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Shape 5 Map it with Google! Module

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Ever needed a simple way to give someone directions to your store or maybe you are designing a website and want a quick directions link built in? Well now it's very easy! We have created a simple module that will allow a user to enter their address and have it automatically map it in Google Maps to an address you specify in the administration side of the module. This module can be installed quickly with absolutely no coding experience. Best of all it's free - enjoy! UPDATED - 05/31/2007 There are now three versions for download! Depending on what version you install you can have the directions appear in a popup window, an iframe or the whole page.

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Reviews: 2
This is an amazing module, it does exactly what it says it does. The only thing I think would improve it is a small map of the current location on the page where you enter the address. Thank you very much for providing us with such a great and useful module!
Reviews: 3
Nice module. It works like a charm... except for the non-pop up version, which does not show the introduction text and the map just does not work...
Reviews: 4
This is a very nice module but the non-popup version (1.0) doesn't appear to work. Super simple setup.
Reviews: 2
This was just what I was looking for to add to my site. A visitor types in the address of their location and a widow from Google Maps pops up with the directions. This window has all of the features that that you get from Google Maps.
Reviews: 12
Like eyezberg I was sceptical about googles geocoding working in the UK, however it does and very well too.
Reviews: 3
Some day Google maps will say: "Don't you prefer to buy an airplane ticket"?
From Algarve, Portugal... to California USA...
12,668 km (about 31 days 17 hours) anda ... Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 5,572 km !
Funny, I had to go to England, across Spain and France by car, and then swim... when I could swim right from Portugal!.
Ok, but it works! Good extension!
It would be perfect if the maps and directions don't popup!
Reviews: 1
I tried with two brasilian adresses and doesn´t mapped (it doesn´t undertand the andress, cep. etc..)

The instalations has been all right but the map doesen´t show the route.

Reviews: 9
Please note, that outside US and other large countryes this solution does'nt working rapidly.
Reviews: 2
I wa s abit sceptical, tried the demo with my french adress, and oh wonder, it worked like a charm: step 25: "swim acrosss the Atlantic Ocean (5572 kms)"! Very simple and efficient. Thanks.
Reviews: 4
I was struggling with the other Google Maps components to add directions on the Google Map but no luck. I settle for the Google Plugin as it was the only one that accurately uses the Lat. and Long. information! Then just as I was signing off my work, this new extension popped up. I couldn't see the demo but went ahead and downloaded the module and published on the right sidebar next to the map. Solves the problem of providing directions without adding more work! Good simple module!