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JXTC Maplink US Edition Module

The JoomlaXTC Maplink Module is a slick flash module allowing the admin to set links per country or state. A perfect addition for listings real estate sites, band sites for touring info, company branches, and more.

* Global or individual zone parameters.
* Custom HTML in tooltip Title and Description Fields.
* Independent zone parameters such as Colors and tooltip transparency.
* Selectable Map Shadow and zone tags.
* Selectable Custom Background Image.
* Integrated color picker for ease of use.
* Revised country and state lists.
* Enhanced link target modes.

The perfect solution for country or state listings, with user-defined links that can point to any component such as EZ Realty and Hot Property to direct users to real estate listings for a state, JCAL and Eventlist for events by State, touring information for the entertainment industry, expansion of company branches, and more!

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Reviews: 10
This is a great map with lots of features and very easy to use..we use it for Community Builder lists.

but it is flash based and will not work on the ipad and is choppy/buggy on most android devices because Android due to improper use of hardware acceleration properly even in ICS.

Would love to see a non flash version in the near future.

but If flash doesnt bother you or your users dont visit your site from tablets or mobile devices...then it will work perfectly!
Reviews: 3
I got this map a couple months ago and the download was $8.99 which is reasonable but considering I had a hard time finding examples and documentation prior to the download, I was leery.
The module turned out to be very clean and appealing with the ability to input your own hex# for base color and rollover colors for each state plus use a background behind your map without knowing CSS. You can also customize tooltips and links per state all in an easy to use backend module.
The only complaint was that you can only include one link per state and I was hoping to be able to add multiple links based on the text in the tooltip but I solved this by putting the links in the landing page of the state click (adding an extra click for the end user but functional).
Today I stumbled on a problem. The state links don't work in Firefox. I am not sure if they every worked as I made the rookie mistake of only testing in IE and Chrome.

All-in-all, it is a very clean, professional module that is easy to install and use even for a novice but I couldn't give it a top rating as the there was no demo or upfront documentation/support.
Reviews: 1
I've been reviewing map software for use, and there is not full example of this plugin. There have examples of what it looks like to simple roll over the states, but no examples of what the tooltips would look like if I coded an actual location to show up within this state.

Because I can't properly evaluate the software, I have to give it an "average" rating. The maps looks GREAT, but if I can't see a demo of how it actually works, there is no way that I would purchase it blind. If someone has an actual working example, please post it here.
Owner's reply

Full example on our demo site

Reviews: 1
This is the best map module ever. It allows you to show states in different colors and flexibility on showing or hiding the tool tips. I would highly recommend this module if you need to display in a pictorial view areas of the US that have locations that you do business. The developers heard the enhancement requests of the users and fulfilled them in a timely manner.