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JXTC Maplink World Map Module

The JoomlaXTC Maplink Module is a slick flash module allowing the admin to set links per country or state. A perfect addition for listings real estate sites, band sites for touring info, company branches, and more.

* Global or individual zone parameters.
* Custom HTML in tooltip Title and Description Fields.
* Independent zone parameters such as Colors and tooltip transparency.
* Selectable Map Shadow and zone tags.
* Selectable Custom Background Image.
* Integrated color picker for ease of use.
* Revised country and state lists.
* Enhanced link target modes.

The perfect solution for country or state listings, with user-defined links that can point to any component such as EZ Realty and Hot Property to direct users to real estate listings for a state, JCAL and Eventlist for events by State, touring information for the entertainment industry, expansion of company branches, and more!

2011-12-08 Version 3.8.1 * Fixed wrong activation of Germany and Denmark

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Reviews: 1
Do not waste your money on the component. This company are advertising this as a finished "World Map" component, but for some insane reason in their world, the world is limited to 6 or 7 'countries' which include Greenland and Antarctica! You can not edit or change these.

I created a support ticket and a received a reply - they accept the component is not completed and promised they would finish the component within a week. 6 weeks later there is no update, they have stopped replying to my emails and there is no sign of a refund.

I am not sure if this is a genuine company or it is just a scam, but i would recommend to everyone reading this avoid JoomlaXTC and their unfinished components at all costs.
Reviews: 1
I believe potential users should know that the product looks EXACTLY as it is shown in the demo. This is, surprisingly, the worldmap does not include all the countries. For example, Asia, Africa and South America are provided with no country links. Europe has a few countries (difficult to understand why only some countries are included). This is not well explained in the documentation for the product which makes me bought a product which is now useless for my website. I asked the developer how I can do to get other countries, since he is selling fully completed continent map, and I did not even receive an answer.