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Custom Unit Converter Module

Joomla module that can be used as unit converter. There are a number of preset units that can be turned on and off to display on the front.

Besides the units the are already preset, users can add their own set of custom units to be converted.

IMPORTANT: When setting-up custom group of units click SAVE after creating the group and the Primary unit. After clicking SAVE, you will be given the option to add additional unit in the newly created Group.

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Reviews: 21
This is the only conversion module you'll need. Does the job perfectly.

Thanks to the developers of this awesome, useful and highly functional piece of software.
Reviews: 2
Well this is what i was looking for. Easy to add a custom group but i am not able to add custom within a new made group...

To make this extension even better it might be an option to make the field rewritable. For the moment i have to delete a field if i mistyped a word...

If these issues are solved i am totally happy!