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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Place a Store Locator on your website using the power of Google Maps. Allow your visitors to search for nearby locations and see them visually on a Map. You have the ability to specify unlimited Locations easily in the Joomla! Administration area. Your locations don't have to be stores, they can be anything you want. The Joomla Store Locator also provides directions via Google Maps. Visitors can search by any location that Google Maps can understand. This component is ideal to be used as a Dealer Locator, a Store Locator, an ATM / Branch Locator, a Member Locator or just about anything you can think of listing on a map in Joomla. Great for Stockists and other retail locations such as restaurants, transit systems, and points of interest.

New Release - v2.2.2 - November 2nd, 2014
No Monthly Service Fees, Unlimited Usage
International Coverage - Miles or Kilometers!
Joomla Language Support / Joom!Fish Support
Now Compatible with Farlang!


* New - Search from users Current Location!
* New 2.2.2 - New Mobile Friendly and Responsive Layout Theme
* New 2.2.0/1.8.5 - Map Language Localization
* New 2.2.0/1.8.5 - Map Search Regionalization (Search within a specific Country)
* New 2.2.0/1.8.5 - Map Themes Introduced: 1st Theme - Greyscale Maps, more coming in future releases
* Joomla 3.x Responsive Layout
* Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0/3.1 Compatible!
* Tag Support - Great for Filtering by Services, Products and other Facilities with Tag Icon options.
* Google Suggest - Clarify Vague Searches
* Google Maps API v3 Support!
* Google Maps SSL Support Adds Enhanced Security
* Supports Unlimited Store Locations and Categories, with numerous field options available
* Optimized for Large Data Sets, Marker Clustering Support
* Search by Closest Proximity within chosen Radius - Automatic Distance Calculations
* Search by Name or Custom Fields
* Customize the Marker Icons - Over 90+ Icons Included or Upload Your Own!
* Batch Geocoding of Store Locations - Convert your addresses into Lat / Long
* Users can Search by anything Google maps understands (e.g.: Addresses, Zip Codes, Landmarks, etc.)
* CSV Locations Import / Export - Also supports Category Import
* Ability to Limit Number of Search Results
* Automatic Distance Calculations
* Provide Directions via Google Maps
* Multiple Map Types - Roads, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, Supports Mouse Wheel Zooming
* Support for Separate Instances with Different Locations on your Site
* Mootools Powered AJAX Searches
* Easy to Add, Edit, Delete Store Locations in Joomla Admin Area
* CSS and DIV based layouts, Customizable Display Options
* Google Maps API Premier Support
* Module Included: Search Module - Add a search form to any page

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Reviews: 3
None of the store locators are perfect and you'd have to merge them all to get a complete package. However, I demo'ed them all and in my opinion the newest version of Sysgen's Store Locator is the best.

Pros: Custom fields, separate search module, multiple categories, toggle on/off loading of map, language files, and yes you can search for any location in the world on a single map.

Cons: (More of a feature suggestion list) no option for text-only results, no toggle between miles and kilometers on a single map.
Reviews: 4
This component works very well, the best we've found for it's purpose. We love the batch geocoding feature and it's comparable to many enterprise level / subscription based software's available.

However, we paid double the current price of the component and our subscription ran out right before the recent update (yesterday!) and reduction in price. Normally, developers we have worked with would be understanding and gladly provide the update to early adopters without question. In this case, no such understanding was found.

This may not seem like a big deal, but a developer's treatment of his customers in matters like this play a critical role for those of us who support the premium component marketplace.
Owner's reply

"Due to a misunderstanding on our subscription length, I thought our subscription was supposed to be for 12 months, instead of the actual 6. However, with another email to support, the misunderstanding was cleared, and they sent us the latest version as a sign of good faith and understanding. Sysgen Media really does reflect what customer support should be in the Premium Component marketplace, and I can and do recommend them to anyone reading this review. I will definitely be purchasing updates in the future! ~ Don Gilbert"

Reviews: 114
I don't do reviews very often as I don't have the time, but I have to go out of my way and thank the developer of this component as I have added it to two websites already and it works a treat for the United Kingdom. It is simply Fantastic. Is there a way to remove the link to author at the bottom of the component, this would be my only negative point.

Other than that, its brilliant.

Thank You.
Reviews: 3
Didn't work out of the box; there was a minor programming issue that was relatively easy to fix. Considering that Google provides most of the complex code used in this extension, it seems overvalued. What really gets me though is that Sysgen Media just spammed the PayPal account used to make the purchase. There's an unsubscribe link, but prepare to be added to their mailing list without explicitly subscribing.
Owner's reply

Each purchase of the Store Locator includes a 6 month support subscription so we would be happy to help you with any issues you may have.

We have helped anyone who has contacted us to get their Store Locator working on their site. Can you please let us know what the minor programming issue was so that we may improve our future releases?

You can find our support forums at . We are very helpful with any issues that have come up. We want to ensure all of our customers have a Great experience with our products and encourage you to contact us for any issues you may have.

We feel we are providing a valuable extension by building upon the code that Google has. The administration system was constructed by us to allow users to more easily manage their Locations from Joomla! in conjunction with Google Maps.

We subscribe our users to our mailing list as a courtesy to provide you with updates to our extension and other services. It is easy to unsubscribe if you don't want our updates.

Reviews: 3
I found this component easy to use. It does everything it says it does. I had a small issue with batch geocoding, but went to the support forum, registered and created a forum post. Within a very short time I heard from Jared (Chief Executive Officer
Sysgen Media LLC) He personally determined that my PHP ini had been set allow_url_fopen to false or off. This will disable PHP from accessing remote URLs such as google.

I set the following directive in my PHP ini file:
allow_url_fopen = On

This fixed the problem and

I highly recommend this product and Sysgen Media LLC

- Bob Clinton
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