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Articles Geotag Component

Let your website users choose the articles to read by clicking them on a map, rather then a text list.
You can put markers on a map which are linked to the article. Furthermore you can delete them or add new ones.

This component has 3 pages:
- Map view: to show the articles map
- Add view: to link an article to a marker on the map
- Delete view: where geotags can be deleted

Since I personally like components which are entirely configurable from the front-end, both the "add" and the "delete" views are in front-end. It's up to you to "protect" them setting the "register" or the "special" access level, based on your needs.

Here some features:
- Customizable map type (Hybrid, Terrain, Roadmap, Satellite)
- Customizable map initial zoom and center
- Article preview by clicking on a marker.
- Draggable marker in add view, to easily set a place.
- Customizable marker: you can use your own PNG marker.

Report Extension




Reviews: 3
An amazing extension! I use it for tagging regular events.
However an important option is missing: Map Language (now it is only in Italian)
Reviews: 1
I've found this to be a great add on for Geotagging. My site uses Geo Tags as one of its main selling points.
I had an issue with the auto zoom feature of the Goetags but Alessandro was great in helping me solve the issue in a very quick manner.
Reviews: 1
This component is really great and work very well.
Just, if you use SEF, you'll need to specify exactly where is the flag image (not default) in the component parameter but also in the menu parameter.
Alessandro Argentiero is very nice and spent lot of time to help me to solve the problem I just describe.
One more time, Thank you very much Alessandro for this component and you're time. I hope you'll enjoy my website by the way :-)
Reviews: 9
This is a wonderful (and much needed) extension that makes it very easy to map anything in article form.

Setting up maps is extremely easy: you just zoom to your desired area from the starting flattened globe and set that as your map. Or you can enter the center co-ordinates and the desired zoom level.

I ran into a small glitch, a problem removing tags that I added and the developer fixed it for me right away.

Highest recommendation!
Reviews: 4
This is a great module, to geotagging, simple(it is a module),and has many uses.

Alessandro (the creator) take you step by step.

Thanks Alessandro, really a good free one
Reviews: 1
i try this and it is really excellent

also the programar is very helpful he assist me a lot when i ask him

thank you
Reviews: 5
Hello! It is really great component, works perfectly and it is very easy to configure. At the beginning I got a little bit confuded, because main settings has to be done by front-end, but then working great! Thank you. :)
Reviews: 2
I really don't understand why this component isn't "popular".

Easy, light, perfect. Exceptional Support.

And it is the only one who do this!

Imagine having thousand of article correctly geotagged in your website.

Just a little remark. (really little): it would be perfect if there would be an option to include the "insert geotag" while writing an article.

And yes. I need for joomla 1.6!

Keep going, that's perfect
Reviews: 1
it really works man!

A nice articles locator!