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Geocode Factory is a mapping component that allows you to display various types of Joomla! content on a Google Map. Geocode Factory can use data from Community builder (profiles), Jomsocial (profiles and Events), Sobi2, Mosets tree, SobiPro, Jevents, AdsManager, Joomla article, and GPS tools. The maps can be customized for each instance via templating and CSS and we provide many built in options like side bars, geolocation, radius parameters and many others!

With Geocode Factory Component, you can create an unlimited number of Google Maps (v3) or Openstreetmap (or other custom map). Each map has its unique parameters like zoom, zoom range, clustering, size, intro texts, radius search, locate me button (browser position for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, new browsers), etc... Any map can also be assigned to it's individual menu item if desired or into a module position (free module available).

The capabilities of Geocode Factory are extended by use of "markersets". Markersets are how the mapped data that shows on a particular map is defined and filtered. Creation of a markerset is very easy and multiple markersets can be displayed on the same map. For example if you wanted a map that displayed both the locations of your Jomsocial members and your SobiPro entries, Geocode Factory can do this!

Custom map markers can be used in Geocode Factory. A personal image or the profile avatar can be used as a marker icon. The markers can be linked by lines in multiple ways. For example you could show connection lines between Jomsocial friends or lines between Sobi entries and their owner. The combinations are endless! The markers are loaded as XML to increase performance instead of plain text javascript and a caching system is also an option.

The bubble (normal or tabbed) can contain any custom fields from the source component, an online status, avatar (icon for sobi2), streetview, distance from radius, waysearch, etc. The bubble is fully customizable with HTML statements, and loaded with a click with ajax to reduce the loading time.

You can mix profiles and points of interest on the same map (with different icons ans bubbles), for example, by showing the Sobi2 entries in a 50km radius from the logged user.

If you have existing profiles, it's easy to fetch the geographical coordinates (geocode) for them by the user postal address (zipcode, street, country ... etc). The process is launched in one click and the program divide the profiles in packages, to prevent max time execution errors. You can also silent geocode users during profile creation and edition. Google Apikey is no more needed.

This package includes :
Jomsocial plugin Map and Geocode plugin
Community Builder plugin Map and Geocode plugin

Full features list:

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Reviews: 4
I'd like to recommend this product to anyone who needs a way to show locations of Mosets Tree listings. I was up and running very quickly, and the GF team fixed a bug within 24 hours.
Reviews: 1
Z.Rick has blown away the competition with this awesome plugin. Works perfectly with joomla and with community builder. I wanted additional custom features and they were developed fast! I highly recommend this.
Reviews: 2
Geocode Factory is a great component in combination with Jomsocial. I've been working some weeks now together with Sobi2. I expect a great future for this component. With the good support of the developper the minor issues will be solved soon. Compliments!
Reviews: 8
I have tested this component with both SOBI2 and SOBI Pro. It works flawlessly with both. This is not the only mapping component out there, but what sets it apart is that it just works and it is fast. I have tried many and although there are a couple features that they are still working on, this one has been the smoothest I've tried so far! It also has the most flexibility of any mapping component I have used.

Great job!
Reviews: 4
Maps are a key area of my site, I have 100s. I had tried and used a few different geocoding plug-ins and have been dis-satisfied with the results.

I’ve been using this plug-in now for a few weeks now and I have been impressed enough to write a review. This plugin has many features which are set out very well and easy to custom fit to your needs. The admin side and customization is very impressive, which is well laid out and logical. It allows you to customize the front end look in detail and gives you examples of setting it up.

5 ***** Stars – Ease of use and Admin setup
4.9 ***** Stars for Features (see later)

The front end seems to load very quickly, and I haven’t seen any styling issues or odd behaviour yet. The reason I haven’t given it 5 stars for features is it doesn’t have the feature I needed, in fact no geocoding plugin has (or is ever likely to) so 4.9 is probably being a little harsh :).

Code base and Support
Even though I needed this to do something that it wasn’t ever intended to do the developer still offered advice and support to help me out. I feel the developer went out of his way to help me to extend the code to do what I needed to do and always came back to me with 24hrs! The code is very well written and is a good guide of how to write components.

5 ***** Stars – Codebase
5.1 ***** Stars for support

From all the geocoding plugins I’ve used this is the best by far!
Reviews: 1
I integrated Geocode Factory with Mosets Tree to show the MT listings on a google map. It works perfectly!! First, I did not set it up correctly, but Z.Rick solved my problem within two hours!!! I can really recommend Geocode Factory and MyJoom as a service provider!
Reviews: 1
MyJoom tie their customers to their great products by offering an extraordinary support!
I have tried various geocoding components for various websites. I always came back to Geocode Factory and will not try any other again. MyJoom responds to my issues in light speed - amazing!!!
Reviews: 2
I had some questions and wishes concerning the component and the additional sobi2 plugin and the support was really helpful and developed a special solution for my problem within 6 hours. Really great!
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best extensions for work with Google maps for Community builder
Reviews: 2
We had Sobi pro and were looking for a way to display all the Sobi pro entries into a single map with links to a detailed description of each entry.

Geocode Fatory came and solved our question. More, it can be used with other data source such as AdsManager or Jomsocial or CB.

Reviews: 1
I have used Geocode Factory with Community Builder on a site created for freelancers searching for work.

Th extension is very flexible and customizable either in terms of functionality either in terms of design. Its use is not straightforward, but is not to complex either.

At the beginning a small bug was detected, but the support was fast, friendly and efficient and the problem was solved. Everything is working to perfection now.

The extension is frequently updated and there seems to be a real care by their developers in providing a good product.

I would advise this extension either buy its functionality either by its support.

My experience level with Joomla its reasonable.
Reviews: 1
After trying many geo tagging/location maps products, in my opinion, Geocode Factory is definitively the best geo product available out there!
Support is excellent and really quick! Thank you Rick!
Keep on the good work!
Reviews: 1
This is a full featured extension with advanced features and great support from the developer team!
Reviews: 1
Geocode is a great extension and its definately worth its value. After trying every mapping extension available in joomla i must tell that this is the most complete. With total markers control, radius search and tabs inside bubble, you can't ask more than that. Additionally it has a massive community to support and extend it. Rick (the author) is more than willing to help and support every single issue.
Reviews: 1
A great extension and we were extremely impressed with the support! The upgrade process and integration with Mosets Tree was extremely easy! We definitely recommend this product.
Reviews: 3
Great component! Love it already, even though the site is not 'on air'. I had some questions, but the support is great! Thx!
Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for this great extension, your outstanding support and your continuous effort to improve this!
Reviews: 1
Have been looking for the best mapping solution for over 1500 data points. It appears as if I have found it in Geocode Factory. I'm excited to be able to add this functionality to our site! Thanks for the excellent work on developing GF!
Reviews: 1
That's a really good component/plugin.
There is often updates with new functions.
And the support is very quick and pro.
Reviews: 2
I installed the plug in and got it working very easily but then I noticed a problem where all my markers weren't showing up when I did a radius search which was very important functionality for me. I reported my problem and got a very speedy response and solution from Rick.

The component works well and looks great in my site.

A very happy customer. :)
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