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Mappa Component

Mappa is an image mapping component for Joomla. With Mappa, you can upload any custom photo to your website and then add clickable locations to the image that display overlayed panels with detailed information.

In other words, if you upload a picture of your face, you can tag your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. When the user clicks on your eyes, ears, nose, or mouth, a little popup will display your custom HTML.

Check it out here: where you can also download it for the price of a tweet on Twitter or a post on Facebook.


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Reviews: 1
This is the only plugin I found that could do this after looking at HUNDREDS of "mapping" plugins. It works exactly as needed, and was essentially free (cost me a tweet). I'm not sure why someone would expect support on a free plugin nor what they could possibly need support for - it sets up in about 5 minutes and has a handful of self-explanatory options.
Reviews: 4
I was excited to find this extension as it was exactly the solution I needed for a site I am developing, but my excitement was short lived. I have since installed this component on four different web servers, including a local machine, all running the required configuration to support Mappa, but it doesn't work on any of them. I have tried numerous times to contact the developer for help and haven't even gotten a "We're looking into it," response (it has been over two weeks).

Great idea guys, but poor implementation + poor support = bad review.