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Google Maps by Reumer Popular Plugin

Plugin for displaying one or more Google Maps within content-items, modules or components of Joomla 1.5.x (native), 2.5.x and 3.x.

A new release 3.2 of the Joomla plugin Google Maps is available that restores the kml proxy feature in a secure way that was removed in the previous version because of security risks. Also it solves some problems for responsive templates.
The new version has the following new features:
* Added language possibilities for GeoXML and gotoaddress form
* Open infowindow in KML by parameter (GeoXML)

Solves the following errors:
* New authorisation for Twitter
* Security risks in kml proxy
* Problem of standalone Joomla application for kml proxy, twitter and css settings
* Problem with clouds
* Standard use Google Maps API version stable instead of development
* Support for language with multiple dialects (Portugese/Chinese)
* Problem with zoom and center in lightbox
* Solves problems with responsive templates

This version will automatically update in 2.5 and 3.x.
If you want to upgrade from version 2.x then:
1. Install the new version 3.1. This is a new plugin, it does not replace the version 2.x plugin!
2. Do not open the plugin configuration! First you need to enable the new system plugin called "System - Google Map" in the list of plugins by clicking the red dot in the status column. This is the only way to copy all your parameters from the old plugin to the new one!
3. After enabling the plugin in the correct way (point 2) you can check if the settings of the old plugin are copied correctly by opening the new plugin configuration settings.
4. After that you can disable the old system plugin called "Google Map"

Language support available for all the parameters: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
Please send me language files so I can add them to the plugin. Goto my website to contact me.

Look at the demo site first for documentation. If you've problems please do the checklist on the site:

If this doesn't help or you have questions or new wishes please fill in the form on my website with an url that shows the problem and version of the plugin and Joomla.

{mosmap width='500'|height='400'|lat='52.052312'|lon='4.447141'| zoom='3'|text='svDWO'}
(when editing article goto html view to remove returns or < br /> when you copy this example)

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Reviews: 2
Thanks Mike for such a high impact, easy to install, easy to use, cool extension.

I reckon I got is working initially in about 15 mins or less by hooking into an existing KML file on the web. I then built my own KML file and hooked this in very quickly.

I did have an issue with my own KML file but I basically didn't read Mike's documentation, much to the chagrin of my wife, the Documentation Manager for a software company :) -- the KML file MUST BE in a location that is accessible by Google. This is a Google thing and not a Mike thing, and once I figured this out we were up and running!

Great flexibility in all the parameters between global params at the plug-in level and local param at the instance level.

They really should have a rating higher than "Excellent!" just for this plug-in.
Reviews: 3
This thing rocks!!! I used the standard information in the backend and added the mosmap tag to an article and it's done! Awesome work on this Plugin that Rocks like a Component!!!
Reviews: 1
Easy enough for a n00b like me to use. Mike is terrific about helping out with problems. This is a very straightforward plugin. Does what I need, no muss, no fuss!
Reviews: 1
This plugin is amazing, simple to use, easy to setup and works with both J! 1.0 and J! 1.5

The support the developer offered me was amazing when I had a query and I must admit that you should use this over any other mapping plugin/component!

Nice one Mike!

Reviews: 41
Really cool and really simple to install and just does exactly what you would want. I've not yet tried any of the more advanced functionality (doing routes), but for a basic Google map on your webpage, it's perfect!

Don't make the mistake I did: copying and pasting the lat/lon coordinates into JCE put some HTML tags in there too and I didn't realise until I checked the HTML...

is a good website for getting lat/lon coordinates.

Thanks for this extension :-)
Reviews: 3
I have used the 1.0 version of this and it has been great and very easy to install and configure.

Having recently upgrade to 1.5, it was just as easy. It is a great tool. (it does need to be installed with Joomla in Legacy, but will run in normal 1.5

I use this with a GoogleEarth KML/KMZ files.

I had one small problem with CSS and the text balloons that (default from this plugin) and the GoogleEarth files appeared blankk as it was white text (from my CSS) on a white background.

To overcome this I put the Mosmap code inside a span style which designates a colour.

EG: {mosmap width='750'|height='500'|ETC.. ETC}

Very good plugin and Mike is very helpful with support of this.


Simon B
Reviews: 2
Plug-in is easy to use and install.
Reviews: 1
I've just pluged-in this mambot and it worked, out of the box, perfect.
Just had a little trouble with setting Latitude and Longitude, but overall, prety easy to get around.
Reviews: 1
highly recommended.
Mike Reumer has been very helpful and supportive in improving the plugin.
My site was hosted at a server that redirected the address so if I viewed the site from inside the companys' network the site had address1 and if i was outside the network, at home, it had address2.
At the beginning the plugin only worked in one address at a time. Now the plugin works both ways with the same configuration. Thanks Mike! great job.
Reviews: 2
The Googlemaps plugin is a very useful tool. It has all the major functionality in the Google Maps API as well as some advanced features I was not expecting. When looking at other implementations of google maps I found them confusing at least and at most practically impossible to implement without making modifications to style sheets and code. This plugin worked once installed without any major problems. Within the Firefox development tools the page rendered no errors what so ever. This plugin did not create any CSS errors, its render mode was Standards Compliance and did not produce any Java Script errors.

