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OSModul Module

Display OpenStreetMap on your site.

Features of this module:
- Easy to use
- Set markers to the map
- multiple marker support
- marker popup
- languages: EN, DE, (FR addon)
- custom marker support
- based on Leaflet -> nice design
- different maps on one site
- no ads
- different map styles: Mapnik, MapQuest, Cloudmade
- custom tile server support
- auto update
- moduleclass suffix

New in 2.5
- Option to disable WorldWarp

New in 2.4:
- Fix: some "PHP strict" warnings
- Fix: Marker wasn't shown at all "copies" of the world

New in v2.3:
- Joomla 3.0 support
- Missing Icon in module settings fixed
- Leaflet updated to v0.5.1

Italian translation by Stefano:

French translation by Bertrand David:

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Reviews: 4
five stars is minimum!
Very easy to install and use.

Thank you!!!
Reviews: 1
Easy to inst & config.
It's free and most important work very good.
Simply the best mod to show openstreetmap.

Thank you
Reviews: 27
This is a nifty and simple module. I really like it because it differs from general Google modules (it uses different maps and it stands out). The only thing that it is missing is that it does not had a "Module Suffix" option and I also had problems with the translation of FaLang (when you try to translate the module it messes up the screen). Besides that it worked very good so Im still giving 4 stars.
Reviews: 1
Simply + useful = OSModul!

Thank You
Reviews: 1
This is the best joomla modul for showing open-street-maps.
Easy to install, easy to configure.
Very nice!
Also a good support.