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Geocode Factory is a mapping component that allows you to display various types of Joomla! content on a Google Map. Geocode Factory can use data from Community builder (profiles), Jomsocial (profiles and Events), Sobi2, Mosets tree, SobiPro, Jevents, AdsManager, Joomla article, and GPS tools. The maps can be customized for each instance via templating and CSS and we provide many built in options like side bars, geolocation, radius parameters and many others!

With Geocode Factory Component, you can create an unlimited number of Google Maps (v3) or Openstreetmap (or other custom map). Each map has its unique parameters like zoom, zoom range, clustering, size, intro texts, radius search, locate me button (browser position for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, new browsers), etc... Any map can also be assigned to it's individual menu item if desired or into a module position (free module available).

The capabilities of Geocode Factory are extended by use of "markersets". Markersets are how the mapped data that shows on a particular map is defined and filtered. Creation of a markerset is very easy and multiple markersets can be displayed on the same map. For example if you wanted a map that displayed both the locations of your Jomsocial members and your SobiPro entries, Geocode Factory can do this!

Custom map markers can be used in Geocode Factory. A personal image or the profile avatar can be used as a marker icon. The markers can be linked by lines in multiple ways. For example you could show connection lines between Jomsocial friends or lines between Sobi entries and their owner. The combinations are endless! The markers are loaded as XML to increase performance instead of plain text javascript and a caching system is also an option.

The bubble (normal or tabbed) can contain any custom fields from the source component, an online status, avatar (icon for sobi2), streetview, distance from radius, waysearch, etc. The bubble is fully customizable with HTML statements, and loaded with a click with ajax to reduce the loading time.

You can mix profiles and points of interest on the same map (with different icons ans bubbles), for example, by showing the Sobi2 entries in a 50km radius from the logged user.

If you have existing profiles, it's easy to fetch the geographical coordinates (geocode) for them by the user postal address (zipcode, street, country ... etc). The process is launched in one click and the program divide the profiles in packages, to prevent max time execution errors. You can also silent geocode users during profile creation and edition. Google Apikey is no more needed.

This package includes :
Jomsocial plugin Map and Geocode plugin
Community Builder plugin Map and Geocode plugin

Full features list:

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Reviews: 2
Easy to install, works out of the box. Component being improved all the time and great support. If only other developers had a work ethic like myjoom the world would be a better place!!
Reviews: 2
Easy to install and the support is always there, even on weekends, I'm using it on community builder and works good.
Reviews: 3
This component is fantastic! I needed for Adsmanager and like his name says: It is a factory! You can do everything you want.

The support is great! They answer you very fast!

I don't see any bad points in this component. So don't doubt to buy it, it worth it!

Thank you Myjoom team for your work!
Reviews: 2
powerfull product and very good support.
I will enjoy to work with them again.
Reviews: 2
Great plug in, with excellent support. Even when they are "out of office" they answer my mail and go in to solve the problem.

Reviews: 5
This is a powerful component but easy to use, even for joomla newbie. And the support is really efficient.

I use Geocode Factory component and Map Search plugin to enhance SobiPro and Community Builder. It's a perfect combination. I don't regret my money at all!
Reviews: 3
I am impressed with the functionality, ease of use, and amazed with the support. I had a request for enhanced support of repeating events and had trial code four days later, on a Saturday afternoon. Rick rocks!
Reviews: 5
I have been playing around with this component for a number of weeks now, and I can't actually fault it! The developer is highly proactive, both at development and forum participation.

If you need to be able to geocode entries from Sobi2/SobiPro or members from CB/Jomsocial, then seriously.....look no further!

For the money, this is in a league of its own, therefore I HIGHLY recommend it!

Great work Z.Rick! I look forward to future releases that blow my mind even more!
Reviews: 4
This is realy the best geocode component that can do everything i needed.
The few minor problems were fast and friendly solved by Rick.
I recommend this component to everyone that needs geocoding.

Great work!
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best Joomla geocoding extension there is.. It is very useful and exactly what I needed for a project. To add to that, Rick offers excellent support whenever you encounter problems or issues in using the extension. He is very patient and very very helpful. This is highly recommended for all those who needs geocoding/geotagging functionality on their website. Two thumps up for you, Rick and your amazing Joomla extension!
Reviews: 1
The best map tool i have ever seen...
Works great !!!
Thanks to the developer for the help on my page ...
Reviews: 1
Fantastic component! Installed and configured in minutes!

The documentation on the website is quite accurate and the support very responsive.

Great job, thankx again.
Reviews: 5
Hi, I just purchased the geocode factory in order to work on my project and I feel is been a very good choice.
Extremely useful component and the support is nice.
Reviews: 3
Had some minor problems with my configuration and got excellent support and adjustments. All works very well and throughly good build.

Tip: please extend the geo coordinates catch with the option to select categories of sobipro.

Thanks for the good support!
Reviews: 2
The tool is an excellent extension of CB and increases the usability for my community.

Support is splendid: Whenever I contacted support I received an answer and a solution in shortest time. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 3
With Geocode Factory I transformed my SOBI Pro powered website to the next level. The possibilities of Geocode are endless. You have full and easy control to make different type of maps. Maps that can be used on different pages.

The possibility of configuring individual markersets, enables the possibility to present maps with field specific results.

The use of the plugin 'Geocode Factory SobiPro search results' makes the presentation of the SOBI Pro results on a map possible. The presentation of the search results is also highly configurable.

Geocode Factory is the product no be missed for everyone who want to have total freedom and full control to present SOBI Pro items on a geographical level.

The support is outstanding. Any question you will have will be answered professionally and completely by Rick.
Reviews: 7
First rate component and excellent support. Fit exactly what my client wanted. No hassles with installation or configuration. One bug due to a PHP extension not being installed on my server was fixed within an hour of support request. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Geocode is a great application. Because if I am not so expert in Joomla, I needed some help. Support is really quick and kind. Good work!!!
Reviews: 3
If you are looking for a GEO component support for CB,Sobi2,Sobipro or Joomsocial this is your last stop. It work right out of box.

I've been develop some of social network website that require GEO feature which can locate member/record location or calculate radius distance base on enter address. This component satisfy all of my requirement.

1.Cost :
I feel it worst every penny i invested. Support 4 big guy CB,Sobi2,Sobipro or Joomsocial in just 1 single component. Automatic recognize all exist data from third party component above.

2.For regular user:
Very easy to use and implement to other component. Have couple modules-plugin you should buy to fit what you expect in your site.

3.For developer:
Code very organize, easy to read and change.

All problem or bug i found post in forum or open support ticket Z.Rick address very fast. New release always come after that for bug fix.

High recommend! Author very active. New version almost update every month.

Some concern for Author:
Website have many sample and information but need more organize. I get lost when try to find Document for each purchase product.

For Buyer: careful when download your files. He set the limit of number of download. I got that mistake before realize. So save your download for new version. :)

That it. Hope this help.
Reviews: 1
I run few SobiPro sites. And I use this extension along with SobiPro map search plugin to show search results on the map. It looks great and it's very useful for users. Also it's high customizable extension! And I can confirm that support is great - fast reaction after finding a incompatibility with the new version of SobiPro.
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