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Geocode Factory is a mapping component that allows you to display various types of Joomla! content on a Google Map. Geocode Factory can use data from Community builder (profiles), Jomsocial (profiles and Events), Sobi2, Mosets tree, SobiPro, Jevents, AdsManager, Joomla article, and GPS tools. The maps can be customized for each instance via templating and CSS and we provide many built in options like side bars, geolocation, radius parameters and many others!

With Geocode Factory Component, you can create an unlimited number of Google Maps (v3) or Openstreetmap (or other custom map). Each map has its unique parameters like zoom, zoom range, clustering, size, intro texts, radius search, locate me button (browser position for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, new browsers), etc... Any map can also be assigned to it's individual menu item if desired or into a module position (free module available).

The capabilities of Geocode Factory are extended by use of "markersets". Markersets are how the mapped data that shows on a particular map is defined and filtered. Creation of a markerset is very easy and multiple markersets can be displayed on the same map. For example if you wanted a map that displayed both the locations of your Jomsocial members and your SobiPro entries, Geocode Factory can do this!

Custom map markers can be used in Geocode Factory. A personal image or the profile avatar can be used as a marker icon. The markers can be linked by lines in multiple ways. For example you could show connection lines between Jomsocial friends or lines between Sobi entries and their owner. The combinations are endless! The markers are loaded as XML to increase performance instead of plain text javascript and a caching system is also an option.

The bubble (normal or tabbed) can contain any custom fields from the source component, an online status, avatar (icon for sobi2), streetview, distance from radius, waysearch, etc. The bubble is fully customizable with HTML statements, and loaded with a click with ajax to reduce the loading time.

You can mix profiles and points of interest on the same map (with different icons ans bubbles), for example, by showing the Sobi2 entries in a 50km radius from the logged user.

If you have existing profiles, it's easy to fetch the geographical coordinates (geocode) for them by the user postal address (zipcode, street, country ... etc). The process is launched in one click and the program divide the profiles in packages, to prevent max time execution errors. You can also silent geocode users during profile creation and edition. Google Apikey is no more needed.

This package includes :
Jomsocial plugin Map and Geocode plugin
Community Builder plugin Map and Geocode plugin

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Reviews: 1
I installed Geocode Factory and it worked like a charm. Later on I moved hosts and changed a few things around the site. Obviously my fault but it stopped working. I submitted a support ticket and got immediate response and advice. Rick went beyond to log into my site and fix the error for me. He spent two hours debugging my site. Wow! Unbelievable service. I look forward to purchasing more software from you and for your future releases! Bravo!
Reviews: 2
This component does everything it says and much more!! The support I received was above and beyond what I expected I'm looking forward to future releases!! Thanks for everything Rick!!!!
Reviews: 1
Very good component and awesome support too !
This is a usefull component, do exactly what it says... Lot of options, unlimited possibilities with integration of CB and Jomsocial, a must have !
Very excited to work with, i just recomand it to all users that just want a site to work fine, with no conflict, and strong capabilities for geolocalisation! Good work and congrats to myjoom team!
Reviews: 4
There were a few stumbles on my site getting this to run, and the developer responded very quickly and helped me fix the issue. Also a happy surprise that this is 1.6 compatible as of today, great news for when we migrate our large community site!
Reviews: 3
A very good extension to make innovative way of surfing communities.
Rick is one of the most honest person we have ever met. Full cortesy. Perfect support over limits!
Easy usage.

Rick rocks!
Reviews: 11
A very useful composant, many parameters, good documentation and excellent support... Like often with myjoom team!
Reviews: 1
After the jomsocial 2.2 upgrade, geocode factory was no longer able to geocode.
I've posted a message on the support forum, and the customer support replied within 2 hours with advices.

Then, 1 hour later, Rick the geocode developper posted an update to inform me that this a jomsocial bug just identifed by jomsocial customers (and not a bug from geocode factory).
I really appreciated this professional and excellent customer support for this really good extension.

