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Google Maps by Reumer Popular Plugin

Plugin for displaying one or more Google Maps within content-items, modules or components of Joomla 1.5.x (native), 2.5.x and 3.x.

A SECURITY RELEASE 3.1 of plugin Google Maps is released and this must be applied to your Joomla installation.

Version 2.x (including 2.20) of the plugin is deprecated, because Google Maps API version 2 and Google's geocoding version 2 are deprecated from November 2013, please upgrade to the latest version 3.1.

In previous versions before 3.1, the proxy solution (plugin_googlemap3_proxy.php) for kml files had the following vulnerabilities: Denial of Service, XML Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and Full path disclosure vulnerabilities.
In this version 3.1 the proxy solution is not possible anymore. I am working on a new secure solution.

This version will automatically update in 2.5 and 3.x.
If you want to upgrade from version 2.x then:
1. Install the new version 3.1. This is a new plugin, it does not replace the version 2.x plugin!
2. Do not open the plugin configuration! First you need to enable the new system plugin called "System - Google Map" in the list of plugins by clicking the red dot in the status column. This is the only way to copy all your parameters from the old plugin to the new one!
3. After enabling the plugin in the correct way (point 2) you can check if the settings of the old plugin are copied correctly by opening the new plugin configuration settings.
4. After that you can disable the old system plugin called "Google Map"

Also added language support for all the parameters: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
Please send me language files so I can add them to the plugin. Goto my website to contact me.

Look at the demo site first for documentation. If you've problems please do the checklist on the site:

If this doesn't help or you have questions or new wishes please fill in the form on my website with an url that shows the problem and version of the plugin and Joomla.

{mosmap width='500'|height='400'|lat='52.052312'|lon='4.447141'| zoom='3'|text='svDWO'}
(when editing article goto html view to remove returns or < br /> when you copy this example)

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Reviews: 5
This is one easy to use and implement plugin. The surprising part is now much control you have over it and how much it can do and it is FREE. More importantly it actually works.

There was one issue with my Joomla setup and Mike quickly was able to send the patch to have it work. That simple, hard to believe it was possible. I had read the reviews and I have to concur with the rest of his users/fans. He has written clean, workable code that is respectful of the Joomla framework. I tip my hat to Mike and his plugin.

Thanks for developing this piece of code.
Reviews: 1
I’m impressed efficient the support by mike.. Thanks a lot Great extension! Really enjoyed working with it :)
Reviews: 1
Really very good job. I just installed it on my site and it works perfect.
At the beginning a had some problems (on my side) but the support was immediately and now .... it works like I wont.
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use with great documentation - thank you.
Reviews: 9
One of my favorite plugins ever. Used it on several sites. Now with Google API 3 even easier. Many options. It's just hardly to believe that it is free. I needed a little support. Mike answered same day. Thank you so much for this.
Reviews: 1
easy to use (just a read manual) and exellent support!
Reviews: 2
After reading the other reviews i tried this extension and it is great! It is extremly simple and works perfect.

The support of Mike is also excellent! I had a little question an Mike answered within 2 hours providing the solution.

Thank you very much for this great plugin!
Reviews: 2
Hi thank you for this plug in and all the supporting documents. Takes a little know how but its very good. Thaks
Reviews: 4
I have had so much problems with iframe and google maps in joomla 1.7 but this plugin fixes it just great. I also got execellent support by email.
I have achieved what I needed for the moment and there are more settings and different methods to use for more advanced usage.

So if you have problems with google maps try this plugin, really.
Reviews: 1
This really is simply the best extension out there, no doubt! And Mike is ready to help you with any questions you might have. Excellent!! I have been using the module on Joomla 1.5 for a number of years and the users have voted by making the page the most popular on the site. Now moving to 1.7 and Mike was on hand to assist.
Reviews: 4
This plugin has so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, the author has provided extensive documentation and examples on his website, which proves very helpful.

I contacted Mike regarding a map layout I was trying to achieve, and apparently what I wanted wasn't possible. Within a day he wrote a new version of it, emailed it to me, and provided me with the exact method to call. Absolutely outstanding, especially for a /free/ plugin!

Keep up the great work Mike!
Reviews: 8
After figuring out I needed to go back to V2 API to get the lightbox happening, I swiftly had the plugin integrated into K2 and was automatically displaying maps on K2 items including a lightbox version meaning there was a little and big map available easily.
Reviews: 3
I have used the google maps plugin in my website to display a map in an article. Despite being new to joomla I found it very easy to implement. I then decided to try and use a kml file with the module on a locally based server and ran in to difficulties. After hours of frustration I emailed the developer (Mike) and was surprised to get a response a couple of hrs later. A few screen shots back in a second email and I was up and running. What makes it even more amazing is that I got this support over the new year!

Mike thanks a million !
Reviews: 2
Just the extension I have been looking for. Easy to use. Just one place(module) where all the googlemaps options can be set. Or overrule them on specific places with command line commands in specific articles.

And all the possible googlemaps options are available. At least, all the googlemaps options I know of ;-)

Also like the support. Something did not work as I expected: got an answer within a few hours.
Reviews: 14
I can fully understand why people are so taken with this excellent plugin, it works a treat, but if you have problems, as I did get it to work, the developer was there to resolve the problems.

The problems was of course all of my making, I had the wrong code or I hadn't edited the code correctly.

What a joy, thanks for all of your help, I think that this is a great product and does all and more that you would expect.
Reviews: 3
I used the plugin to import a kml file to show in an article in my Joomla site. (Town portal)

In 15 minutes I have the map loaded right on!
I get stuck trying to show a sidebar with references like the one in Google Earth and so I ask to Mike Reumer for support, in a few hours I get the issues fixed and all was running.

Plugin works great, its free, support is excellent (better than some payed extensions).
I can not buy Mike a dinner for all his help, cause he is from Netherlands.
Reviews: 4
Installed this free plugin and a few minutes later I had a excellent maps view in my site. Respect for the developers, thanks!
Reviews: 4
This is simply the best extension out there, no doubt! And Mike is ready to help you with any questions you might have. Excellent!!
Reviews: 1
* Simple but powerful.
* Full of features.
* Partial support for Google APIs v3 but the main features are already implemented.
* Immediate support from the author.

Look no further for a Google Maps extension. You have found it!
Reviews: 1
Very simple to use, yet powerful extension that does exactly what you want it to.

Support is also brilliant - I had a problem, contacted the developer who responded with the solution in less than 24 hours.
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