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Google Map Store Locator ComponentModule

You need to put up a Google Map that shows many branches and stores or their distribution points to the public? On top of that, you will need the user to be able to search for the location that is most suitable for him/her.

Google Map Store Locator is the solution that you are looking for, with the ability for the end-user to search by area, business services , residential addresses and many more types of location.

This component is an excellent choice for users who needs to have long and complex list of retail stores or distribution points. E.g Banks, Food Chains, Post Offices, Fashion outlets and etc.

Basic Frontend Features

* Allow you to define the services for the location.
* Categorized the location by geographical areas, thus when user searched by the area, it will allow recentralized of the map and zoom in to the area.
* Allow you to categorized the location by different types, so you can filter them if need be.
* Search by Area, Type, Services and Address.
* Mod class Suffix – Easier UI Customization.
* Easy to integrate with other Joomla templates.

Basic Backend Features

* Backend Administrator Module to update the information easily.
* Setting the map size.
* Add on Module for Location Listing.
* Multiple frontend layout.
* Get the Longitude, Latitude and zoom rate by using Google map directly.

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 3.0*~~~~~~~~
* UI Friendly backend:
- Zone: Easier to get the Longitude, Latitude and zoom rate by using Google map directly.
- Location: Easy to drag and drop marker to adjust exact location.
* UI Friendly frontend: easier to integrate with other Joomla templates.
* Multiple frontend layouts.

~~~~~~~~~*Version: 2.0*~~~~~~~~
* Allow users search by multiple or single item like service, zone and type.
* Mod class Suffix – Easier UI Customization.
* Setting the map size.
* Add on Module for Location Listing.

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Reviews: 1
I really like your product. I think that every e-commerce business could use a Google map on their webpage that distinctly shows their location of business to their clients.

I’ve check out the cost of this product as well and I think it’s very reasonable for the value it provides.

And the fact that this product was able to easily integrate with other templates and themes from the Joomla market made my day.
Reviews: 1
Been using Google Map Store Locator for a week now. This is a very useful feature for my businessand I especially liked the eye catching icons and illustrations that come with the product.
Bottom line is, it allowed my clients to find my business much more easier, and quicker, an added value that im happy with as my business is only in its infant stages.
2 thumbs up for this product.
Reviews: 1
Just wanted to say a few things about Google Map Store Locator. I’m very impress with how simple the back end management system works, the ease to be able to add new location icons and customize the GUI to users preference.

This tool was a good added feature for my restaurant website and I believe that it help attract more customers to my business.

The cost is very affordable as well and the customer support team were really helpful. I am happy with this tool.