Reviews: 1
The component is great. It works perfect with Community Builder. There were some problems with my system, so the component didn't work immediately, but the support team helped me with great dedication although it was not their fault. Thank you very much and go on with your fantastic work!
Reviews: 4
This is a well-crafted and easy to use component, and the jomsocial plugin really adds to your members' profiles. We had a couple minor issues on our side, but Rick and his support team responded promptly and worked with us until we got it right. We are big fans!
Reviews: 1
Undoubtedly, Geocode Factory is an amazing piece of software. Our ambitious site in a Jomsocial context is a world first, bringing together people across the globe that have solar PV or solar hot water systems installed in their homes.

We seek to map these worldwide installations and Geocode Factory was the only software that promised to deliver what we were after. I have spent somewhere in the vicinity of US$10,000 from feasibility studies to ultimately developing this site. With no guarantee of financial return I am committed to seeing renewable energy incorporated into homes across the world.

We had some teething issues after installation, and I hassled Rick over the 2010 Christmas period to assist... Being the good father, his family came first, but even over this period he provided support and solved my problems.

Rick's first language is not English and he works hard to support his creation. However, better, clearer, step-by-step documentation is needed to make this application more user friendly.

For my application I also purchased from JoomlaXi, their Multiple Profiles extension which made assigning profiles to Geocode Factory that much easier.

I have no hesitation in recommending this extension. If you need serious mapping that provides multiple markers correlating and identifying profiles in Jomsocial, go for Geocode Factory.

In the future, I would love to see the capability for Geocode Factory extended to separate the markers into layers. This would allow the frontend user to select only those markers they wish to see on a map. For example, a viewer could look at our map and only select solar hot water systems, and exclude PV systems. This simple addition alone would bring Geocode Factory into the realm of $100,000 commercial GIS software.

I suspect our site will help sell this great extension and I wish Rick all the very best.
Reviews: 1
We have used the geocode factory tool running now for a few weeks on our website and must say we are very satisfied with its abilities.

Even more we are satisified by the support given by Z.Rick. Rapid response in case of questions and even developing a new version in case of a minor bug.

Highly appreciated so far.

One for the wishlist; a scrollable list containing the items listed on the map so a selection can also be made from the list.
Reviews: 1
Product works very well and he answered all the questions I had.
Reviews: 1
I tried different geocode modules and components to use them with my community builder site. Geocode Factory turned out to fit the best to my needs. It is easy to configure, yet flexible and powerful. I had some issues because of my own lack of html knowledge, but the myjoom support helped quickly. I can really recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Not only is the component itself amazing, but when I had questions and customization problems, I emailed the developers. Z. Rick was nice enough not only to fix the problem, but communicate very quickly with me. I was surprised since most joomla extensions have terrible support --- but these guys do it right and are by far, one of the best extenions I have ever used on Joomla.
Reviews: 4
I tried many components that was supposed to geotag users from the given address, some of them worked find with CB, someone else with JS and other ones only with Joomla. Nobody worked such in a perfect way with all of them like Geocode Factory.

I'm really satisfied of my purchase and will address to for other components for sure !
Reviews: 2
I researched several geocoding plug-ins for a commercial site I was developing and found this to be by far the best. It allowed me to do pretty much exactly what I was after - display all members on a map with different coloured map markers depending on member status and link to their profiles from the marker balloon. I can also display a location map for each member in a tab on their profile page. Geocoding works pretty well and members can also manually positon their marker on the map.
I had a few problems with installation and the documentation could be better, but the developer provides excellent support via both a forum and ticketing system.
I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fully-featured and well-supported geocoding and mapping solution for Joomla.
Reviews: 1
It’s a great product that delivers what it advertises. I had a few little quarks with it on my system, but the service ticket response was extremely fast, and I got the problem resolved very quickly. Good stuff.
Reviews: 2
The implementation of the Geocode Factory was very easy on a 600 members CB site. Minor issues recognized and reported, release feature already in place after a very short wait in the support queue, one on the wish list.

Looking forward!
Reviews: 1
The component is very proctical and the Support ist absolutöy great, every problem will be fixed in a day!

Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
I am using this component on my social support group website since more than 6 month now.

Even with almost 3000 map entries, this application works very stable and the given support is perfect.

Its worth every cent.
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