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Fgeorge GeoTagging Tool ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

Fgeorge GeoTagging Tool is a geoblogging, geotagging and geocurating tool

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Reviews: 6
This looked like a decent plugin and pretty much what I wanted. Sadly it doesn't work properly.

The first problem is that the documentation is very poor and limited. The second problem is that there's no way to get support or any FAQ area.

The main map / article list doesn't allow you to set it to show only a certain country or city, instead it shows the whole world. This is no good if you want 20 or 30 geotags in the one city only and not worldwide.

When clicking a geotag on my map I get a 404 page not found error. Sadly I can't found out why or get help because the developer doesn't support this option.

It's a huge shame because this is the first geotagging plugin that I've found that's user friendly to add a geotag while creating articles. If it's fixed at some point I'm sure it will be very popular.
Reviews: 1
I just installed the feed module and it works nice. It really works fast.