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ZefaniaBible component is designed to work with Joomla Content Management System. It my goal as developer to bring Gospel to the ends of the world and help churches, individuals spread the word of God. The component is designed to work with xml files that are ZefaniaBible format, storing them in database for a quick access. There are over 140 Bibles that the component can be used for. You also have ability to add commentaries and dictionary to work along with the component. The component is set to recognize strong numbers and convert them to links to directly link to dictionary. There are 6 Bible Reading Plans and a King James Bible that are preloaded with the component, along with Bible Cross References, and 366 Verse of the day verses. If you would like to use audio player to help you along listen to the Bible you have the ability to do so. For those of you who are developers the Bible comes complete with RSS, Atom, JSON API feeds to make your life easier. The scripture lookup plug-in can help you quickly either link the Bible or insert it directly into the article. The Email plug-in will allow your site users to sign up for a daily email to have verse of the day email and today's Bible reading to be sent directly to their email address. Search plug-in will allow you to search Bible, Commentaries, or Dictionary by either a passage or scripture, and directly link them to appropriate passage. The auto tweet plug-in allows easy integration with AutoTweet/Joocial component for an easy social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK and others. Editor plug-in will allow you to easily insert scriptures into your articles, without need to remember syntax. The Daily Bible Reading Module will allow your site users to view today's reading that your church is on. The Verse of the day Module will give an inspirational verses to your users every day.

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Reviews: 4
This is an Excellent Bible extension for Joomla. With so many additional features, and all this for free. Praise God!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.

Reviews: 1
it is a good tool for devellopeur of chretien website
Reviews: 1
Nice extension for our bible-site. Like e-sword for PC.
Reviews: 1
I'm Very happy for the support you gave me Andrei. ZefaniaBible is the best working Comp. on Joomla. Keep the good work Andrei.Thanks GBU
Reviews: 1
Andrei has done an excellent job with this extension. He has been very responsive when helping with any questions or issues. Highly recommended! - Joe
Reviews: 1
This extension is perfect for the type of website that I'm starting to build. I love the commentary that is built into your website. I do have one little issue. When I turn on my commentary it give me a 500 internal error. Everything else works perfect just search the website for a solution.
Owner's reply

Please use forums to post error and bugs there. That way it can be debugged.

Reviews: 1
This component is exactly what I hae been trying to build myself for months. The only downside is that the url will show zenfania in it. The search works perfectly and the parallel is something I was having a hard time implementing into our site. Also I had a question about how to use the search function and I got a answer to my question within a hour of posting it.
Owner's reply

I wanted to rewrite that piece of the code for some time now. and put all views in their separate folder to make URLs smaller. I'll add it to my to do list and will rewrite after I make RSS feeds.

Reviews: 3
This is a good promising start for an online bible study tool. There's 3 english versions: kjv asv & ylt. the commentary part doesn't let you change between commentaries but just shows whatever you have selected as default. Hopefully improvements & features will be added as time goes on.
Owner's reply

Current new version 2.7 allows for infinite number of Bibles as long as XML file that your are importing from is certain format. In current version I've taken out I've taken out commentaries temporary, since I've been looking for a way to get more commentaries and did not want code to interfere with redoing page layout. But will all them back in next version with ability to change commentary from drop down select box.