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HelloMaps - Joomla! Geolocation Map Extension is an innovative and centralized system for the geolocation of your sites in Joomla!


Hello Maps is a Joomla! Maps system that works with Joomla! core as was developed to integrate other 3rd party extensions to allow you to have a single component with the ability to create interactive maps for Joomla.

With the HelloMaps you can create an unlimited number of Google Maps with different markers displayed. Really, A map for everything ...


★ Custom maps, search & filters, and a lot of features adaptable to every need ....
★ Google Maps Api 3
★ Fast Response by loading only data for marker visible in screen/zoom area
★ Clustering System with custom icons
★ Result Counter Area
★ Marker Events (on mouse over, on sidebar over)
★ Current User Position
★ Street View
★ Custom Infowindow & Sidebar
★ Font-End User Toolbar, Buttons & Options
★ Full Screen Mode
★ Map Styler
★ Mobile Buttons
★ Expandible by plugins


Hellomaps works through the use of plugins for third-party components you like Easysocial, JomSocial or AdsManager and others ( included in package ) developed by our team .

You can use also Hellomaps component for Joomla! even without 3rd party components though and use HelloMaps to display your geocoded Joomla content articles or your Joomla geocoded users by installing hellomap geo-content and hellomap geo-user plugin. In this way,the user experience is really nice and will allow you to customize the graphical output to your liking .

The appearance of the markers, the searches and filters, the information to be included in the infowindows will be customized to your liking from the settings of the individual plugins.
In this way it is easy to differentiate the display depending on plugins configuration.

Plugin currently included in HelloMaps :

★ JomSocial Members
★ JomSocial Events
★ AdsManager Ads
★ Joomla Articles
★ Joomla Users
★ EasySocial Members(new)
★ Community Builder Members(new)
★ More plugins in continuous release


can be seen at the following link dedicated for HelloMaps.
Take a look:

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Reviews: 4
Full Wunderbar these guys!
Exceptional Support and Great work what do ...;)
Please keep it up!
Reviews: 5
I have used many google maps for several projects in joomla and I recently wanted to try HelloMaps, because I was attracted by the many features that made this unique product and the fact that the component allows you to integrate different maps.
I was undecided about the price, but now I think I have done a very good buy and worth every penny.

The Component and plugins are easily set up in less than 5 minutes and offer a lot of customization. Support is fast and helpful, quickly responded to my request for the development of another plugin for events EasySocial, which they say will be released soon.

I would highly recommend this product, young, but really promising.
Reviews: 5
I use hellomaps on my website. The installation and configuration is easy with Jomsocial.

I am impressed with the design of the sidebar search.

Its quite a needed component and there are many plugins.

Maybe future release can include an option to choose not to load all users when map load.