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Google Maps by Reumer Popular Plugin

Plugin for displaying one or more Google Maps within content-items, modules or components of Joomla 1.5.x (native), 2.5.x and 3.x.

A new release 3.2 of the Joomla plugin Google Maps is available that restores the kml proxy feature in a secure way that was removed in the previous version because of security risks. Also it solves some problems for responsive templates.
The new version has the following new features:
* Added language possibilities for GeoXML and gotoaddress form
* Open infowindow in KML by parameter (GeoXML)

Solves the following errors:
* New authorisation for Twitter
* Security risks in kml proxy
* Problem of standalone Joomla application for kml proxy, twitter and css settings
* Problem with clouds
* Standard use Google Maps API version stable instead of development
* Support for language with multiple dialects (Portugese/Chinese)
* Problem with zoom and center in lightbox
* Solves problems with responsive templates

This version will automatically update in 2.5 and 3.x.
If you want to upgrade from version 2.x then:
1. Install the new version 3.1. This is a new plugin, it does not replace the version 2.x plugin!
2. Do not open the plugin configuration! First you need to enable the new system plugin called "System - Google Map" in the list of plugins by clicking the red dot in the status column. This is the only way to copy all your parameters from the old plugin to the new one!
3. After enabling the plugin in the correct way (point 2) you can check if the settings of the old plugin are copied correctly by opening the new plugin configuration settings.
4. After that you can disable the old system plugin called "Google Map"

Language support available for all the parameters: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
Please send me language files so I can add them to the plugin. Goto my website to contact me.

Look at the demo site first for documentation. If you've problems please do the checklist on the site:

If this doesn't help or you have questions or new wishes please fill in the form on my website with an url that shows the problem and version of the plugin and Joomla.

{mosmap width='500'|height='400'|lat='52.052312'|lon='4.447141'| zoom='3'|text='svDWO'}
(when editing article goto html view to remove returns or < br /> when you copy this example)

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Reviews: 2
The extension and the author both are very helpful. Thanks Mike!!

I shall donate something to you as well .... someday soon!!
Reviews: 1
The product alone is worthy of 5 stars but the support really makes it. I ran into an issue and emailed Mike and got a response within 20 minutes. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
This is nice extensions, you can do a lot of stuff whit this plug-in. Just install it, enable it and it will work. If you what to do specified things whit your google map then you have look at homepage for demos.
I liked the option to change the icon of the google himself, nice done
Reviews: 1
A fantastic plugin easy to put in place, very sensitive for all the different parameters.
It is wise to study all the different demos on Mike’s site and to study there all the different {mosmap configurations}
The support from mike is incredible, very fast to respond and very willing to help.
Thanks to the author
Reviews: 3
Easy to use, fast and very usefull modal window map disaply
Many thanks to Mike Reumer.
Reviews: 2
I think this plugin is the ultimate solution for displaying a map on a webpage. And support is very fast.
I had a problem with the plugin and emailed this to the developer. New version of the plugin attached, I got a reply in a short time.
Shortly, the plugin is very useful, has an easy management, and gives the user lots of options.
Many thanks to Mike Reumer.
Reviews: 1
Had some problems with the plugin.. Didn`t get it to work after reading the site and faq`s so after a quick mail everything was fixed in 1 day.

Thanks for the plugin and the support!
Reviews: 1
This is a good plugin to use google maps on your joomla site (also on more pages).
The documentation on the plugin website is understandable and does work.

The support by MIKE is also quick if you cant find answers on the documentation or demo pages of the plugin.

I use the google maps plugin to show a map with more than 1 kml. It does work very nice.
Reviews: 1
Had a problem with the plugin coz I killed my httpdocs folder but not the database and couldn't uninstall the plugin in coz it wasn't there. After not finding the answer in the FAQ's emailed Mark and got the answer I needed very quickly. The answer by the way is duh .. (I'm only new to this) copy the 3 components over to the /plugins/content folder and all is ok. Thanks Mark.
Reviews: 1
This is such a fantastic plugin, once put in place will undoubtably save hours if you require many maps on your site. you have full control of the maps you implement and can make standardisation across the site simple.

The support from mike is incredible, very fast to respond and very willing to help. im certain developers like this have lots of queries but his assistance is certainly fantastic.
Reviews: 1
Most of it worked right away, after a bit of a learning curve, certainly one of the best extensions from and easy to use / works first time point of view. Support was also very good for a small issue I had.
Reviews: 1
Mike is good and efficient .. and response is very fast ..

good work mike .. keep it up ..
Reviews: 5
"Service" is a fairy tail with open source software at best. Not with this extension. I emailed Mike 3 or 4 times, each one of them he wrote back very promptly. I have spent days with other extensions and have questions that have yet to be answered on them. Now the extension itself, very cool and adds a lot to the specific page I installed it on. You can make as many kml files as you want using google maps, then link them with this software. Mike even goes as far as explaining how to change up the coding in Joomla, to modify this plugin into a module or component. In addition to this, he has written many "documents" on his website, all to help you get the most out of this as you can. If this looks like something that might help bring your page to the next level, you would be stupid not to get it.

Thanks, and good job Mike!
Reviews: 2
Totally convinced by the quality of Plugin and support Mike thank you very much Mike
Reviews: 2
This plugin is an amazing piece of work. It is so versatile that all the options can make you feel dizzy at first. But the author has a very good support site which he constantly updates, and if you follow the examples listed there, you shouldn't have a problem getting it to work.

Even better, Mike is 150% dedicated. I had a problem with the directions not working in IE. I contacted him via mail with all the necessary information. Eighteen minutes later, I had a reply in my inbox with an attached new version that solved my problem. I am simply amazed.

I am donating to Mike today and would recommend the same to all who use his plugin, to keep the author going.
Reviews: 2
Great Application. Mike was very helpful in solving my problems. Would highly recommend to others.
Reviews: 1
Mike is the man. This plug-in is wonderful and even if it wasn't wonderful Mike's support and patience with knuckle-heads like me makes it an Excellent plug-in. If you don't use this plug-in for your maps then your just crazy. Thanks again Mike and next pay day you are getting a few dollars from me.

Reviews: 1
I had a problem installing 4 different locations and still have the route planner work, instead of pointing to 1 location.
Mike got me an answer very fast.
All works perfect now!
Tip for new users, you can use an adress instead of coördinates. Just make sure you use all information ( street + number + city + state/province and country)

Thx Mike
Reviews: 2
This really is a great plugin. It works just great, exactly
confirming to what is promised.
But still better is the support. Mike is really there if you have any questions. You're helped within minutes.

Outstanding !
Reviews: 16
I had an issue with this installing on my site - nothing wrong with the plugin, something I was doing wrong. I e-mailed support and Mike got straight back to me.

This is a brilliant plugin and I will be using this on all my client sites! Thank you very much!
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