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Phoca Maps is a Joomla! component. It is a small component which displays Google Maps on your site. This component doesn't include too much of parameters, the idea of using this component is a fast creation of map on your site.

Just go to Extensions » Maps » New, click on Coordinates button, then click on the place in the map you want to display and save it. Finally create menu link to this map.

If you need to set a marker or more markers, just go to Extensions » Markers » New, select map, click on Coordinates button, then click on the place in the map you want the marker will be set. Add description (you can include images too) and save it. Marker will be displayed in the map.

Use Phoca Maps Plugin for displaying map or more maps in the article.

You are able to select or set your own marker icons.

There are two different versions of Phoca Maps:

- Phoca Maps 1.0.5 - this version uses Google Maps API 2. If you need functions like GoobleBar, Continuous Zoom, Overview Map Control, then download this version.

- Phoca Maps 1.1.0 (2.x for Joomla! 1.6 or 1.7) or any later version - this version uses Google Maps API 3. You need not to create Google Maps API key for your site but some functions are not included (API 3 is still in Google Code Labs - not ready yet). This version is under active development and includes more new features.

Demo (Joomla! 2.5 - custom markers)

Demo - KML features:

Demo - Joomla! 3:

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Reviews: 3
Just what I'm looking for.I had problems integrating google maps in my joomla websites, but this component just does the trick.
Reviews: 4
The best application for google maps in joomla. Can use without fear!
Reviews: 7
Simple, easy, working and best of all, FREE.
Just use it!
Reviews: 7
Just Perfect.

Quick and easy to show you on the map.
Reviews: 5
I have tried a few map extensions that make use of Google Maps API and I can say without a doubt Phoca Maps is the best one. Phoca have really though through the implementation of Phoca Maps to make it as easy as possible for you to have maps on your site.
Reviews: 2
Looking for fast and simple map solution for your Joomla! website? You can stop now. This one is one of the best.
Good job!
Reviews: 1
Tried this and felt there is no need to try any other map extensions.

Easily the best map component.

Loads of thanks to the developer
Reviews: 8
Outstanding component that is easy to use and coupled with the Phoca Maps plugin makes displaying maps on your site so simple.

I am using Phoca Maps 1.1.0 and this component is especially useful if you need to display more than one location as it allows you to either define multiple maps or place multiple markers on one map. It allows you to define the size of of the display of your maps as well.

Extraordinarily easy to use and difficult to believe that it is FREE. Thank you so much Jan for all your hard work
Reviews: 2
Works brilliantly, and the options that are available are more then enough for most sites.

The only reason it's not 5 stars is the lack of support, I have an outstanding issue (not too critical) that hasn't been answered for 2 weeks, and looking at the forum shows a large number of posts that are in the same boat.

Download this and try it. If it works (it does for 99% of people), you won't find many (if any!) better.
Owner's reply

Hi, sorry, I don't understand. Did you visit some other forum than forum ( )?

The most active user on forum makes cca 8.48 posts/day.

On forum I make cca 14.25 posts/day (outside this I am making support on forum and some national Joomla! forums ), so maybe "lack of support" was meant ironically :-)

Can you imagine, you will answer 15 (mostly very problematic) questions per day in your freetime :-) and if you are overloaded in your work and you have no time to answer posts e.g. for 5 days, you need to answer over 105 problematic questions at the weekend (and of course make development, actualize all the extensions, coordinate translating, answer emails, etc.) and then someone will write something about "lack of support"? I think not. :-)

BTW: "not too critical" - the cricital issues are the best for the developer, so he can move the project forward, so no idea why people think, critical issues are something bad and should be not answered. :-(


Reviews: 7
It displays maps fantastically and is likely the simplest to setup up and the best map component for Joomla. For the future, perhaps a variety of small and simple coloured pin and dot type markers could be added to use with wide area maps.
Reviews: 1
Can't believe how good this is. Incredibly easy to set up and worked brilliantly. Thanks so much Jan, you are a star.

It has enabled us to set up a great map with multiple markers for our voluntary sector advice network.

Couldn't get the co-ordinates button to work in IE8, it just freezes and then goes to a blank screen after about 10 minutes, but switched to a different browser and that sorted that.

Feature request - it would be nice to be able to use the same marker in 2 different maps, e.g. an option to copy a marker and then you could assign the copy of the marker to a different map.

In summary superb extension. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
This man is a genius! I have tried numerous google maps components and plug ins and Phoca Maps to me is the best. No brainer install, intuitive, very easy to use. No problems whatsoever. The only thing that could make it better is integrating the marker plug in with the map component. Good Job. Thank you so much.
Reviews: 2
This worked out perfect! I didn't even read directions, just downloaded, installed and it worked great. The interface is so user friendly that it took only minutes to see my results.

If I had only one recommendation, it would be to add a custom "marker" design, or at least offer the standard "pin" icon or a "dot". I have many locations and some of the icons take up too much room on my map unless I zoom in farther.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you very much for your review.

It is not so easy with icons, because the Google Markers are not displayed by one icon only. The Marker includes set of icons + their shadows and coordinates of the active area.

Creating marker icons is not so easy, so it cannot be implemented to Joomla! extension easily :-(

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 1
Very good extension! Very happy. Only I have an alias at my domain. Like .nl and .com. If I visite the other domain I get an error that I need an new api key voor that site. Is it possible to put mulitpule keys in the module?
Reviews: 10
This extension works perfectly. I needed it for one site I am working on and it does exactly what I need. I will be using this for any future sites I design that require a map with directions. Thanks for another excellent component Phoca. I'm continually impressed with the quality of their work. Keep it up!
Reviews: 1
I spent about an hour trying to make this component work on my site.
I like the fact that it has lots of options however whats good are all the options if at the end it doesn't work.
Tried to set the longitude by inputting my address and it gives me "Sorry, server was unable to geocode that address"
Tried to input Longitude latitude manually and the output would always send me to Africa
Owner's reply

Hi, I am sorry but I don't understand your review :-( Maybe this should be question (but not review) on Google Maps.

If you cannot find some place in Google Maps, try to ask on Google Maps help site.

Reviews: 6
This is probably the best map component for Joomla - pretty good job you have done!!!! Just a module für this component is missin :)
Reviews: 1
Love the extension! It's simple enough to have it up and running in a flash, and has enough config options for it to feel custom.

Love Love It!
Reviews: 2
I love Phoca Maps! Lets you position the map exactly where you want it, then save the coordinates. The plugin makes it a breeze to include your map in any content item.
Reviews: 4
Tried a few of these maps plugins with no luck until this one. Excellent work!
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