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Zh GoogleMap Component

Component for dispaying maps by Google Maps v3 service. The Module and Plugin are available too.

You can
* create and display any numbers of maps, placemarks
* multilingual interface
* configurate many settings (Zoom, Map Type, Map Type Control,
Pan, Double Click Zoom, Scroll Wheel Zoom, Zoom Control, Scale Control, OverviewMap, Traffic Layer, Bicycle Layer, Transit Layer)
* create any routes (use Directions API) and paths (use polylines)
* set you custom image on placemark
* you can specify KML Layer for map (field on map tag), just write URL for KML or GeoRSS
* markers can include site reference and image, and HTML code
* you can use marker clusterer (markers grouping when map zoom out)
* you can group placemarks and show|hide all group with addition control, create many clusters with its own icon
* you can use MarkerManager functionality to show|hide markers depend on zoom
* you can use Google Earth feature
* you can use OpenStreetMap layer
* you can use Places API
* you can use Panoramio API
* you can use Elevation API
* you can use contact and user information in placemarks
* you can use Google Infographics (Dynamic Icons) as icons for placemark
* you can use New Zeland Topomaps layer
* you can use plugin to call from K2 items
* you can add custom map types and use it
* you can use Projection in custom map types
* you can use Styles for map
* you can use InfoBubble as InfoWin
* you can enable for registered users enter placemark from front end
* you can set Google Maps API Key for monitoring or billing over quotas limit
* you can use Street View
* you can use Weather and Cloud Layers
* you can use AdSence
* you can create polygons (areas)
* you can manage KML Layers (show/hide it by its list menu)
* you can set rate for your placemarks
* you can set labels for placemarks, with its styles

Developed using Google Maps JavaScript API V3
Developed for Joomla 2.5, 3.x

Use Zh GoogleMap Plugin to display map in article

Use Zh GoogleMap Module to use as module

You should keep in mind - the extension archive is more than 2M: The File Size Upload Limit (upload_max_filesize) on your Web Server might be set to low to allow larger files to be uploaded. By default PHP allows files up to 2 MB.

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Reviews: 1
This is an awesome extension.

I started working with Mambo, (earlier version), many years ago. Later I continue using Joomla! Drupal and Wordpress, but, this one with more frecuency, for the easiest use, integration, etc.

Now I'll be back on Joomla, thanks to the work of people like this, that is dedicated to developing extensions really easy to use, install, and free for community.

Dmitry... ¡Olé!
(My spanish compliment).
Owner's reply

Thank you very much.
I'll try to keep developing on this level :)

Reviews: 1
Wow, after many test is this the best Google Maps component i have found.
When You have a question, suggestion or a problem You can write it at the forum and a answer wil be there in a couple of hours.

Go on with the good Job!!
Reviews: 16
If you're looking for a Google map solution, this is the way to go. The truth is, it surprises me this isn't a commercial extension. The functionality is very thorough and works like a charm. I can see no reason why I would ever use a different Joomla map extension.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much.
I'm thinking of commercializing my projects, because donations are not cover just my hosting, but I don't decide to do that yet :)
I'm getting experience of web-developing, and while I have enough time to do it free - I'll do that this way.


Reviews: 1
This is a Great Component, very usefull and powered, isnt simple in first view but, with a few minutes of practicing, u can lear all about it. Good Job.
Reviews: 8
Truly an exemplary component (and module addon) with unrivalled forum support, and best of all prompt Action! I am convinced this developer would reinvent the wheel if you asked him to. And for free. What more can one ask for?

I have only scratched the surface with this feature rich component, but found even the basics very intuitive and useful. I look forward to using this again and again in future projects, however complex the requirements.

Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much.

Reviews: 8
I have used a number of Google Map systems for Joomla and none of them really had all the features in the one system that you could want, until I found this one.

Quite possibly the largest feature set available and is constantly updated. Best of all, it is free!

Look no further, you have found the best mapping system for Joomla!!
Reviews: 7
I tryed a lot of times and I sdtudied a lot of hours how to manage Maps apis all toghether. If you study how to create a Panoramio map and then you choose to insert another layer, with javascripts, probably they do not work toghether. I whoulded to create a complex map with icons and elements, with photos and interesting points. But the limit is that google documentation do not explain how put all apis toghether. So it was a dream in my mind to create a folkloristic map ..... since I found this. I donate because I think that is the most usefull extension I ever met. My map is now full of things to do, full of things to see and full of things to go to see. You can copy in seconds placemarks between maps. Now I am creating a painted map .... impossible without a component that helps you. This map, this work whould be impossible with javascript! Thanks to the programmer! Thanks for joomla that became a chamaleon now!!!!
Reviews: 2
I'm very satisfied with this component. The best I used till now. Clear lay-out and highly adjustable. My compliments.
Reviews: 1
Excellent component!
I searched all over the web a componete with these characteristics. Finally I find it.
Many parameters to create maps
Supports multiple KML
Easy to install and use.
Supports OSM.

