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Visit us with Google Maps Module

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Visit us! is a module that displays a styled Google Map to locate your business (store, office, restaurant,the nearest parkings,...) and allows the visitor of your website to get to it very easily : the visitor is geolocated and directions are proposed. Distance and travel time are displayed, as the travel steps. Even better, the visitor on the way to your business can refresh manually or automatically it's location (and the directions) so never to be lost.

Also add that, with the Visit us! business locator, you display your contact information and opening hours for each marker!

On a mobile, location and directions on the map can be refreshed after every visitor's move! Visitor can also launch its favorite turn-by-turn GPS navigation application.

New! The Visit us! 2.1 allows now a large number of markers. By improving the ease of use and by taking better account of the restrictions of Google maps, you can now insert a large number of markers to your maps.

New! The Visit us! 2.0 version allows now to display your business opening hours! A dynamic open/closed status is displayed too: your website visitors know in a glance if your business is open or closed now, and until when!

A question before visiting you? All your contact information are displayed too.

A large number of parameters are available in the module's administration panel to adapt the Visit us! map to your specific needs:

* Responsive display and flexible map size (width and height in pixels or percentage).
* Enter and customize directly in the admin panel the markers you want to display.
* For large number of markers, define them in a XML file easy to maintain.
* Markers can be displayed in per-zoom-level clusters.
* Enter your Google Maps client ID (not mandatory) to access the special features of Google Maps API for Business.
* For each marker, define your contact information, opening hours and annual closing dates (on the top, left or right of the map).
* Display a dynamic open/close status to indicate for each marker if the business is now open (until when) or closed (until when).
* Customize easily the displayed opening hours board and open/closed dynamic status to fit your needs.
* Use Google's colored symbol markers or uploaded custom image fir your markers.
* Geolocate your visitor.
* Display its location in every case or only if the visitor is nearby your markers (you set the adapted distance in the admin panel).
* Define a default marker (it can be the nearest one from the visitor's location).
* Display all your markers or only the ones that are to a distance less than x km from your visitor's location.
* Choose to set the center your map and the zoom level or to let the map fit to its markers bounds for an ideal display.
* Display travel time and distance from your visitor's location to your business and the steps to arrive to you. No long text but a visual efficient and esthetic dynamic representation on the map.

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Reviews: 1
A very handy extension for the site user with many and many options.
I love the ability to display not only the directions but also the opening hours for each marker on the map.
Although i'm really not a Joomla expert (just a few projects) i found the extension really easy to setup.
Owner's reply

Thank you!