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NEW!! LivingWord 3.0.0 for Joomla 3.x is now available. Version 2.5.2 still available for Joomla 1.5x - 2.5x native installations as well.

Translations available in the following languages:
-Brazillian Portuguese

LivingWord is a Joomla bible reading component. Utilizing bible resources from, this component offers many bible reading plans, bible versions and translations, and audio versions as well. With the use of an included plugin, users can have their daily readings emailed to them. The daily bible reading module is also available.

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Reviews: 2
First of all praise the Lord for your awesome job guys, thank you so much for sharing this awesome work you did.

I am having some trouble with the Study tools specifically the bible dictionary. The search button does not return anything when I enter a word select the dictionary and select the work criteria. If one of those fields are missing I get the error message saying that I'm missing a field.
Also please look at the screen shot below which shows the alignment which is not like in your demo. Not sure if this is the reason the search button is not working.
Thank you so much and may the Lord blesses you.

See the screen shot here:
Alignment error:

If I use the gray box effect I get a response but it does not work still here is the result of the gray box:
Jus a little square with no content and just the close "X"
Reviews: 1
I just recently added this to a site I had created for my church and I have to say thank you for the work that was put into this. May God Bless You in your future works.
Owner's reply

To God be the glory!

Reviews: 4
Great component, easy to use, and works perfectly.

Great job
Reviews: 8
Especially on those sites where Community is the focus, this is a perfect addition. Users can create their own reading plans from various Bible editions. A Community Builder tab would be cool but that is gravy considering the awesome job done on this. Thanks for the hard work!
Reviews: 8
Mike Leeper has done it again with this powerful component. It works immediately after install. Configuration is easy and the wealth of information provided by this component is incredible! Anyone desiring to read and study the Bible must use this component. It's recommended to all spiritual/Christian sites and ministries. It would be an excellent reference for Seminary students. Dictionaries and other references are included in this powerhouse! Great job, Mike. Thank you very much!