I did have one problem that Mike Reumer (the developer of this plugin) emailed a solution. I had a small problem with white text showing up on the white background of the information window. Most people who have black text on their site would never even have this problem. But Mike showed me how to add a div tag to solve the problem.
Do not hesitate to use this plugin, I have used it on many sites and it has always worked in every browser I have used (this includes the browser found on an IPOD touch).
Reviews: 2
I have been running this plugin for quite a while now on my J! 1.5 site. It was very easy to install and configure and the best thing is it just works.

There are so many configuration options, from route finder, placing markers on the map, lightbox the list goes on and on.

However I recently installed a new plugin for displaying video on my site and there was a conflict. Thanks are never that easy are they!

So I contacted the developer of Googlemaps, I expected a reply a day or two later saying he would look into it. Instead I got a reply within a few hours! And what's more a few hours after that I got an email with a new version of the plugin, I installed it and the conflict had been resolved.

Some of the commercial companies out there should try support like this!

A great plugin, great support and FREE!
Reviews: 1
I wasn't able to publish my personal GMap 'cause I couldn't find the way to use my kml file, so I contacted the developer. He really quickly answer me and now everything is ok!
I love when this happens!
Thanks a lot! Great extension!
Reviews: 2
I play around with this plugins around 2 hour before i can configure to look for latitude and longitude, because in google earth its difficult to have an accurate position of my place.

so i go to this website - powered by google earth

and then go to my place look for my latitude and longitude and paste the code in this mambot and :D its done :) perfect 10/10 star for this plugin.
Reviews: 5
I needed to put a map with several (ok, 30) different content items on a client's website. This extension made it fast and easy, PLUS I can teach the client how to do it for the future, because the syntax is easy to learn.

Thank you!
Owner's reply

Tydust, 2.10e delivers your wish!

Reviews: 4
I think its great, works well. If I could have anything though, it would be to be able to specify a different size map within the lightbox. If you map in your content is 300px wide and you open it in the lightbox, its still only 300px. So really there is no point in having the lightbox if its only the same size.

If you could have specified a larger size for the lightbox, then there would be an excellent reason to use it, otherwise...why?
Owner's reply

Tjyoung, version 2.10e delivers this wish!

Reviews: 1
Having newly converted my website to joomla, I was looking for an easy way to integrate google maps into my site. After reading the reviews about this plugin, I decided to give it a go, and I must say I have been extremely pleased.
It's very easy to setup and configure, and even more importantly, Mike has been outstanding in his reaction time for the couple of questions I had for him. The first one was a style incompatibility which was resolved shortly, the second one was about the possibility to point to local sites: .fr for French as an exemple(my customers are mostly French, therefore the preference to point to by default. I did change this in the php file, but of course having it as a parameter in a future version would be nice, which Mike agreed to list in the wish list section.
In a nutshell, excellent plug-in and support, thank you Mike!!
Reviews: 1
This tool works great as long as you put Googlemaps in static sites. I wish there was an add-on in this tool to put the code in the description aerea of pony gallery to show visitors where I took my photos. I try it several times but it doesn´t shown the maps; just the plain code.. It´s a pity.

Reviews: 5
First, let me just pay my respects to Joomla and the awesome community without which these incredible extensions would not be possible.

I just completed configuration of the latest version of this plugin 2.9. It looks great in both Firefox and IE. Also, copying and pasting the code for this extension into the page you want the map displayed on is a snap. After obtaining your API key, simply render the code supplied in your readme file as a single elegant line, and "Presto!" your map appears.

Having said that, be warned; you'll have to dicker with the settings a bit get it just right.

A couple of observations, Changing the parameters of this mambot via your backend won't override the code you pasted into your page. Also, (this is a biggy) if you're using the map to display a particular locale as opposed to just generically, you'll need exact map coordinates to make it work. Just putting the address in didn't work for me per the instructions and I wasted a lot of time screwing around with it.

If you're unsure where to find the coordinates of your destination, simply do a google search for map coordinates and pick the coordinate site of your choice to do the job. After that, it's just a matter of transferring the Latitude and Longitude into your "lat" and "lon" fields in your mambot parameters for the plugin.

ENJOY! This extension ROCKS!
Reviews: 4
Really excellent extension, probably the one that has impressed me mostly this far, regarding funcionality and documentation etc.

People shouldn't miss the site to learn how to put the extension among Joomla contacts etc.

To get my template, Google Maps and this extension to work together with IE6, I had to add "div#map img { behavior: none; }" in the CSS for IE6, and then put and around the {mosmap}. (This because my template used
Owner's reply

Thanks Felham for the tip

Reviews: 2
Google map into an article 5 min, really easy !

To get coordonates from google map just use this in your navbar :
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