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Component, Plugin and Module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3 easy to use that let insert Google Maps in Joomla contents.
With this powerful extension you will be able to insert geo coordinates directly into the article parameters. The plugin automatically displays a Google map at the bottom of the article, with the geographical place assigned to the article through the geo coordinates.
The module collects in a single Google map multiple markers associated to the articles, the website visitors can choose the articles to read by clicking them on the map.
Plugin -> Google Maps with one marker in a content
Module -> Google Maps with multiple markers
Supports custom icons for markers, infowindows and all kind of maps (street, satellite, terrain, hybrid).
It doesn't require Maps API knowledge.
ContentMap Plugin and Module have been created by and have been released freely under Gpl license.

----- 14/08/2014 Version 1.3.5 -----
Fix performance in map with many marker. New color module parameters for the Geochart map mode. New plugin params to select where to get the text that appears in the marker ballon of the map: in the same article or its meta description. New params to show the current weather in the map. New params to allows you to write a text that will appear below the map .Minor bug fixes.

----- 01/06/2014 Version 1.3.4 -----
Some new marker icon and link to all default icons preview. New Geochart map mode by TAGS. New plugin params: Position - Exclude in specific Articles - Exclude in specific Categories. Minor bug fixes.

----- 11/05/2014 Version 1.3.3 -----
Joomla 3 TAG compatibility. Fix module top margin. New streetview mode. New maps params to enable HTML tag in the marker balloon. New maps params to set a Watermark. New zip library. Minor bug fixes.

----- 13/03/2014 Version 1.3.2 -----
Https full compatibility. Fix module top margin. New streetview mode. Improve performance in map with many marker. Fix zoom icon. Added Czech and Russian language. Minor bug fixes.

----- 01/01/2014 Version 1.3.1 -----
Joomla 3.2 full compatibility. Added dynamic filter by category below the module map. New module parameters: "URL Track KML file" to indicate a KML file to show the route on the map. Minor bug fixes

----- 06/08/2013 Version 1.3.0 -----
Joomla 3 compatibility. Disable mouse scroll-wheel scaling. New module parameters: Streetview, Marker preview, Show 'Get Directions' link. Minor bug fixes.

----- 19/04/2013 Version 1.2.11 -----
Display multiple markers with different icons (Thanks to Paul van Haren).

----- 18/01/2013 Version 1.2.10 -----
Minor bug fixes. German languages added.

----- 28/11/2012 Version 1.2.9 -----
Fixed conflicts with other Joomla modules. Spanish and Dutch languages added.

----- 24/05/2012 Version 1.2.8 -----
Swedish and French languages added.

----- 18/05/2012 Version 1.2.7 -----
Automatic content filter based on content's and module's languages. Minor bug fixes.

