive to PrayerMail notices and when a prayer was submitted it went to ALL of my website users and NOT the addresses entered in the PrayerMail Email Distribution List!!! Not everyone on my site will want to receive these notices and the ones who would wouldnt get them! I tinkered and messed with this for hours to no avail then I emailed the developer...

Week and a half later still no response!! Thats really too bad cuz this would have been a nice addition to my site...
Reviews: 5
I love this component. I used this for my ministry site. Thank you so much for sharing this. Keep up the good work for God's sake. Just one question: Why my left column is always drop to the bottom every time I enable the prayer list chain? Also is there a way to remove double footer? Other than that all are working great. GBU
Reviews: 1
I have two hosting/design clients that use Joomla for religious sites and this is exactly what they needed! If I can help, just let me know.
Reviews: 1
I use it currently for a college campus ministry, and plan to use it for a youth ministry website I am doing for my church.

I did find one small bug that was big enough to throw off my entire website layout. Here's the fix:

In prayercenter.php on line 315 it should look like this:
echo '';

not like this:
echo '';

It's just missing one div tag. Very simple fix, but it was a pain for me to find:-).

Other than that, it's awesome. If you have a earlier version of PrayerCenter, make sure you download JoomlaXPlorer and edit the prayercenter.xml file and Delete lines 52-57:

DELETE FROM #__prayercenter
DROP TABLE #__prayercenter
DELETE FROM #__prayercenter_subscribe
DROP TABLE #__prayercenter_subscribe

I ended up uninstalling an early version of PrayerCenter and accidentally deleted all my past subscribers and prayer requests.
Reviews: 4
I've been looking for something like this for months.
I have made several Webpages for churches and this extension makes me sure that Joomla is the best platform to develop them.

God Bless you
Reviews: 4
Thank you for this great component.

God bless you
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