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Google Maps by Reumer Popular Plugin

Plugin for displaying one or more Google Maps within content-items, modules or components of Joomla 1.5.x (native), 2.5.x and 3.x.

A new release 3.2 of the Joomla plugin Google Maps is available that restores the kml proxy feature in a secure way that was removed in the previous version because of security risks. Also it solves some problems for responsive templates.
The new version has the following new features:
* Added language possibilities for GeoXML and gotoaddress form
* Open infowindow in KML by parameter (GeoXML)

Solves the following errors:
* New authorisation for Twitter
* Security risks in kml proxy
* Problem of standalone Joomla application for kml proxy, twitter and css settings
* Problem with clouds
* Standard use Google Maps API version stable instead of development
* Support for language with multiple dialects (Portugese/Chinese)
* Problem with zoom and center in lightbox
* Solves problems with responsive templates

This version will automatically update in 2.5 and 3.x.
If you want to upgrade from version 2.x then:
1. Install the new version 3.1. This is a new plugin, it does not replace the version 2.x plugin!
2. Do not open the plugin configuration! First you need to enable the new system plugin called "System - Google Map" in the list of plugins by clicking the red dot in the status column. This is the only way to copy all your parameters from the old plugin to the new one!
3. After enabling the plugin in the correct way (point 2) you can check if the settings of the old plugin are copied correctly by opening the new plugin configuration settings.
4. After that you can disable the old system plugin called "Google Map"

Language support available for all the parameters: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
Please send me language files so I can add them to the plugin. Goto my website to contact me.

Look at the demo site first for documentation. If you've problems please do the checklist on the site:

If this doesn't help or you have questions or new wishes please fill in the form on my website with an url that shows the problem and version of the plugin and Joomla.

{mosmap width='500'|height='400'|lat='52.052312'|lon='4.447141'| zoom='3'|text='svDWO'}
(when editing article goto html view to remove returns or < br /> when you copy this example)

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Reviews: 1
This is the way Joomla Plugins should be. I'm a Joomla newbie and got this working in about 15 minutes. As another poster suggested, if you already have a map in google, to get that map in your webpage just do {mosmap msid=theidofyourmaphere} and then it is beautiful.

The only drawback to this plugin is that maps in modules cannot be used as image links (because only static maps can be used as links). In a future version it would be nice to see a "convert to static and link" capability added, because the Google Static Maps wizard makes it difficult to create very complicated maps/maps with many features and markers. If the plugin had this capability, you just mosmap your mapid created in google maps, then say "make this static and link to article x" and voila!

Anyway, the best about this is Mike's responsiveness. I had a couple of questions and he replied within 1 day. What makes this plugin extraordinary is not so much that it works right out of the box with no bugs (though that is cool too!), but that Mike answers any questions you may have knowledgeably and promptly. Way to go Mike, this is the way all Joomla plugins should be written and supported. 5 stars!
Reviews: 1
I really like this plugin, but I have one small request. Please add the ability to specify a CSS style for any lightbox text. The default text color in the template I'm working with is - you guessed it - white!

Having the ability to specify a style would make it easy to get around this. Now I have to mangle the text that I insert to get it to show up correctly.

Thanks for a great plugin!
Owner's reply

The lightbox text has a class: lightboxlink where you can add css to make the color different.
For the infowindow, see:

Reviews: 1
...and the developer is on call if there is a problem! Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This is an example of how simple *all* plugins should be. After spending countless hours on getting other add-ins to work, I was frustrated and ready to give up.

Then, I found this plugin. I had a map on my site ( in less than 10 minutes: Thats from download plugin to view plugin on page.

Awesome! Very simple to use. Highly recommended. My personal thanks to the author of the plugin.

Using Joomla 1.5.8 (stable) with 2.12d

PS: The only suggestion I could offer is to put up a quick note about why there are 2.12a, 2.12b, 2.12c, and 2.12d. The question I had: Which one should I download.

Thanks again for the wonderful work.