----- 3

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Reviews: 2
The idea of being able to geo-localize Joomla content is brilliant. Simple to set up and very versatile. I recommend it to all websites of tourist facilities and more.
Reviews: 2
Excellent and simple to set up and use GeoTagging compontent. The only thing that is not there is an altitude of location. As I saw after analyzing the code that it is a limitation of widget that component uses to get geoloc... My suggestion is to enable it as well.
Reviews: 3
I have purchased the extension and there are crashed between ContentMap and my template. AlexRed helps me a lot and solve most of the problem, really appreciated! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 12
Purchased pro version.
Excellent work!
Reviews: 2
I have tried several google map plugins. This seemed to be the easiest. The main advantage is that the map is managed in the article page itself which makes it by fare easier if you want to use different maps on different pages. The only minor limitations are that it only displays at the bottom of the article and that the balloon is just a repetition of the article text
Reviews: 1
First time I used a Google map add-on an I was not dissapointed! Works pretty straightforward and bugfree.
Reviews: 1
This extension does exactly what I needed. It took me some time to understand the nuance between the "plug-in" and "module" mode but got it in the end. I finally embedded it using {loadposition xxx} which works out perfectly.
I would have liked the possibility to apply different markers, for example for linking different article categories. Hence "Good" and just not "Excellent".
Reviews: 7
It's by far the best mapping solution in Joomla. The implementation (coordinates field in each article instead of having a huge bucket of places/coordinates in some component's panel) is genius. Saves a lot of time and gives you the flexibility to create any map you like using the module. Keep up the good work
Reviews: 1
Thank you so much for this Excellent product, and for keeping your promise to upgrade it to Joomla 2.5)
Reviews: 7
I was installing/uninstalling several map options that didn´t do the trick. This Free!! plugin+module extension was fast to install, very easy to use and configure and is very versatile. Does what some real state extensions sell as state of the art. A map to include in each article and a module that shows all the pins of all articles in one single map.
Also I was asking for the possibility of several improvements and the replay was fast, positive and free of charge. I am impressed!!!! Thank you
Reviews: 4
A really useful extension (module and plugin) that is very easy to implement and configure. The maps are presented in an attractive manner. Very useful.
Reviews: 11
I have been searching on a last minute notice for a such plugin. After giving a try to multiple options, registering to various sites, I almost gave-up on the idea of automating geo location to a certain set of one particular category.

I was expecting a button on an editor or something to that resort, but instead the article's "key references" field in preferences is utilized. If you keep a separate tab opened with geo location finder (google) to get coordinates - this is the only "downfall" to productivity I saw at this particular plugin.

The parameter sets are amazing and in-depth. Very clean look and polished interface for an admin.

This plugin works flawlessly. No waste of time!

I Thank You for keeping this plugin free! I will not bother removing that clean link under maps - KUDO's on great work!
Owner's reply

Hi rushin2, in ContentMap for Joomla 2.5 there's an integrated system to insert the geo coordinates, so no more separate tab to get geo coordinates ;)

Reviews: 1
By any chance someone knows if these module get the upgrade to 1.6?
Owner's reply

Hi jettero,
is now available ContentMap for Joomla 2.5

Reviews: 1
this is a very amazind e wonderfull extension.
easy to use and very nice result.

Reviews: 1
really good extension.. i only have a problem with sef. if i set it on joomla configuration, no markers appear on the map.. only shadows. any idea?
Owner's reply

Hi marcods, in the module parameters you can find the parameter "In case of SEF activated". If you have SEF activated in your site and the module is published in a page reachable from a menu item of first or second level, it's necessary to choose 'Submenu item of first level with Sef activated' or 'Submenu item of second level with Sef activated'.

Reviews: 1
I am very excited about this extension! Thank you to the developer! This was exactly what I have been looking for! Easy to use and very functional, well done, bravo!
Reviews: 5
absolutly great! I'm joomla beginner, so I try to avoid judging to emotionally, but what joomla community does with extensions like this (for free!!!), is the best I ever ever saw (and I'm old enough to say this :-)
So this goes to the review before by andersgunnare: as I said, I'm beginner, but if I understood your problem in the right way, I think you should try jseblod, to get geotagging from the frontend. there you can build templates for your frontend users with address-field and google-map-field and if the frontend user puts his address in, you have geomapping from the frontend, havn't you?

Thanks for this great extension and opportunity and all the best!
Reviews: 1
Hello World,

The component is very good if it is ok to do the geotagging backend. Then it works really good. For me is it not so usefull because backend is for administration not for population/creating articles. My publishers have access frontend and it is from this place it is needed to get the paossibility to add geo tag to an article.

So for me it got rating "Very Poor", because I don't need a comp/plugin to create this ...
Reviews: 2
This is really good. I was looking for something like this and very glad that I have now found it. Only one question for now - how do I get my map to be bigger (ie zoomed in to a certain level). Currently it shows a very small island and that is not good on the website.
Reviews: 11
Very easy module that works nearly on auto-pilot. Thanks for that. I stay tuned for the different marker colors like you announced 3 months ago for the next small version improvement. keep up
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