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J!Places LIGHT Component

J!Places eclipses all Joomla Google Maps Location Management systems!

J!Places LIGHT is a highly configurable Google Maps Location Manager, and is used to give the ability to your users to create Google Map Locations (places).

It includes ALL J!Places PRO functionality & supports ALL J!Places PRO plugins, with the following exceptions:

* No checking-in to places.
o Because of this, all displayed check-in information & associated functions:
+ Today's Check-Ins,
+ My Friends' Check-Ins,
+ inviting people to places,
+ messaging checked-in users,
+ editing checked-in users,
+ and displaying checked-in users are disabled.
* No Place photo-gallery
* No Place video-gallery
* No Place discussion-board

J!Places LIGHT features:

* HTML descriptions,
* a News section for each location/place,
* unlimited categories and sub-categories,
* different types of places,
* J!Places Unlimited Fields,
* integration with SuperMessenger,
* integration with UddeIM,
* integration with Community Builder,
* integration with JomSocial,
* integration with SuperGroups,
* integration with SuperEvents,
* integration with SuperActivity,
* integration with AXXIS Simple Rating,
* integration with AXXIS Sharing.

J!Places is the complete Joomla Google Maps Location system! It is great for any social networking type of site.

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Reviews: 1
Once installed all the modules,it works correctly in all its parts. We installed on a site reports online for a non profit organization to help citizens to report the city's problems. It 's perfect. Really good
Reviews: 106
Certainly seems like a really cool extension! I tested it out on my website which it has a few minor errors. One of them being that instead of showing the text "Description" it shows "_jplace_DESC" which I assume is the value field. Also this extension would be super amazing if it worked with joomla content. But the author is accurate when he says that it is really good at geocoding the content. Very impressive component that I would recommend to someone who wants to geocode simple pages and such. Well done! I know you work hard and update your extensions regularly! Keep up the good work.
Cheers Josh Lewis
Reviews: 17
I just try this component for our real estate community website that we are launching tomorrow, based on its features, it seems a very interesting addon to our community but after the installation, I notice some issues with my template (maybe due to some script purposes) but since we are quite in lack of time for the launching of the website, I did not try to find a solution and just went to the uninstall menu to uninstall the component, to my astonishment, the component did not even want to uninstall with a 'source file not found' error, I had to go to my phpmyadmin and delete the database manually and then get back to the ftp to delete the files and then get rid of the component!

My review is that this component have many great features but I think that there some codes in it 'place by the developer' so that we cannot remove the component from the website, unless, like me, we find the solution to remove it manually.

If the component did not has the issue with my template, I would definitely have used it and even upgrade to the pro version at a later time since it is a very interesting feature for our community users but I do not even have much time to get to the support of the developer to ask for assistance, sorry if my review is quite rude but I was really disappointed not to be able to use the component on my website.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!
It is true that with all the various extensions available for Joomla, most of them using their own JavaScript libraries, conflicts between them can arise. This is why we offer 3 JavaScript methods in all our components (jQuery, Mootools, & template loaded), you could maybe fix your problems by switching between these three options in the Configuration page. Of course, contacting us would be the best, and we would definitely be able to assist, however I understand your lack of time for this, so, maybe next time! :)

As for the issue you report, believe me we would never add "malicious" way of making it difficult for users to remove our components from their sites! This is not our ways, and after all, why would we do that in the first place? I don't see any reason... We will check the issue you report, and we will fix it, if we can replicate it.

Thank you for reporting this, and thank you again for taking the time to review our extension.