Help and support forum.
Congratulations. and can be improved!

Nicolas. Argentina
Owner's reply

I'm very appreciate for all, who contact to me, ask questions and etc. I hope my extensions is completely cover your tasks.

I haven't enough time to include more features (I'm busy at work, it is summer, I have to pay attention to my family)...

And I have more than 10 task to do:
- route to placemarks
- buttons for on/off panoramio, traffic layer
- include street view into infobubble
- add JQuery to get config for placemark from server dynamically
- add configuration for street view for each placemark
- add support street view panoramas
- add support management KML layers by menu
- and a lot of others

I have the plan, and try to do improvement when I can.


Reviews: 2
The extension is great … easy to set up and use.
Lots of functions and features but the best part is the support. Asked about functionality that wasn't included in original component download and Dmitry actually added it. Wouldn't look anywhere else!
Reviews: 2
It's unbelievable how many features the developer has packed into this powerful component. It is so extensive, I am blown away that it's free. I was up an running in just a few hours with some very impressive maps. Myriad of customization options for the map itself/placemarks/infobubbles, support for kml layers... this developer sure knows his way around Google maps, and makes it a breeze for the rest of us. Plus, the component comes accompanied by a module and a plugin. Plugin works for K2 items too, not just regular Joomla articles. Very, very solid stuff!

My friend, this just *ought* to be a paid component. I'm making a donation now and plan for more. Thanks much!
Reviews: 38
Really, the best google maps component for joomla.
It's FREE! Very easy to install. There are many options to config your map. No need to get google api.
It just works out of the box !
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I've been using Joomla for 5+ years and this is one of the easiest and most powerful extension I've ever used.
So many features and options, very well thought out.

Also, the support in the forums for minor things I've come across was excellent! Very fast and lots of information to help.

Anyone that uses this I really encourage to donate to keep great developers like this going!
Reviews: 3
I have been using this component from the first time it appears in JED. It has evolutioned to a very powerfull and probably the most complete GoogleMaps extension.
From my point of view, Dmitry is for Joomla maps what Nicholas from Akeeba is to Backup extensions
Owner's reply

Thank you very much.

In next week I'll publish Zh GoogleMap Module, it is module. And you finally could include in contact page a map :D

Reviews: 1
The extension is overall great, easy to set up and use. But the "find option" does not work for me. I am building a website on which I will make a map and place markers on it, and I want users to easily find those markers using the FIND option.
I made few test markers and tried the FIND option. I enter the name of the marker but it takes me on the different continent. I tried on different markers, but it does not work. Can You please help me resolve this issue, because the component is really great!

Thank You very much.
Owner's reply

As you can read in documentation and fields labels, 'Find' option is find any place by geocoding. It is not find through (in) your placemarks. Today there is no option find placemark, you can only find address and center map into it.
But you can use placemarks list to show users your placemarks and position on it.

Additionaly, you can enable places library and autocomplete field, and when you type into Find field, the field will show addresses, which 'like' you enter. In this case you select more clear address for geocoding.

And I get only first result in geocoding.

I think I'll do in one time 2 features: search in placemarks, and list of results when you use Find option

Thanks, Dmitry

PS in any case ask me in my forum ;) about capabilities, check Tutorials in documentation

Reviews: 6
It's a great component, more flexible than his competitor and with more functions, and the support is fast and successfull!!
Reviews: 1
version 1.5 not available ?? It would be excellent if V1.5 ready..
Owner's reply

Are you joking :) ?!
There are a lot of 1.5 extensions, and I've developed and mark my extensions that it started for 1.6. And you want to downgrade my development to 1.5, when 2.5 is active and 1.5 is will be in history in one time.

Reviews: 1
It has fantastic Google Map functionality.

My only issue with the documentation was in figuring out the .klm files - I had to do a bit of outside research for that. I never could get the polyline feature in the paths to work, could be me.

I do find that the map is glitchy on the front end. I have it set with a default zoom level and the latitude and longitude, so I think that it should come in the same place every time that the page is refreshed. Instead it zooms in on random areas at different zoom levels, even with a page refresh. What is up with that? Could be very confusing for the end user.
Owner's reply

Hi, I've replied you in site, and welcome in new forum :)

It can be when you set 'Open InfoWin' to each placemark. Then, when each placemark is created, the map try to do action, which you defined (change zoom, set center or other). You should set this field to 'No' value, and this action don't executed when map is loaded or refreshed :)

If you are not clear understand, please contact with me

Reviews: 1
Not only is this a great extension that allows the insertion of a map and it customization, but the support from the developer is simply great.

Highly recommend.
Reviews: 3
This component is absolutely fantastic. Don't waste your time looking anywhere else.
Owner's reply

Thanks, and it on development stage yet.

Next big plan - inslude infobubble support :), but it still in google's trunk release

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