Reviews: 3
I download 2.12d for Joomla 1.0.15..I'm suspicious about any conflict and afraid that too hard to use..but not expected..just install, enter your apikey and taa taaa..has many options to configure, really so simple to use..
Reviews: 1
This product does exactly what it says it will do--puts a nice Google map on your site with many options that you can configure, if you desire. But the best part, it is WONDERFUL support! I have asked Mike more than one question and has responded very, very quickly. And, he even added the ability to have a lightbox map with directions when I suggested it. Super, super product!
Reviews: 2
This is by far the best plugin for showing google maps on your joomla website! Highly configurable to your needs, easy to implement.
I am using this plugin on many of my websites already, recently had a problem (white space where the map should be) concerning a template with lots of javascript on it. Thanks to Mikes great caring support for this free product, the issue was solved very quickly.
Simply Amazing! 6 out of 5 stars! :)
Reviews: 1
Ok, so I am a complete newbie at this Joomla thing. (2 days old in fact.) Lots to learn and lots of goals to achieve. When I downloaded this plugin and had it up and running quickly - that speaks for itself. It is simple and it works!
Great Job!
Reviews: 1
Installed the plugin and worked great in Firefox but had a few issues that Mike help me resolved instantly. After a few emails it was good to go!
Reviews: 1
First, let me just pay my respects to the Joomla-community and the awesome community without which these incredible extensions would not be possible.

I love the Googlemaps-plugin from the very beginning.

Having newly converted my website to joomla, I was looking for an easy way to integrate google maps into my site. After reading the many
reviews about this plugin, I decided to give it a go. Well after two weeks I must say I have been extremely pleased.

It's very easy to setup and configure, and even more importantly, Mike has been outstanding in his reaction time for the few of questions I had for him. Thanks for the seamless implementation

Ahh like joo_lover mentioned, a integration with SOBI2, the business-directory-tool, would be very nice. I also would appreciate it very much!

thx for this outstanding work
Reviews: 1
many many thanks for the powerful google-Map-Plugin.

This is outstanding hot feature: I emailed Mike 3 or 4 times, each one of them he wrote back very promptly. Mike even goes as far as explaining how to change up the coding in Joomla, to modify this plugin into a module or component. In addition to this, he has written many "documents" on his website, all to help you get the most
out of this as you can. If this looks like something that might help bring your page to the next level, you would be stupid not to get it. I think this plugin is the ultimate solution for displaying a map on a webpage. And support is very fast.

The only thing i am now looking for is the integration with SOBI2
see so that we can run SOBI2 with it.
Reviews: 1
Hereby my thanks for your support and your plugin. It's a suberb plugin for my gpstracks with your 'kml' solution. I hope you'll find a way to open the marker. That should be the finishing touch.
Thanks again, Jan-Willem aka ZebraQ
Reviews: 1
Laaded without a problem and worked the first time!
Reviews: 4
This plugin is Alpha and the Omega when it comes to inserting a map on your site. It has many options, it is easy to use, and support is excellent!

Only thing you gotta do is to provide it with valid xml-kml, include on the page, and enjoy.

Excellent work Mike.
Reviews: 1
well this plugin is great! i love it for its very very well design! This plugin is an amazing piece of work. It is so versatile that all the options can make you feel dizzy at first. But the author has a very good support site which he constantly updates, and if you follow the examples listed there, you shouldn't have a problem getting it to work. Even better, Mike is ++ 130% dedicated.

I had a problem with the Template that i use. I contacted him via mail with all the necessary information. Hours later, I had a reply in my inbox with infos that solved my problem.
Dear Joomla-user: I am simply amazed and happey.
keep the good work - this is a great contribution for Joomla

Reviews: 1
Tons of options and easy to use = Great Plugin!

I have used this plugin on a few sites and it is great. I love the ease of the tool. great for giving a location and getting directions.
Reviews: 23
Yes Mike was indeed very fast with support, and i love the plugin.i wanted a googlemap and i even tried to get that with a commercial solution but this free plugin did a much better job. there is however one thing mike could solve whenever he will find a solution is a way to include a map into a module without hacking joomla's index.php file. for me it wasnt required...nice work Mike.
Reviews: 1
Mike has done a great job on this plugin, which works as described, and comes with instructions that are very helpful for the beginner/novice that I am.

I had a few questions, and Mike answered very clearly and promptly. I highly recommend, and have made a donation to support his efforts!
Reviews: 4
I've tried a couple ways to get Google Maps into my review articles, but they never seemed to work right. We create our own Google Maps, with pointers and what not on them, and I wanted to be able to easily show those in the content without having to turn off the article editor or doing other such things to try and make the code work. This plugin did the trick. In the plugin info it doesn't tell you who to insert a pre-made Google map, so, I will list that info here, as you just get the msID of the map you want to use and insert it into this code in the content, and voila...
Reviews: 2
I found the component easy to use.

I also found the component very comphrensive.

You can the Mike Reumer is passionate about creating many usefuls things with the google maps api and exposes them in a easy to use "no brainer" format to us.

Well Done Mike.

Thanks for a great component.

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