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Google Maps - Directions Module

★ Since December 2009 - Make life easier when it comes to Google Mapping by not using Latitudes and Longitudes!

Joomla 2.5 and 3 Native - No more Lat/Long or API key mess!

Do you need a simple Google Map for Directions to your business or personal address that is up-to-date with the most current API on offer without the extraneous and confusing implementation?

If you are using this module for a client project, they will be happy you have used this module and not one that uses difficult to find/calculate Lat/Long parameters or static API keys.

This module has been created to show a Google map according to specific textual addresses between a Point (A) and Point (B).

The module utilizes the New Direction service from the offered API Version 3. A great module to render inside a content item (articles) or switch off the directions capability and use it as a static point on map locator for any module position.

Browsers tested in:-
Firefox 12
Safari 5.1.7
Google Chrome 19.0.1...
(IE localhost may not show map icon if you are using sub-directories within XAMPP or WAMP type setups, this is a Microsoft bug on how base is implemented)

Language support for Hindi.

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Reviews: 2
I have yet to thoroughly test this extension, but everything has gone well with download/installation/setup. I recommend trying this extension if you're looking for a Gmaps module with directions input and calculation.