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CSW Compass Pro Component

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Compass is a feature rich dealer/store locator built atop the Google map API zip code proximity search, other extensions currently on the JED require large zip code databases to pull from, or monthly paid services to connect to. Compass is a stand alone extension. Install it and add all of your locations to it; the users can then do a zip code search and it will return all of the locations nearest to their location/zip.

Compass was developed following the Joomla MVC framework, so it is easy for users to customize via template overrides to fit their own site’s needs. Compass is also built to take advantage of the multi-language support and uses Joomla language files.

//// FEATURES ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

○ Twitter bootstrap (mobile responsive) ready.
○ Categories - You can have an unlimited number of categories to better organize your locations by category.
○ Locations - You can add an unlimited number of locations.
○ Miles / Kilometers - Our extension now allows our friends over seas select from miles or kilometers.
○ Available Fields - Name, Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone1, Phone2, Phone3, Email, Logo, Description, Hours, Website URL, Tags, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin.
○ MVC Development - Our extension follows the Joomla MVC framework so it will be easy to do any template overrides that you may need to do to fit your needs.
○ Multi Language Support - Our extension follows the Joomla language framework so if you need to use multiple languages it’s simple with our extension.
○ Multiple Layouts - You can have as many different layouts as needed, to create a new layout all you need to do is create a new menu item with its own custom settings.

//// VIDEOS //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

○ Demo Overview:
○ Front End Demo:
○ Backend Demo:
○ Basic Customization:

//// DEMOS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

○ USA Demo Search:
○ Netherlands Demo Search:
○ Australia Demo Search:
○ England Demo Search:

//// REGULAR RELEASES ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

○ Regular updates, we are always adding new features and fixing bugs as we find them.


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There are a lot of locator extensions out there, but most of them want to display all the locations on one map at the same time as well as other nuisance issues and broken advertised functionality.

My business requirements were restricted to display all business names, their addresses and URL within a 10 mile radius. Unfortunately most J2.5 extensions required Google Maps to be enabled and there was no way to shut it off. Additionally most developers of locator extensions wanted to throw in the kitchen sink of functionality and again there was no way to pick and choose what was displayed.

After a long exhaustive search CSW Compass Pro was the only one that offered the precise functionality I required without major headaches as well as prompt tech support to fix major bugs encountered in J1.7 and J2.5. The new version for J3.x just came out in time for my company to upgrade to J3.2.

The developer spent a lot of time on his extension and was willing to accept feature requests. SOme of which were added for his J3.x version.